Business Ideas for Housewives

28 Profitable Business Ideas for Housewives

If you are looking for good business ideas for housewives? Then you came to the right place. Currently, many businesses can be done at home or with the help of the internet.

Even if you have small children, try to open a business that doesn’t take up time but still generates a pretty decent income. You also have to choose the type of business that you are interested in and master because it makes it very easy for you to manage it.

The main key to successfully starting a business is to be consistent and not give up easily. As a housewife who takes care of the family, you must be able to divide your time between business and family. This is where proper time management is needed.

But don’t worry, we will provide some businesses that are suitable for your current position. You can even do this business side by side while taking care of your family.

Good Business Ideas for Housewives

Here are the best business ideas for Housewives:q2

Rent Kids Equipment

Small children need equipment such as toys, clothes, toy cars, shoes, hats, and so on. However, the need for equipment for small children is only needed when they are 1 to 5 years old.

That is why buying equipment for babies is considered more wasteful because it is quickly not used. Given the rapid growth and development of babies. The most effective and efficient thing is to rent the equipment for several months or years. And this can be a business opportunity for housewives.

Sell Fabric Pampers

Parents are now starting to be aware of the health of their babies. Many people think that using regular Pampers can cause blisters and irritation to babies.

In addition, the price of ordinary pampers which is quite extravagant also considers parents to use them. You can sell pampers made of cloth so that they can be recycled and more economical.

Open Grocery Store

Everyone needs a staple food for daily consumption. Opening a grocery store is one of the right choices to become a business that is carried out while taking care of the family.

You can use an empty place to open a basic food shop, it can also be on a large terrace of a house and start selling there. You can also choose a strategic location such as a busy area or on the side of a big road.

Make details of prices that are not too expensive and can compete with other stores. Because if you sell too much, the buyers could move to another store that is cheaper or has friendly service.

Look for distributors or wholesalers who sell cheap necessities, so that later you can buy the ingredients you will sell easily and cheaply and establish good and consistent cooperation.

Also prepare technical equipment such as scissors, rope, plastic bags, calculators, storefronts, shelves, tables, and others to make it easier for you to sell later.

Make a stock item recap where you can find out which items are out of stock and which are remaining. Then continue to survey the prices of necessities because necessities usually move dynamically following market conditions.

Opening Wi-Fi Rental Services

If you live in a rural area or a place with limited internet access, you can open a Wi-Fi business for an internet connection. Currently, many people use smartphones, including people in rural areas. However, due to limited or expensive internet access, they cannot maximize their smartphone.

You can install Wi-Fi at home or in strategic places, near schools or government offices. Using a voucher or billing system, you can set a cheaper rate than using an internet cafe.

Selling Cosmetics Beauty Products

Women cannot be separated from facial makeup or cosmetic items. Opening this one business is indeed still prospective, let alone having a wide network of friends. Cosmetics and other beauty products are a necessity for women, especially those who want to beautify themselves.

Try to understand the types and uses of each cosmetic item that you are going to sell. For example, if you want to sell lipstick, you only need to focus on 1 type of lipstick to make market segmentation clearer.

To sell cosmetics, you need to determine a strategic location for you to sell. Or you can also sell it through social media and online stores if you don’t want to bother and have a wider reach.

Look for distributors or suppliers who sell at affordable prices. Also, improve the quality of cosmetic brands. This will help avoid indiscriminate cosmetics that will harm their users.

Selling cosmetics needs to win a competitive strategy with the selling price. You need to apply competitive prices in making product price lists so that you can be more competitive. Make a cheaper price difference, so that many consumers also glance at it.

Cake and Bread Business

Selling cakes and bread is indeed very profitable for housewives. The capital needed is also quite cheap, only 500 thousand you can try it. For example, when you buy just 1 kg of flour, it becomes 10 pieces of bread that are ready to sell.

You can leave the cake or bread in the shop and can also promote it through social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook with a pre-order system. Remember when leaving bread or cakes, keep the quality and cleanliness of the containers used.

Decide in advance what type of cake or bread you want to sell, the materials needed, plastic, marketing strategy, and so on. You have to make a delicious and distinctive taste so that customers will recognize it. In addition, display an attractive food display so that buyers are also interested in buying the bread.

Open a Restaurant or Catering Business

Opening food stalls and catering is indeed very profitable, especially for housewives who like the world of cooking and culinary.

You can make a plan in advance about what type of food stalls will be managed later.

Prepare carefully from a technical and non-technical point of view. Make a detailed list of what types of items you want to spend. You also need to find a strategic place to open a food stall business, such as near an office or factory, school, or roadside.

For those who want to open a catering service, it’s the same. Determine in advance who the catering target is for, for example for school children, catering for large events, for the office, or home events.

Prepare capital, detailed and detailed financial reports, and look for affordable food suppliers. Also, pay attention to the freshness of the food you use. The final step is to promote your catering business on social media and the internet.

Selling Services on Freelance Sites

For housewives who have certain skills, such as graphic design, financial consultants, accountants, SEO experts, website creation, programming, or other services that are needed a lot, they can sell them through various freelance sites.

