31 Most Profitable Agricultural Business Opportunities in India

What are some examples of the most profitable agricultural business opportunities in India? Agriculture is a business related to the agricultural sector both upstream, on the farm, downstream, and in support. There are many agricultural businesses in areas that have agricultural product centers and are supported by large and suitable land, which can be done in villages or cities with small and large capital.

Agricultural business is usually carried out with small and limited capital because many of our farmers are still working on the land independently. This is our collective responsibility to advance agriculture in India so that it has great potential and prospects later.

Then the question is, what is the most promising agricultural business this year? Of course, not everyone is interested in starting a business in this field. Because the assumption that being a farmer is a person who is backward or lacking prestige, whereas to be honest, a farmer is one of the professions that is most resilient to the economic crisis, because its production is only influenced by natural factors.

Besides that, if the agricultural business is managed in a modern way with the right management, we are sure that we will be able to provide a turnover of hundreds of millions and even billions per month. Do not believe? You can see stories of successful farmers in several media

Agricultural Business Opportunities in India

Agricultural Business Opportunities in India

Agriculture is the core of a country’s food security, so when a country’s agriculture is developed, its food security is also high. Well, if you are starting to be interested in doing business in agriculture, then hitbusnessideas will try to provide some recommendations for business opportunities, as explained below.

1. Vanilla Cultivation

Breeding vanilla plants is a new business opportunity in agriculture. Plants that are included in this type of vegetable, in fact, have a very high economic value if we export them to countries in Europe.

Today, many Indian farmers have cultivated vanilla plants on their plantations. This plant is suitable for cultivation in India. Although not optimal, the results of this plant cultivation in India have started to provide bright opportunities, some have even been exported abroad. This plant is perfect for you if you want to enter the world of agriculture from scratch. How, interested in trying?

2. Porang Plant Cultivation

This plant was excited and went viral on the Internet some time ago. Porang is no less popular nowadays for cultivation besides vanilla, of course. This plant may still sound familiar to some people. Given that this plant used to grow wild and has no economic value at all.

This plant is usually referred to by local people as snake food. Now it has a very high price, even touching tens to hundreds of thousands per kilogram. This plant is commonly used for various mixtures of processed materials such as flour, beverage thickeners, industrial materials and others. Because of the many extraordinary benefits that make porang’s price quite high. Friends of North Sumatra SMEs can export this material to foreign countries such as Japan, Taiwan and China

3. Hydroponic Cultivation

Hiroponic farming business opportunities are quite popular lately. Although it is not relatively new in the world of agriculture, the prospects for hydroponics business are unquestionable. Many people in urban areas have tried it, although it is still on a household scale, not for commercialization.

Because there are many people who are successful in this hydroponic plant business, you can easily learn from them. The advantages of using a hydroponic system include being able to save land, the minimum use of fertilizers, stable prices, no hassle using soil media, healthier because it does not use chemicals, and many others. You can do hydroponic cultivation in your yard. If you want to increase the scale of production, then you have to make your own greenhouse to produce healthy and organic vegetables or fruits

4. Cultivation of Tabulampot

In addition to the cultivation of hydroponic techniques, there are also cultivation techniques that are no less popular, namely cultivation techniques called fruit plants in pots or commonly abbreviated as tabulampot. This cultivation is actually the same as fruit cultivation in general, but it is more minimalist because it uses a small pot media and can be planted in a narrow house and has very thick fruit.

Actually, not only the fruit is taken, but tabulampot has been used as an ornamental plant that many people hunt. No wonder the supply of this plant is very high. For those of you who are interested in doing tabulampot business, you can study in various forums and watch on the YouTube channel. There are lots of opportunities that you can take, starting from selling Tabulampot seeds, selling Tabulampot fruit juices, to creating a mini tabulampot garden decorated in such a way.

5. Selling Superior Seeds and Seeds

Doing a seed or superior seed business is one of the options you can do. Especially now that plantations need superior seeds from plant recovery. You can raise the seeds until they are planted, or sell them in the form of seeds.

It is very important to provide testimonials as proof that the product you are selling is really high quality and has high productivity. You can sell through seed stores or online by hitching a ride at several well-known marketplaces. 

6. Aquascape and Biotope Manufacturing Services

Currently, people are starting to like aquascapes to be used as decoration in the room. Aquascape is a work that combines aquatic plants, rocks and driftwood in an aquarium, which provides a miniature view of nature.

Usually Aquascape is also equipped with several types of small fish in it. Making Aquascapes and biotopes is currently quite popular and you can become a scaper, a person who designs the aquascape from start to finish and is ready to be installed in various rooms.

7. Original Decorative Flower Decoration Services

Ornamental flower cultivation does have quite prospective opportunities. Moreover, the price can be sold at a high price because it has a segmentation for the upper middle class. Lots of people who order decorative flowers to beautify the interior design of a room, or to give them to loved ones at certain moments.

