Burger Restaurant Business Plan: How to Open a Burger Shop

With the increasing interest in fast food products in recent years, consumption rates have increased considerably. The idea of ​​opening a burger shop to meet this demand has become a highly profitable idea for entrepreneurs.

Documents Required to Open a Burger Restaurant

Entrepreneurs need to provide some documentation to open a burger shop. The documents and processes required to be provided by entrepreneurs who want to earn income by opening a Burger Restaurant are as follows;

  • Entrepreneurs who want to open a Burger Restaurant must first apply to the municipalities. Entrepreneurs who apply to the municipality must obtain an establishment permit and an operating permit. Entrepreneurs applying to municipalities must complete the documents requested by the municipality.
  • Entrepreneurs are required to rent or buy restaurants after obtaining an operating permit and establishment permit. Depending on the location of the burger parlor to be opened, the purchase or rental of the workplace may vary. If the entrepreneurs rent the workplace, they must provide the lease contract document.
  • Another action that entrepreneurs have to do to open a burger shop is to create a tax record. Creating a tax registry is an important step for entrepreneurs to be able to pay taxes legally. Entrepreneurs will need a document with tax registration information.
  • Entrepreneurs will need the application declaration form at the permit stage.
  • 2 passport photos in case of entrepreneurs who want to open a burger lounge
  • Registration by the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen. For this reason, entrepreneurs must register with the chamber of tradesmen and craftsmen according to their location before opening a burger shop.
  • Hygiene certificate. Hygiene certificates are a document given to the next participant in a training that includes the precautions taken in environments that harm people’s health. Since the idea of ​​opening a Burger Restaurant is based on food, it requires a hygiene certificate.
  • Business registration certificate

Equipment Required to Open a Burger Restaurant

The business idea of ​​opening a burger shop is a costly idea. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to calculate their costs and determine their capital in advance. The tools and machines that should be found in a Burger Restaurant will create costs for entrepreneurs who are in the establishment phase. The tools and machines that entrepreneurs need while opening a Burger Restaurant are as follows;

  • Construction and installation required for the kitchen and living room
  • Kitchen and living room fixtures and service tools
  • Audio and video systems
  • Freezers
  • Grill
  • Services
  • Frying machines
  • Table, chair
  • Kitchen utensils (such as plates, forks and knives)
  • Cooler for cold drinks
  • Dishwasher
  • Necessities for table tops (such as napkin holder, spice holder)
  • Cash register, pos device, bills and invoices
  • Signage for the burger parlor
  • Lighting

These are the most basic materials that entrepreneurs need. However, according to the concept of the Burger Restaurant that entrepreneurs will establish, the tools and machines they will need may vary.

What is the Cost of Opening a Burger Restaurant?

Entrepreneurs’ burger parlor opening costs can be quite high. If entrepreneurs who want to open a Burger Restaurant open a good hall, it may cost 500,000 TL on average and around 1,000,000 TL. Burger parlor costs will vary according to the concept, location and the tools and machines provided. It is possible for entrepreneurs to earn quite a good income if they open a burger parlor, so they must be able to calculate and cover the costs of opening a burger parlor. If the entrepreneurs want to open a small burger parlor instead of a big burger parlor, the costs will be 100.000 TL on average.

Burger Restaurant Earnings

The earning of entrepreneurs who open a Burger Restaurant varies depending on many factors. Many factors such as location of the hall, product variety, customer satisfaction, expenses, employees, concept and rental expenses affect the earnings of burger parlors. If the entrepreneurs open their Burger Restaurant to a very busy location, their monthly earnings will be 20,000 TL on average, minus their expenses. Since the earnings that entrepreneurs will earn from the Burger Restaurant depend on many factors, 20,000 TL is an average number. Entrepreneurs who want to open a small burger parlor may have less earnings, and earnings may vary by month.

How to Open a Burger Restaurant?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to open a burger shop should first examine the competition structure. Entrepreneurs operating in a region with high competitive power may experience negative results. Therefore, entrepreneurs must first analyze the competitive situation and determine the right place.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to open a burger parlor need to bring together sufficient capital. Cost factors such as equipment, personnel staff, selection of distribution channels required for the Burger Restaurant should be carefully examined and planned. That’s why entrepreneurs need to build up enough capital before opening a burger shop.
  • In order to open a burger shop, entrepreneurs need to go to the municipality’s website or to the municipality’s location and fill in the application form. After the application form, he must provide the required documents. The Burger Restaurant must operate in accordance with all rules, taking into account the inspections of the Ministry of Health.
  • It is possible for entrepreneurs to examine successful burger salons before opening a burger shop and take over when deemed appropriate.

In addition, if you are planning to establish a new business in this sector, you can continue your work by purchasing the franchise system of many domestic or foreign brands.

Things to Consider When Opening a Burger Restaurant

There are many factors that entrepreneurs should pay attention to in the Burger Restaurants they will open to meet the demand for fast food products. Factors to be considered in the fast food industry, where competitive power is high, are as follows;

The concept

The concept is very important in newly opened burger salons. The concepts to be created by businesses should be created by choosing a concept that can attract the attention of the targeted audience, make them come constantly, and appeal to the eyes and ears.

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At the same time, the concept of the entrepreneurs should be very good at the menu creation stage. It is possible for entrepreneurs to achieve good results with a menu concept where all products are listed and prices are determined. Creating special specialties that can highlight the business outside the standard in the concept presented to the target audience will help create a positive impression. At the same time, entrepreneurs must provide confidence to their target audience regarding hygiene.


One of the most important factors for entrepreneurs to open a burger shop is location. Opening burger parlors on a busy street and crowded places will help entrepreneurs increase their earnings. Entrepreneurs should prefer locations close to their target audience while doing location research. Investigating the reasons for the closure by examining businesses that previously operated in a specific location but closed their burger parlor will help entrepreneurs to determine their location. At the same time, entrepreneurs should identify the burger lounges in the location they have determined and analyze their competitive power. It is possible for entrepreneurs who identify their competitors to create a concept by examining the advantageous and disadvantageous aspects of burger salons.


Entrepreneurs should determine the prices for their products for their target audience when opening a burger shop. It is possible for an entrepreneur who knows the monthly income amount of his target audience to determine his pricing strategy better. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the price for the target audience, taking into account the costs.

Customer happiness

If entrepreneurs open a burger shop, they should pay attention to customer satisfaction regardless of the location and concept. Businesses that continue to offer products that customers do not like may not be able to profit. For this reason, entrepreneurs need to change or improve their products by paying attention to the suggestions and complaints of the customers. One of the most important sources of customer satisfaction is service speed and personnel. It is possible for entrepreneurs to create sufficient staff to perform services quickly and to increase customer satisfaction by providing necessary training to the created staff.


Entrepreneurs who want to open a burger shop should pay attention to laws related to health. Entrepreneurs should examine and implement the rules set for food.


Entrepreneurs who want to open a burger shop should pay attention to advertising and marketing activities. In order to run a burger lounge, which is one of the sectors with high competition, entrepreneurs should pay attention to advertising and marketing activities in order to be preferred by the target audience and to increase their awareness.

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