Later you will be paid to do certain projects within an agreed period. This business is quite flexible and can be done at home while taking care of the children. So selling services can also be a profitable business opportunity.

Home Laundry

Working from home is an option for housewives who have small children to take care of. Including one of them is a home laundry where you are with your face in front of the house and the target consumers are neighbors who are around the housing complex.

To start your own laundry business, all you have to do is spend money to buy a washing machine, scales, laundry perfume, hangers, and plastic wrap.

Pet Care Service

A Pet shop is in the right business for you animal enthusiasts. In addition, you can also open a pet care service for people who travel out of town and don’t have anyone to look after their pets.

You can also do pet business at home by turning various rooms in your house into several cages which will later be filled by your consumer’s pets.


In contrast to child care services where students come to the place of learning which in this case your home, for tutoring you is can attend to your students’ homes door to door.

This is still tolerable because you can bring your children to appear to teach your students in their respective homes.

Custom Clothing Services

Those of you who have expertise and experience in the field of convection or sewing can take advantage of this ability to run a service business by opening a sewing course at your home.

In addition, you can also provide a special room for workers to receive makeover or custom clothing services. For maximum results, you can make a banner or banner in front of the house and promote your services on social media.

Making Gifts, Parcels, and Accessories

For those of you who have creativity and qualified hand skills, you can open service for making parcels or accessories for gifts for an event or event. This service is very much sought after when the Eid or Christmas season arrives.

People hunt to give gifts to their loved ones. Not only for special day moments, when the graduation season knows school graduates, and this service is also quite sought after.

Selling Frozen Food

Currently, the trend of selling frozen food or frozen food is quite popular to study. You can produce your frozen food such as sausages and nuggets made from chicken, beef, or fish meat combined with various ingredients.

Or if you don’t want to be bothered, you can register in a franchise or franchise, so you only focus on marketing your products.

Copy, Print, and Office Stationery

For photocopying services, printers and office stationery do require a large enough capital to start. If indeed you have sufficient capital then you can conjure up the front page of the house to be used as a place to sell office stationery interspersed with photocopying and printer services.

Travel Agency

Being a travel agent is quite profitable. But at this time we recommend not to open this business because we are experiencing a pandemic. It’s enough to turn the home page into a room and make a banner in front of the house.

You can open this travel agent service when we have finished going through the pandemic, and we can live normally again as usual so that travel services and tourism will return to normal.

Modern Farming and Hydroponic Business

For the next business as a housewife who has small children and limited movement, you can use the vacant land in front of the house or behind the house to be used as farming land.

Especially if you have a background in agriculture. You can use a hydroponic farming system or without using soil. Plant various types of vegetables and fruits, you can even sell the results when you harvest later.

Home Salon Services

This business is getting more and more enthusiasts, especially those of you who provide maximum service such as juggling a room at home for a full ac salon, shampooing, rebounding, and others.

Although this service business still requires capital to build a comfortable place for customers (another option is to use an empty room at home) the most important capital is expertise in cutting hair into any shape according to current trends.

Livestock Business

What animals are prospective for breeding? Poultry, fish, or mammals? What is the purpose of housewives to raise livestock, is it for personal consumption, sold for meat, milk, kept as pets, and so on?

Find out farm opportunities that match the market share in your area. Don’t carelessly open a farm if you don’t know what the market is like.

Bakery Shop

If you as a housewife have a hobby of making cakes and bread, it doesn’t hurt to run this business. You can market this business because it is relatively easy and can be marketed to stalls or shops that accept sales of the cakes you produce.

If you already have a sales store network, then your next task will feel light, just making cakes. The cake business will be even more in demand before the holidays because everyone wants it. If this business wants to develop well, then you can promote it through social media.

Social Media Influencers

One of the professions that you can try as a housewife is to become a social media influencer. Like celebrities on TV, influencers are influential figures who become trendsetters.

You can focus on building your audience through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Housewife influencers have a special segmentation and are highly sought after by business owners and leading brands that focus on baby and small children’s products.

Become a Freelance Writer

Housewives who can write cannot be underestimated, because writing can produce promising money. One of the professions worth trying by housewives who love to write is a content writer or freelance writer.

This profession does not require a whole day like being a writer in the media. You who have small children can do it at home when your child needs your attention. You can divide your time appropriately and always pay attention to deadlines, writing schedules don’t interfere with quality time with children.

Opening a Health Practice

Housewives who have education and professional certificates in the field of nursing or midwifery can open their practice at home, without fear of being disturbed by caring for their little one.

You can open a practice next to your house or even open a pharmacy or drug store that sells various common medicines such as headaches, ulcers, fever, flu, and so on.

My Final Words

A housewife is a profession that focuses on daily housework. But that doesn’t mean a housewife can’t make a profit at all. With a small business based at home, you can still generate money, maybe even bigger than your husband’s income.

Hopefully, the business ideas above can be applied to start a side business that is suitable for housewives. Thank you for visiting here, don’t forget to press the share button below and share this post on your social media.

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