36 Business Ideas after Graduation With Low Investment

What kind of business ideas are suitable after graduation? You certainly want to start a business after graduation, right? Of course, it is the dream of everyone who is a fresh graduate. But in reality, the difficulty of finding a job today, makes some of you have to think about opening a new type of business to become a successful entrepreneur.

For those of you who have just graduated from college, starting a business from scratch is a new opportunity to take on challenges. You must understand that being a businessman always requires passion and an unyielding spirit at work, even though you have flexible time, unlike office workers.

Starting a business from scratch is not easy. Starting something from scratch with almost no capital, relying on relationships and honesty is the essence of a successful small business. Management and the formulation of a mature business plan will help you find the most appropriate business formula to apply in your own business.

Immediately without waiting at length, this time hitbusinessideas will provide some business ideas that can be considered very suitable to be pursued for a college graduate like you. Actually, the type of business below is also not only for those of you who are fresh graduates but for anyone who really has a passion for the field of entrepreneurship.

business ideas after graduation

Business Ideas after Graduation

Here are the profitable business ideas after graduation:

Lecturer assistant and practicum supervisor

A college graduate, may still be associated with the campus and establish a fairly close relationship with several lecturers or employees of faculties and departments. Therefore, ask if there are vacancies for teaching assistants or practicum assistants available. You can be one of them, and apply the knowledge you already have for your juniors who are still in college.

Applying for an internship at the company

Even though it’s not a business idea, an internship at a well-known company will add to your experience and make it easier for you to get a job later. Internships are accepted relatively quickly and when you become an apprentice, it will increase your knowledge and skills. It is possible that one day you can open a business from the internship experience.

Boarding house transfer service

His name is a boarding house child, most often mutually changing boarding rooms. This is caused by environmental influences or dissatisfaction with facilities and strict regulations. You can take advantage of this opportunity to open a cleaning service and boarding house transfer services. Create services in several packages, such as including transportation services for goods transportation services, cleaning new boarding houses, and arranging goods.

Following the lecturer’s project

Lecturers have a lot of business activities, both related to academics and outside the campus. If you are close to the lecturer, you can ask to help with the project, such as social research in the community, being a staff for submitting questionnaires, interviewing, and logistical assistance, and so on. The point is that capital relations with lecturers will give you access to quite lucrative business opportunities.

Recycle trash from campus

The campus has waste that has the potential to be managed and has economic value. You can use the waste on campus as handicraft products or raw materials. Call it paper, plastic, or organic waste. Form a business entity or start-up that focuses on collecting paper waste, for example, and reselling it to collectors or directly to used paper processing factories. You can save the environment as well as do business.

Scientific paper translator

Like foreign languages? Not only English, but you can also open a translator or translator service for the various languages ​​you speak. Uniquely, you can offer these services on various freelance sites. Especially for students, you can offer services to translate or change the abstract language in written works which usually use English.

Special seminars and training

You can create a new business that focuses on holding training and seminars and collaborating with companies, such as training and seminars for programmers, web developers, SEO analysts, petroleum experts, and other professional-related training and issuing professional certificates that members can use to apply for jobs. You can also work with campuses, BEM, and other authorities to find training members. Your income is derived from the fees paid by the training members.

Campus event organizer

Establishing a business with friends in a start-up company that is concerned with handling campus activities such as seminars, training, bazaars, and concerts, and so on. Create a kind of EO business entity that helps handle campus-specific events including consulting services, facilities, and technical personnel, and so on. Due to the large number of events being held within the campus itself, this opportunity is quite tempting if managed properly.

Creative product crafting

The business opportunity to sell skill products is increasingly being eyed by millennial youth. That’s because the crafting business promises unique and quality items. Creativity is the main key in this business. So if you have a passion for the field of creativity, this business is suitable to try.

Those of you who like to work from home can start this business with almost no capital. With a broad target market, you can use internet networks such as websites and social media to market your crafting products around the world at prices that vary depending on the difficulty of making them.

App developers and start-ups

Android and iOS smartphones have become a necessity today. Businesses becoming application developers are increasingly perspective to try. Therefore, for those of you who master programming languages ​​and can create software, it will be very profitable. Without capital, you can still start your fortune through the creation of this mobile application.

