Business Ideas for a Small Village in India

19 Profitable Business Ideas for a Small Village in India

There are many business ideas for a small village in India and you need the expertise to see them but don’t we have mentioned here some of the profitable business ideas that you use for your startup in a small village in India.

Small villages are great places in India to start a business because there is a lot of potential for many businesses. They want several facilities and comfort in their life but they didn’t get that and if you provide them with those facilities then you will earn a decent profit.

Now let’s know the ideas that you can pursue in small villages in India.

Business Ideas for a Small Village in India

Here are the 19 business opportunities for you to start in a small village in India:

Make a House for Rent

One of the businesses that never ends is the property rental business, including rented houses. Because as we know today, more residential houses are made but at the same time prices are too high.

In rural areas, of course, people also have the same needs, namely a decent place to live. For those of you who have more capital, you can build a rented house and then rent it out to people at a rate that still adjusts to current conditions.

Modern Coffee and Tea Shop

The habits of the Indian people like hanging out in coffee and tea shops, especially in rural areas. Usually, they prefer to hang out in tea shops at night when they are relaxing while watching the Premier League or other sports matches.

You can give a different touch to the modern coffee and tea shops that you offer around the village area, namely with the concept of providing free Wi-Fi, using in focus and live music if available.

Daily WiFi Rental

For those of you who live in rural areas and places that have limited internet access, then you can open a Wi-Fi rental service to connect to the internet. Currently, there are indeed many people who use smartphones, including people in villages, especially now that work from home is being encouraged.

Tutoring Teacher

Those of you who have an education background or have talent in a particular field can take a side job as a private teacher in various subject areas. You also have to take a market share approach, in this case, students such as junior high and high school.

Visit and speak to the previously identified school institution. Then do promotions to residential neighborhoods that are busy with several school children. This requires a brief market survey.

Mobile Party Photographer

Working as a photographer does require skill and passion. In addition, you must also have experience and master photography techniques. This can be started by buying a professional digital photo camera and some of its supporting devices such as tripods, lights, and laptops.

Being a photographer is not easy and sometimes there are no orders. But make sure this hobby can also add to your pocket. To be safer in your freelance business, also prepare a backup camera to avoid unwanted things such as damage or loss of the main camera.

Establish a Cheap Gaming Warnet

It’s not just IT kids who can set up internet cafes in village areas. Those of you who have the capital and determination to learn, as well as free time can set up an internet cafe as a side income in this way.

You are only required to have basic computer skills such as computer main equipment and simple cafe business management. The way it works is also quite relaxed, just waiting for guests to come, serving bills, and printing, helping internet cafe users who have difficulty, and maintaining the cafe’s conduciveness. Especially for gaming internet cafes, many children and teenagers like it.

Rent Event Equipment

Event organizers such as weddings, recitations, traditional parties, and other events can be a part-time business field for those of you who need a side job in small villages.

Event organizers nowadays often open additional crew vacancies for each event held. You can find information about this job vacancy on the internet. This job doesn’t need a lot of capital, just sociable and active in working.

The rest is for matters of time, being an EO crew is guaranteed not to interfere with your time because usually this event is held on weekends. It also does not take place regularly every week.

Opening Public Health Services

People in rural areas or villages have limited access to health when compared to urban communities. Because of the health facilities themselves, in rural areas, it is quite rare to find.

If you have an educational and professional background in the medical health field such as midwives, nurses, pharmacists, or even doctors, you can open a practice next to your house or even open a pharmacy that sells various common medicines.

Become an LPG Agent

Currently, almost all of the people in the village choose to use gas in cooking their daily meals in the kitchen. And you can be one of the LPG agents who sell gas in the village area, you can also sell kitchen necessities and set up daily food stalls. Take a profit margin that is not too large, so the final price of LPG is also not expensive.

Establishing a Building Shop

The name of building needs is always sought after by people who want to build or just renovate their homes. People in rural areas have limited access to buying building materials.

They have to go to the city to buy building materials such as paint, cement, nails, sand, and so on. Therefore, you can build a complete building shop in the village area to supply the community’s needs for building materials.

Establish a Modern Supermarket

If we talk about traditional markets, of course, we have found a lot in villages or rural areas. Indeed, the advantages of this market apart from the cheap price, you can also bid directly to the seller.

However, it is possible that you can also make supermarkets or modern markets where necessities are packaged.

Fogging or Disinfectant Spraying Services

Usually, in densely populated villages, there must be drainage channels. However, in India, most of the drainage is clogged and does not run smoothly. So this can lead to the emergence of various diseases due to stagnant water in the drainage.

To minimize diseases such as dengue fever, fogging or fumigation activities are needed. You can offer fog services to people’s homes so that the transmission of dangerous diseases can be minimized.

Fishing Pond Place

Village areas are synonymous with slums and densely populated areas. But you can juggle the empty area that you have as a fishing pond and later you can rent the place for fishing mania hobbyists.

People who like fishing will definitely like this place. You can set some rules, such as the maximum limit for carrying fish, how many kilos, the use of bait, and how many hours of fishing time.

Refill Drinking Water Depot

Rural areas in urban areas have difficult access to clean water. It’s different when we are in rural areas that are still beautiful, where people still consume well water.

The opportunity to open a refill water depot is quite prospective. But you also have to be able to see the market share. Are there any water depots in your area or do they not exist at all? You also have to be able to provide a cheaper price per gallon with maximum service.

Children’s Playground

Village area children generally play in the yard. The target market for children in the village is also quite broad. And one of them you can make a children’s playground in the yard.

You can make playing areas such as ball pools, fishing grounds, to other playgrounds.

Daily Food Sales

The food business will still be needed, especially in rural areas where there are many small children or people who like to consume snacks, snacks, fried foods, and other snacks.

You can sell in front of your house if your place is strategic enough, or choose to sell by renting a stall in front of a school, campus, or office area. If you don’t have capital, you can also sell food with a pre-order system and offer it by word of mouth.

Daily Parking

The village, generally have a narrow parking lot or even none at all. Lucky for those of you who have vacant land so you can use the land for daily parking for vehicle owners.

In addition to the daily parking system, you can also offer parking on a monthly or yearly basis. Of course, you also have to provide security facilities such as a roof and security to guard at night.

Build a Sports Arena

In the village area, many people need sports facilities. For example, popular sports in India such as futsal, badminton, gym or volleyball. This sports venue rental business is growing from time to time.

You can use the empty field to turn it into a sports venue, as an asset for long-term investment, just like the home contract business described earlier.

Home Industry

You can develop any home industry-based business in the village area. For example, if you want to produce handicrafts in the form of dolls, besides you can produce from your family, or you can look for employees from neighbors.

Thus the business that you have will also be useful for others because it opens job vacancies. The point is that a business based in a village area is recommended to involve the surrounding community, especially if the business requires production activities that require many employees.

My Final Words

The location of the village can be developed further if all levels of society living in the area contribute massively. That’s why when you want to start a business in a village, it’s a good idea to involve the surrounding community.

Thus our discussion of business ideas in the latest village areas this time. Hope it can help and inspire you. If you find this article useful, please share the link with your friends and family.

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