Art and Craft Business Ideas in India

25 Profitable Art and Craft Business Ideas in India

Looking for art and craft business ideas in India? Then here we will talk about 25 business opportunities in the art and craft business in India.

Handicraft business is one of the most popular alternative business ideas in India that you can run without spending big capital. Especially if this activity of making handicrafts is a hobby that you like, it is clear that making money is not only for you to expect profit, but also satisfaction.

Every business actor is required to be creative in creating products. The more unique the product he makes, the higher the potential to win the competition with competitors.

One of the creative businesses that are currently being developed is a promising unique handicraft business. As we all know, handicrafts are abilities that have been provided to children through lessons at school ever since they were still in kindergarten.

Provision of this childhood is very useful when someone has reached adulthood. The creation of unique handicraft products is one of the successes in developing creativity when a person is still at an early age.

By honing one’s creativity since childhood, when they grow up they will be able to create something unique and full of creativity. Moreover, the creation can become a product that can be used for profit in business.

Currently, the creative business is one of the most promising businesses. Why is it so promising? Because if we look at the facts, it turns out that there are many successful entrepreneurs out there with unique handicraft products that can penetrate national and even international markets.

This is one proof that with high creativity capital, someone can create products that can lead him to become a successful businessman.

For small-scale businesses, you can complete the craftwork alone, but it’s different if the scale of the business is large, of course, you need assistance to complete the work.

25 Art and Craft Business Ideas in India

This is a list of handicraft businesses that have few competitors, therefore the prospects are still great.

The market share is also quite large, so you don’t have to worry about running out of buyers.

The more creative the product is created, the better it will be for the development of your business.

Now you can also market it online and offline. So if the capital is still limited then there is no harm in trying to market online. So save on the cost of renting a place.

Handicraft Business from Waste Paper

Waste paper is a material that is easily destroyed and its existence is often ignored because it is considered to have no benefits. But this bad assumption is wrong.

If the used paper is in the hands of creative people, it will produce a work of economic value. By using special techniques and creative ideas, waste paper can be used as raw material for making various kinds of unique handicrafts such as shopping bags, baskets, fruit holders, flower vases, and so on.

With all its uniqueness, this product becomes an item with a fairly high price.


For those of you who don’t know what patchwork is, it is pieces of cloth used by convection or tailors that can no longer be used. Usually, the patchwork is small enough that it cannot be reused.

Patchwork which is usually considered convection waste can be transformed into something that has economic value like the example in the picture.

Various kinds of products such as wallets, pillows, dolls, cell phone cases, brooches, doormats, and so on, can be created with raw materials from patchwork. These products have very potential in the market considering that many people need them.

Handicraft from Used Bottles

Used plastic bottles which are usually considered trash, if, in the hands of creative people, it will produce a work that has useful value. Sharing products that have a selling value can be made from used plastic bottle raw materials with some modifications.

This handicraft business is very profitable considering the raw materials used are very cheap. Marketing is also relatively easy because products like this are still difficult to find.

Besides being able to make money, making creations from used bottles also helps the reforestation program reduce the amount of plastic waste that cannot be decomposed.

Handicraft from Used Cans

Soft drink cans are a useless thing for many people. This object usually becomes annoying garbage because it cannot be burned and is difficult to decompose.

However, if handled with creative ideas, these used cans can be turned into works of art that have a high selling value.

This work is very suitable to be used as decoration to beautify the room. They looks very unique and very beautiful. A unique handicraft business like this is very promising because of the many raw materials that can be obtained at very low prices, while the selling value is very high.

Flannel Flowers

Who would have thought that this beautiful flower was a flower made from flannel fabric creations? Indeed, its shape is very similar to a real flower that is blooming.

This creative idea is quite a lot of devotees considering that various events such as graduations, weddings, wedding anniversaries, proposals, and others always involve flowers.

Flowers are a sign of happiness, which is why many people use them as a symbol of expression of joy and love. There have been many business actors who have succeeded in marketing flannel flower creations by reaping many benefits. The broad market also makes this business very potential.