It is enough to set up a start-up company with various reliable employees in their fields. And start offering application and website creation services to various clients. You can use the internet to market and introduce these services.

Selling unique, distinctive, or extreme culinary

Unique, distinctive, or extreme cuisine will attract your customers to always come to the culinary sale. It could be regional specialties, drinks, or snacks that not many people know and have a unique appearance, concept, or taste.

Because the culinary business will never die. However, the weakness of this business is that it is easy for competitors to imitate. Don’t worry, because your service and consistency will never be replaced. Therefore, the focus on consumer satisfaction is the main thing.

Portable cinema

Ever heard of portable cinema or mobile cinema? Maybe for those of you who live in urban areas, this business opportunity is almost impossible, because it will not compete with big cinemas. But if you have graduated from college and returned home, it is not impossible that this business can be applied in your area.

For initial capital, it is enough to rely on a laptop, hard drive, and a set of audio systems. You can assemble it in a special media and can be taken anywhere. Later you can offer to rent out cinema equipment per 1 time of film showing. The films you get can be downloaded from the internet and promote your business through social media and blogs.

Become a content creator blog

Content creator blogger is a profession that is on the rise in the era of development of the digital world. The popularity and endorsement of various brands, of course, make business opportunities in this field more prospective. Everyone can even try it with almost no capital.

Interested in working as a blogger too? You can try creating a blog or cms website and regularly updated articles. Later if you have a lot of visitors then you can install an advertising network such as Google Adsense on your blog.

Become a YouTube video creator

Being a YouTuber is a passion that demands creativity and consistency in producing quality videos that are sought after by many people. Almost the same as bloggers, YouTubers also rely on advertising and endorsements in their income. The more viewers and subscribers, the higher the income you can get from the YouTube channel.

Social media influencers

Influencer means having a big influence, potentially moving a good group of people through social media. Therefore, influencers are usually people who are well known as public figures and have a strong influence in several ways.

Companies will look for influencers and try to work with you through endorsement contracts. For that, you must be consistent and regularly create interesting content on your social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. And if this is your passion, this activity is very fun.

Become a quiz hunter

Nowadays, bounty hunters are often found on various social media. You only need to have quiz information from various sites. You then participate in any sweepstakes event or race whatsoever. The point is that you have to actively seek information related to competitions, quizzes, and competitions that are held, to then be as competent as possible.

System hunter bugs

Almost the same as quiz hunters, this profession focuses on finding bugs or errors in the system. This job can be a promising opportunity in the future. For example, if you understand the system and coding, find a bug in one of the systems in a Google product, report it immediately. Then you will get a sizable reward from your reporting if it proves to be problematic.

Helmet laundry

Even though many have opened this type of business, in our opinion, it is still prospective to open, especially in the area around campus. Because helmets are items that are often overlooked for cleanliness for motorcycle owners. Maybe for the beginning, your target is the students. You can open this business by renting a stall first, and learning how to wash helmets properly and correctly.

Handicraft made from avocado seeds

We recommend it for those of you who like to make crafts from raw avocado seeds. The waste that you always throw away can actually be carved into cute and economical craft products. You can produce various funny faces or body shapes, provide variety and you can promote through social media, create galleries and offer them at varying prices. While most of you would throw away avocado seeds without a second thought, why not make some money in this endeavor.

Become a professional gamer

Have you ever thought about becoming a professional gamer? Now every profession can make money. If you really like playing games, then build that potential by becoming a content creator on YouTube, blogs, or social media. Then set up a group of professional gamers and actively compete in every game event held in your city.

Open re-install service

Communication tools such as laptops, computers, and smartphones have become a necessity for students. You can target this business in the student environment around campus. If you are happy with the world of technology and have experience in the field of reinstalling, then immediately open this service. This business relatively does not require large capital, you can even start from home or boarding house, by simply spreading this service through social media and word of mouth.

Selling second-hand goods

Used goods that still have economic value you can use for resale. As a student, there must be something you want to sell, right? But often we do not know where to sell. You can take advantage of this opportunity. Create a site, forum, group, or other online media that accommodate the sale of second-hand goods on campus. Later you can get a fee from sales discounts.

Become a premium EBook writer and seller

Electronic Book is an online reading book. In general, conventional books are sheets of paper with writing and pictures from stationery, so eBooks only sell soft files. If you like literature and are good at writing, why not use your skills to sell this eBook?

