12 Beauty Business Ideas that are Trending in 2021

The beauty business is a profitable idea for startups that will never die. Believe it or not, the beauty business ideas are the type of business that has very good prospects for now and in the future.

In this article we will talk about two things:

  • Beauty Business Ideas, and
  • Pros and Cons of Beauty Business

The reason the beauty sector is as good as a business is that cosmetics and women cannot be separated in this day and age.

Cosmetics seem to have become a part of a woman’s life and into her basic needs. Many women are willing to spend a large amount of money on the same. They are all willing to spend money for treatment from head to toe. This business is the right choice for you.

Beauty Business Ideas

12 Profitable Beauty Business Ideas

For most women, spending a large amount on treatment is not a waste. That’s because the results obtained will be commensurate with a more beautiful appearance.

In fact, you could even say that many have started to become dependent on various series of cosmetic products, whether sold freely in the market or by prescription.

The beauty business can be very promising to make a startup. Currently, you may have seen many beauty businesses that are generating a good amount of profits.

Here are the profitable ideas for the beauty business that you should consider:

Selling Beauty Products Online

For several products, the online market now tends to be more crowded than offline. Beauty products are classified as one of the products that are widely sold online and have many buyers.

The steps to starting an online beauty business and selling beauty products on the internet are really suitable for those of you who have limited capital and want to start selling immediately.

We can use social media and marketplaces to display beauty products that are sold.

You can also run this business as a side business or it can be your main job that you can run from home.

Reseller or Dropshipper of Beauty Products

Selling beauty products can be done by resellers, you know, especially for those of you who have limited capital. Because being a reseller is actually a cosmetic business without capital, that you can certainly do it by becoming a dropshipper for a cosmetic product.

Reminding again that there are many beauty products out there, even so, it must be considered to sell products that are indeed much sought after on the internet.

Here are some beauty products that are often searched for on the internet including:

  • Herbal cosmetic products
  • Weight loss products
  • Anti-acne products
  • Face spray product

To find out which products are the least sought after, we can do a little research on the marketplace. Pay attention to what products are sold in the marketplace.

By studying and following the trends of the growing beauty business, we can more easily promote their products later.

Open a Cosmetic Shop

For those of you who have capital, you can try opening a cosmetic shop in busy shopping centers. Shopping activities in shopping centers are usually dominated by women, and they are a very potential target market.

Make sure to provide beauty products that are often needed by women from various brands, including:

  • Lipstick
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Eye liner or eye brush
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Shampoo

Indeed, to start a beauty cosmetics business by opening a shop requires a large amount of capital. Over the next few months, you must pay attention to capital and operational costs.

Running a Beauty Spa Business

To start a spa business, you need quite a lot of capital. The capital needed includes franchise capital (if you choose the partnership), capital for decorating and interior design of a spa place, purchasing raw materials, employee training capital, and promotion capital.

In addition to capital constraints, you also need to pay attention to several other important things:

  • The nature of the target market
  • Formal material selection
  • Initial business planning

Running a Beauty Salon Business

Similar to cosmetic shops and spas, a beauty salon business also requires large capital. However, the amount of capital you need depends on your target market.

Salons are usually a favorite place for women for beauty treatments from head to toe. In addition to doing beauty treatments, salons usually also offer makeup services, cream baths, and so on.

These various services certainly require the best equipment, expertise, and equipment. If you want to run a beauty salon business, then you must be an expert in this field.


Cutting hair, dyeing, and doing hairstyles is a service that you can offer in this business. When you have enough clients, you can even open a hair salon. Of course: you must specialize before you start this beauty business.

Hairs add a natural look to your beauty. These are the most important part as the beauty of the face is important. Take care of your hair.


There are different types of massages and, to offer this type of service, you must take a professionalizing course.

Manicurist and Pedicurist

This type of work can be done at home and today many companies hire this service to be done during working hours, mainly in Startups.

Makeup Services

To offer makeup services for parties you will have to buy several products, but this will be the only investment you will have to make. If you have the talent to do it, this is a pretty profitable business.

Eyebrow design

The eyebrow design can also be done at home and does not require any type of investment, only what you will have to pay to take a course that allows you to specialize.


Hair removal is still very popular, although the laser has occupied a large space in the market. This can be a golden opportunity to do homework without investing a lot of money.

Beauty for brides

Offering a spa day for brides is very profitable since this is a market in which you can charge more expensively, as it is a totally special day.

You can offer makeup, hairstyle, and massage and perform the service in a hotel or in the place where the wedding will take place.

Please remember, if you want to start a business on a large scale then you should combine more than two ideas in one business.

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Beauty Business Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of the beauty business are as follows.

  1. Many people are always looking for various treatments.
  2. Make it easier for people who want to do maintenance without the hassle of doing it themselves at home.
  3. The profits obtained in the beauty business are quite large.

In addition to the advantages of the beauty business, the disadvantages are as follows.

  1. Requires a large enough capital for some types of beauty business.
  2. Equipment for salon needs is expensive.
  3. The business that is run may go out of business, if it cannot survive with various competitions.

Some of the types of beauty businesses above you can use as a reference for opening a beauty business. In addition to the things that have been done above, you can also choose to rent out traditional clothes and equipment, special bridal makeup, special spas for mothers and children, hairdressers and barbers, pre and post-natal care, selling perfume, and so on.

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