You can start cultivating ornamental flowers such as roses, jasmine, bogenville, orchids, tulips, geraniums, lilies and others. Selling it in fresh form is an added value so that friends of the moss must find the right packaging technique to make your fresh flowers last a long time.

8. Pest and Weed Control Services

The natural enemies of agriculture are pests and weeds. Weeds are all types of plants whose presence is undesirable on agricultural land, while pests are animals whose presence can destroy agricultural production.

Many farmers who own land do not have time to manage their land, then need services for pest and weed exterminators. You can provide these services in an area that has a large plantation or agricultural center

9. Harvesting and Shipping Services

Basically, this service is also almost the same as the pest or weed exterminator services that have been previously mentioned. Because many farmers do not have time or are unable to manage their land alone, they have to employ other people to carry out, for example, the harvesting process and post-harvest shipping out of town.

You can play a role in this service so that you get profit without having to own the land at all (by only relying on ability and energy). You can also set up a special service startup that offers harvesting or shipping agricultural products

10. Become a Tauke of Agricultural Products

Do you want to be in the agricultural business but don’t have enough land? If you have enough capital then you can become a toke. Tauke here is an employer or collector who collects various types of goods (in this case agricultural products such as palm oil, rubber, cocoa, etc.) directly from farmers and then sells them back to the company or factory with a profit margin.

This is one of the most prospective professions in agriculture today, but make sure you master the supply chain flow of an agricultural product that you want to focus on.

11. Established a Smallholder Cooperative

The cooperative actually does not have a profit motive, it is a non-governmental organization established by several members (in this case the farmers) that unite the efforts of farmers to meet their needs, for example the need for fertilizers, seeds or quality agricultural tools.

By joining a group with the same interests, the farmers’ power is greater and they have high bargaining power

12. Establish a Farmer Capital Bank

If you have sufficient capital and want to contribute to the world of agriculture, now you can set up a capital bank specifically for farmers. Because usually our farmers need capital to start the harvest period.

This is due to the lack of financial management carried out by farmers and most of the yields obtained are spent on personal needs, so this is what causes farmers to really need capital to return to starting their farming businesses. And you can contribute to this

13. Animal Feed Grass Cultivation

There are many types of grass that can be used as animal feed, which is popular in India is elephant grass. The availability of grass is now starting to decrease and it makes it difficult for breeders to find a supply of quality grass.

This is what you can make as a business opportunity, if you have a large enough and less productive land, you can plant it with elephant grass, king grass or odot grass. Because this type of grass is quite easy to plant without intensive and time-consuming management

14. Mini Palm Oil Processing Plant

Oil palm farmers generally sell their FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunches) directly to the company at a relatively cheaper price. If you have sufficient capital, you can set up an independent palm oil mill so that dependence on factories can be reduced.

By establishing a factory like this, you have applied added value to FFB products so that they turn into CPO which is more expensive. but it is also necessary to standardize the CPO produced so that it can be accepted and meets the ISPO (India Sustainable Palm Oil) quality standard.

15. Producing Compost and Manure

The availability of natural fertilizers is indeed quite limited because its production depends on the basic materials obtained from nature. This differs from chemical fertilizers which are mass produced by factories. However, many farmers prefer to use manure or compost for their crops such as organic vegetables.

Therefore you can produce your own compost or manure and can even sell it to other farmers. Manure is fertilizer derived from fermented and processed animal manure, while compost is fertilizer derived from plants that is already needed and changes its shape to soil.

16. Selling ornamental plants from foreign countries

The hobby of maintaining ornamental plants is indeed quite fun. Lots of people collect and collect typical plants from foreign countries to be planted in the yard.

This hobby can be a business opportunity and you can breed these ornamental plants for resale. You must plant it in a pot with suitable planting media so that the plant can last a long time.

As for several other business opportunities in agriculture that you can work on, include the following:

17. Focus on Selling Organic Plants

18. Focus on Selling Medicinal Plants / Herbs

19. Become a Content Creator (Youtuber, Selebgram, Blogger) Specifically for Agriculture

20. Become a Consultant or Expert in Agriculture

21. Export or Import of Harvest

22. Become a Distributor or Equipment Renter Agriculture

23. Establishing Agricultural Tourism Sites

24. Selling Ready-to-Use Spices

25. Establishing a Luwak Coffee Plantation Tourism Site

26. Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

27. Catering Sales for Regular Vegetable / Fruit Boxes

28. Cultivating Outdoor Vegetables (Asparagus, Mint Leaves, Edamame, etc. )

29. Establishing a Startup with an Agricultural Focus

30. Plantation Cleaning and Replanting Services

31. Business Scale Greenhouse and Hydroponic Installation Services

Final Words on Agricultural Business

Business in agriculture is one of the great opportunities that have not been explored by many Indians. We will see that there are many agricultural graduates who are reluctant to work in agriculture. Seeing the prospect of higher agriculture in the future due to the need for foodstuffs, opening a business like the North Sumatra SME explained above can be an option.

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