EBooks are not just short and short readings like articles on websites, but can also be in the form of guides, complete information, or even stories such as novels and magazines. Creating an online eBook is not an easy matter, almost the same as publishing a real book. It takes research and popular topics so that your eBook will sell well in the market.

Selling and editing photos

Are you a photography hobby? You can sell your photos on sites like Getty Image and EyeEm. In addition, you can also open professional photo editing services for various events such as weddings, birthdays, and others. With the help of today’s digital technology, photos can easily be manipulated, retouched, or corrected and given variations in designs, letters, and so on to make them more attractive.

Become a tutor and tutor

Are you good at one of the subjects, sports or music? Why not start as a tutor or private tutor? Private tutoring is a form of service that provides learning as a teacher or mentor outside of school hours. Usually, private services are used by elementary, junior high, high school students, and even prospective students.

Selling custom hijab

Students certainly like the hijab that has a different pattern or motif. If you like the world of Muslim fashion, then the hijab is one of the best-selling products to try. Look for large hijab convection that can work with you. You can sell hijab with a pre-order system through social media and chat applications.

Selling electronic accessories

HP accessories, laptops, and computer accessories are pretty much loved by millennials. You can open a small stall in front of a shophouse or gas station, selling various accessories that many people are looking for such as headsets, casings, stickers, and others.

Vehicle storage

The vehicle storage business is different from parking. If parking is only for a short time, usually in a matter of hours, while this vehicle care can take days or even months. Things that need to be prepared are looking for a parking space, ensuring the security of the parking area, neatly arranging motorbikes, giving special cards, and conducting additional businesses such as helmet washing services for consumers.

Pet care

In addition, you can also open a pet care business such as dogs and cats. This business requires sufficient land, several cages that meet the standards, and also pet supplies such as medicine and daily food. Start promoting your services on social media, local radio and also distributing brochures.

Selling herbal medicines

The current trend is to maintain health with herbal and natural ingredients. If you have a high sales spirit, you can try to sell these herbal ingredients and market them through social media, create stalls in the marketplace or create your own online store. Many people have turned to herbal medicines because they think chemical drugs have serious side effects on health in the long run.

Become a paid spectator

Have you ever watched television shows such as talk shows and music concerts? Some television stations employ paid viewers to make the show look more lively and interesting. You can apply to be one of them if you like a job that is relaxed and not so challenging. However, the salary is relatively small, depending on the agreement.

Become an honorary employee

Honorary employees are considered to have relatively low salaries. But for the first time, as a fresh graduate with minimal experience, you don’t have to consider experience first. By becoming an honorary employee, the actual working time is relatively more flexible and you can open a side business on the side-lines of your productive time as a temporary employee.

Become a Graphic Designer (Visual)

This graphic design business is usually run by art students, DKV, because this graphic design is more of a passion, a passion for drawing, and this graphic design business can be run only with expertise, promotions, and a computer of course to design it yourself

New and Used Electronic Buying and Selling Business

The business of selling computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices, either in new or used conditions, can also be run by implementing a reseller or Dropship system by collaborating with certain computer companies, the capital you need if the reseller is big enough

Then you can use the Dropship system with the computer production company. But we also have to have several computers that are displayed in the room, so that consumers have more confidence in the sale of these computers.

Become a Business and Financial Consultant

Lots of people don’t understand business. They only know selling goods, not developing a business. So that this can be a gap that can be used to find additional money as well as to help MSME entrepreneurs so that their business increases and grows up.

With the services of this business consultant, it can be a way for you to do good by providing entrepreneurial knowledge, how to calculate profits, how to increase income, how to expand your target market, and others.

Agriculture business

Just graduated from college and started farming? No need to worry? You have to put aside prestige and know that being a farmer will still make you successful. The assumption that being a farmer is a backward job is clearly wrong.

You can open a business for buying and selling processed livestock products, providing animal feed, buying and selling agricultural products, hydroponics, organic fruit vegetables, and agro-tourism, and so on.

Closing remarks

Doing business is not difficult, but it also requires a strong will and determination to get started. Don’t be unemployed and don’t know what to do. When you graduate later, you need to prepare yourself to start your own business, so you don’t depend too much on others.

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