Flannel Dolls

Besides being able to make beautiful flower bouquets, flannel can also be created as dolls with various characters such as a graduate, a couple of brides, a couple of lovers, animals, treasures, and others.

This unique handicraft business from flannel has a good market with a high number of sales.

Certain moments such as weddings, graduations, or being sold in general are opportunities that can be used to get very high sales. Currently, flannel dolls are one of the most sought-after handicraft products as souvenirs.


Making key chains is one of the potential handicraft businesses because there are many enthusiasts. Especially if the keychain is made full of innovation in the form of cute and contemporary characters.

Shapes such as social media icons, hearts, people’s names, and others are characters that are quite popular in the community.

With a variety of unique shapes that will make anyone interested in buying it. Key chains have always been a souvenir that many people hunted for. This opportunity can be used to reap more profits.

Crafts from Used Wood

Waste wood pieces that have been only used as firewood will be more valuable and sellable if they are polished with creativity. It’s not always wood that is leftover from felling and its roots are objects that can’t be used.

With some creations, the wood waste can become a furniture product that has aesthetic value. The unique handicraft business from wood waste has very high potential.

The selling price is also higher than ordinary furniture. This is because used wood crafts are more aesthetic and have artistic value and are more complicated to manufacture with high creativity.

Handicrafts from Used Iron

Iron is a metal that has been underestimated, especially its waste which is often ignored. Unlike the case, if iron waste falls in the hands of creative people, the junk will be transformed into a masterpiece in miniature form.

The complexity and complexity of its manufacture make miniatures from scrap metal valued at high prices.

With a little imagination, piece by piece is assembled into a beautiful miniature. This craft business can generate huge profits because the raw materials for scrap metal are very cheap.

Handicrafts from Used Plastic Packaging

Used plastic packaging is garbage that can be found everywhere. But behind the dangers of plastic waste to the environment, this waste can be used to make various kinds of recycled products such as bags, wallets, baskets, mats, and so on.

Plastic waste can be turned into various useful goods so that they can be sold.

Running a unique handicraft business from used plastic can bring high profits for business actors because the capital and raw materials needed are relatively low. There have been many craftsmen of used plastic packaging waste who can achieve success.

Handicrafts from Used Cardboard

The last promising unique handicraft business is by selling handicraft products from used cardboard. Cardboard is one of the most common wastes. With their creativity, used cardboard can be turned into items that are more useful and have aesthetic value.

For example, there are frames, pencil cases, shoe boxes, pet houses, and so on. By being given a polish, cardboard which was initially worthless, can now be sold and make a profit.

The marketing of this unique handicraft is quite potential considering that there are still few competitors.

Papercraft Business

Utilizing objects whose existence is neglected and is often considered waste is profitable because the price of raw materials is very cheap.

Because many people think that these items have no benefits at all. One of them is waste paper.

Many people mistakenly think of used paper as useless waste.

If you use a little creativity, the used paper can be transformed into unique handicrafts and have a high value.

You can make it into a craft basket, shopping bag, flower vase, fruit holder, and more.

Make it with a unique and creative design so that many people are interested in buying it.

Color Candle Crafts

The second is to make colored candles. In other words, make decorative candles.

Usually, many people use decorative candles to be used as table decorations, in living rooms, or decorations for bedrooms.

Moreover, this color candle has a romantic impression too, suitable to be lit at dinner.

The materials needed are also easy to find, including powdered wax, wicks, crayons, glasses, containers, and stirrer supports.

Traditional Crafts

For those of you who have a hobby of sculpting, weaving, and making ceramics, then this craft is for you.

Moreover, handicrafts like this also have a high value and a high selling price.

Not only selling the final product, but you can also try to open this ceramic-making training service.

Don’t get me wrong, it turns out that there are quite a lot of fans, besides adults, and small children who also like to make this clay-based craft.

Because it can train creativity as well as help make the child’s motor more active.

Face Painting and Sketch

Indeed, there are many hobbies that if run in the right way can become a business that generates hundreds to millions of dollars.

