16 Profitable Business Ideas for Lazy Person in 2021

Are you lazy but want to do business? Maybe you can try some of the business ideas below. Young entrepreneurs have become increasingly active at this time. There are various types of businesses that are engaged in by entrepreneurs. The business can be started according to a hobby or a strong business instinct.

But for those who are lazy, it seems as if they can’t start a business. Even though there are also types of businesses that are perfect for those of you who are lazy to leave the house. 

If you have sufficient funds and want to start a business, there is nothing wrong with becoming a beginner entrepreneur today by trying to dive into the four types of business chosen by young business people. If you observe Bill Gates or Mark Zuckenberg, you will be tempted by their extraordinary wealth.

16 Business Ideas for Lazy Person

Everyone will want to have their own business – especially those of you who are young and smart and have an independent spirit. But how to make it happen?

As a young person who still has fresh energy and mind, you must have hopes of starting your own business.

Here is the list of profitable business ideas for lazy person:

1. Online shop business

An online business can be the first option that is usually chosen and carried out by young people and millennials. Passing this is along with the advancement of increasingly sophisticated information technology.

Online business is very appropriate to do for lazy people like you because usually young people (the millennial generation) are fond of technology and also don’t really like activities outside the home. 

2. Automotive business

The business that is suitable for the next millennial is the automotive sector. Because? The profit generated is quite tantalizing, such as selling spare parts, opening a motorbike or car repair shop, and so on. This also does not require a large enough space.

Opening a workshop business on a small scale, repairing and modifying racing motorbikes, painting services for body and airbrushes, knick-knacks for motorbikes, or four-wheeled vehicles are exemplary types of business that you can pursue in this type of business.

3. Endorsement services

This new business is unique. The widespread use of social media – such as Instagram – has become a soft medium to start this business. An endorser, influencer, or celebrity who has a lot of followers, can receive a large income from interesting content with the reach of thousands of customers or consumers to buy products endorsed by them

However, to develop massive social media accounts such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook requires hard work and strong motivation, tenacity, and high creativity to update your social media content. So actually the lazy people referred to here are those of you who like to play social media, why don’t you use it for business?

4. Software developer

The technology industry, especially in the software sector, will continue to develop in the future, this has resulted in many application developers such as games or tools who are involved and actively maximize this software developer service, you can even establish startups or start-up companies.

One developer business that is quite successful, such as the flappy bird game, this simple game made by Vietnamese youths has successfully generated billions of dollars for developers. 

5. Freelance work

Being a freelancer or freelance worker is quite in demand for those who like flexible working hours. Many people out there have become successful freelancers and can even make hundreds of dollars per month.

Only by staying at home, of course, with a little skill. If you have special skills and master a field, you can register on a freelance site to get a job

Here are trusted sites that you can try:

  • Freelancers
  • Upwork
  • Sribulancer
  • Teacher

1. Greeting Cards

For those of you who like to write and draw but are lazy to work as an office illustrator? This is perfect for opening a greeting card business. The capital is only cardboard and markers or your favorite coloring tool. Hobby and easy. Can be done only at home. Don’t want to go out to buy tools and materials? Just delivery via Go-Shop or Go-Mart services. Open orders with limited slots can also help you so you don’t get tired of writing, you know!

2. Dessert Box

This business is already booming. But for those of you who don’t want to bother opening a shop, it’s better for a dessert box business. Lazy to shop for ingredients? Relax, again there are Go-Shop and Go-Mart services that can help you. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed, just open limited slots at certain periods. The promotion is also just a post on the Instagram account.

3. Thrift Shop

Have clothes that are too small or are you tired of wearing them? Better to sell it! Apart from increasing your income, you don’t need to bother recruiting employees. Just take your device then check it! Check! Then upload it on Instagram social media.

Besides being easy, this thrift shop business is busy in the market. Especially in this millennial generation. Not only clothes, but you can also sell other items.

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So what do you do, Entrepreneur Friends? There is still hope for you, right? But there’s nothing wrong with putting a little effort into everything you do. Surely everything can go well and according to your expectations

Rental business for non-motorized products

The working principle is simple. Buy goods and then rent them to customers who need them. Choose a rental for non-motorized / non-motorized goods. So you don’t need to worry about the technical problems of operating these items. The risk of complaints related to goods not functioning is almost no risk.