Next, if you have a hobby of painting, don’t waste it.

You can try making face painting services. This includes handicrafts that are few competitors because not everyone is good at painting.

Moreover, the selling price is quite high. To promote this face painting/sketching service, you can try painting a few first and use the painting as an example.

That way people will be interested after seeing it and ordering it from you.

Compared to you, you only promote by writing and there are no examples of ready-made face sketches.

Paper Flowers

The next less competitive handicraft business opportunity in India is making paper flowers.

This paper flower turns out to have many benefits that you may not have thought of before.

For example, to decorate the house when special guests want to come. For the room decoration of the newly married bride’s room, and others.

This business can be done by anyone because it does not require special talents, the important thing is to be patient and willing to learn.

Making paper flowers can be self-taught. The capital required is also not large, but the difficulty is in the process of making it, which is easy and difficult, especially if you are not careful the paper can tear and you have to start again from the beginning.

Craft Business from Used Tires

On average, used tires are no longer used and thrown away, some are burned.

You can buy one that has not been burned and then turned into household furniture. Once changed and has a function then the price will be higher.

By using some used car tires, you can turn them into a set of uniquely designed furniture.

Many people are happy with this kind of furniture, indeed the furniture is not always made of wood alone.

Furniture made using used tires looks unique, aesthetic, and not easily damaged. Because the main material is rubber. Also will not be eaten by termites.

Crafts from Water Hyacinth

It turns out that you can turn water hyacinth into interesting handicrafts.

Examples of handicrafts that you can make using water hyacinth as basic materials include toy cars, bags, wallets, and the like.

By using water hyacinth, you are already helping the environment. Why?

Because this plant is a weed that can damage aquatic ecosystems.

Moreover, water hyacinth can spread easily through waterways to other water bodies.

In other words, this plant is a parasite and people want to eradicate it.

It can be said that the raw material for water hyacinth is free because people throw it away.

Oh, you need to understand that if you want to make handicrafts made from water hyacinth, you have to be patient because the process is quite long.

The drying process is only 2 weeks. Just formed a long braid. It’s better if you do it with several people at once, so you can make a lot of them once.

So that time is not wasted. Remember, time is money.

Accessories and Jewelry

The assumption is that accessories or jewelry today is not only attached to women but can also be used by men as long as the criteria are masculine. Making costume jewelry or simple accessories from various materials can be profitable for those of you who like to dress.

Aromatherapy Candles

Selling aromatherapy candles can also be a promising business alternative. Not only provide benefits for personal pockets but spread peace to consumers who buy. You can choose a variety of scents, ranging from soft to energetic.

T-Shirt Screen Printing

T-shirt printing can also be one of the businesses that can be done from home, as long as the production needs are not so much. You can form a small team consisting of your friends to gain profits as pocket money or extra money from pocket money from parents.

Painting Services

Next, if you can paint, you can use it as a promising home-based business. The selling process is not difficult, you can use social media or the marketplace to offer services.

Are you a person who cares about the environment? If so, this is an opportunity for you to benefit while preserving the environment. It is undeniable that as time goes on, the beauty of the earth is getting worse, either because of technology or because of garbage.

Broken Glass

Finally, don’t panic when you find your child breaking glass because you can use it in high-value objects, such as being processed into flower vases or miniature glass.

The various items above can be a promising home business opportunity, besides you can also run a home business such as a souvenir business.

Crafts from Wood and Tongs

Many types of handicrafts can be made from this material. Such as shoe racks, wall displays, bookshelves or goods, and various others. You can create wood according to the objects needed. In addition to wood, crafts can also be made from barrels.

Who would have thought that this item with a fairly large shape could be an interesting handicraft business that also generates profits? Tongs can be used as objects that are needed a lot, such as tables and chairs, and can be made in various shapes and models.


This material is indeed widely used for handicraft businesses. Be it patchwork, flannel, and so on. We can make dolls, wallets, bags, or other decorations that make people interested in buying.

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