This business is suitable for those who are clueless and lazy. Examples of non-motorized products that are usually rented out are:

  •         Party equipment rental business – binocular tents, table, and chairs, aisle stage 
  •         Rental of cooking utensils – pans, glasses, plates
  •         Rental of building tools – scaffolding
  •         Rental toys – ball bath
  •         Rental of medical devices – wheelchairs, patient beds
  •         Fishing pond
  •         Vehicle storage services
  •         Rent sports facilities – futsal court, fitness center
  •         Rented house/boarding house

How? Those of you who are clueless and lazy is definitely suitable to run this business. While sitting, money flows into your wallet/account. That is, if it is popular, hired by people. If not, it means a loss, the large capital to buy goods or build a rental place cannot be rotated

Culinary business

This business is suitable for clueless housewives. Opening restaurants, catering services, taking orders for cakes, and similar culinary businesses, you don’t need to master a computer program. It is enough for the expertise to mix delicious food recipes according to the tastes of

your customers’ tongues. You can experiment with making a variety of delicious and good-looking menu dishes. Many tutorials on how to make dishes on Google and YouTube. Offer your creations via social media.

Uh, open YouTube and play social media, don’t you have to be tech-savvy? I’m not sure that I can … But not that much. Kindergarten children, are our smartphones really that bad?

Necessities trading business

Choose to trade products that are always needed by the community. For example, opening a grocery store selling daily necessities, selling groceries and products that are sure to sell. Products like this usually have a small profit margin but turnover quickly.

Because market share is local, there is no need to master digital marketing techniques. After all, customers are mostly local people or people who just happen to pass by.

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To get big profits, the main key is to get cheap suppliers. Because of the high level of competition, how can we sell at a lower price than our competitors if the wholesale price is high?

Try not to sell technology products such as cell phones, electronic goods, and the like. Products that smell of technology will not sell if there is a new model. Besides, if we are clueless, we will have difficulty answering buyers’ questions regarding the specifications and advantages of the products we sell

Farm shop

Open agricultural shops selling fertilizers, animal feed, plant seeds, and agricultural medicines suitable for business in the countryside. Ideally, in a sub-district town where the majority of the population is farmers/breeders.

The agricultural shop business in the village does not really matter to master technology. As long as the goods are complete and the price is skewed, the public will quickly recognize them by word of mouth. Especially if you are allowed to go into debt, you will pay it at harvest time. It must be selling well, just try. The

the prospect of selling fertilizer is good because farmers definitely need to fertilize their fields so that the plants are fertile. This is great for overseas TKI / TKW to collect capital to open an agricultural shop in their hometown

So middlemen

The middleman business (also known as penebas) of rice, fruit, vegetables, fish, and livestock is also suitable for clueless people. It’s just that initially it takes patience. Because usually retail stores as target sales already have suppliers. Farmers, cultivators, fish breeders, ranchers, fishermen as producers also have other middleman relations.

Maybe the prospects for this business are not good. Now farmers are getting smarter because they follow the development of market price information. So middlemen cannot play with prices like in the past. Some companies also buy raw materials directly from farmer groups so that the business land for the ‘slashers’ skipper is reduced

Agency business

So goods delivery service agents (expedition, logistics) are suitable for clueless and lazy people. You can apply to be a partner of a well-known courier company.

But being an agent is difficult to develop. If you don’t switch to another business, you will always be an agent and always be bound by company regulations. As for a stepping stone to earn an income, it doesn’t matter. Later, if the economy is rather well established, feel free to explore other more promising business opportunities

Home-land mortgage business

So a house-land broker is a business too. Suitable for clueless people – but not for lazy people. Only need a wide network, good communication techniques. If a broker is buying and selling cars – used motorbikes, maybe you need to understand a little about automotive technology to explain to potential buyers.

Building contractors

Opening home renovation services, buying buildings, making small garden services are also good business alternatives for clueless people. But if you want to progress, you have to master civil / construction science. Because building a multi-story building is not enough to rely on “titan knowledge”.

For daily coolies who are too tired of stirring cement, why not try to get promoted to become a contractor? It’s delicious, you don’t need to be afraid of being scolded by the foreman when you want to be lazy. 


People who are lazy and too relaxed can even open a business and generate additional money. How about you? Are you still lying down and don’t want to be a small and small entrepreneur? Let’s move and make it your free time to manage a business, who knows that your business will grow and become big?

Such is the Popular and Favourite Business for lazy people this time, hopefully, this will be useful for friends who want to immediately try doing business.

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