Part-Time Business Ideas for Working Professionals

11 Best Business Ideas for Working Professionals in 2022

Looking for side and part-time business ideas for working professionals in 2022? Then you came to the right place. Here we will tell you about the best ideas for working professionals so that they can start their businesses and be their boss.

Working professionals can also start their business in their free time and the ideas that they can pursue are limited because they don’t have enough time to engage in business activities daily basis.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best business opportunities that a working professional can use to start their startup business in his or her free time.

11 Business Ideas for Working Professionals

So, for those of you who are looking for part-time business ideas, especially for working professionals, this time we will explore various side business opportunities that might be a way to success.

List of attractive part-time business ideas for working professionals:

1. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is the choice of many people who want to start a business with low investment and increase their income. Because in general, you have to offer the product which you don’t have to keep in stock.

In dropshipping, the products will be sent directly to the reseller and he sent them to the customers. The products that are sold by you in this business are clothes, religious supplies, food, shoes, bags, etc.

If you have a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection, then you can start this business easily while working.

You can reply to chats of customers at the times you specify and order the items according to schedule. The items can be sent first to your address (after being ordered by the customer) and then you re-pack them or send them directly from the distributor/reseller on your behalf.

The question is where can you get the items that you will sell?

You can get them from large distributors on various online platforms for example Amazon and Flipkart. Currently, there are also many special dropshipper platforms that you can use, such as Shopify.

Conventional methods such as searching for products directly on the marketplace free of cost. You don’t have to pay any registration fees, but you have to find yourself a trusted distributor who offers the right price.

Now if you use the dropshipping platform, then usually you will be charged a registration/membership fee, but the distributor and the price have been guaranteed by the dropship company.

2. Get a Franchise

The second interesting business opportunity for working professionals is a franchise business because it is not uncommon for the turnover to reach millions. If you want to have a side business but can’t manage the management and marketing, then you can choose a franchise business.

The franchise business is the purchase of a license to sell products/services that have been made by a franchise brand.

Usually, a franchise already has its marketing and management team. So that you as a franchisee can save more time. Some franchise brands apply a commission system, but some do not apply a commission at all.

You have to do enough research and find the franchises that fit your needs.

Currently, there are various types of franchises. Not only food or drinks, even shoe washing services, salons, laundry, pharmacies, and courses already have franchises.

You just have to choose which type of franchise business you are interested in and of course, prepare the capital according to the terms of each franchise.

3. Handmade Accessories Business

If you have a hobby or skill in making handicrafts and want to use it for extra income then you can make it a profitable business as a working professional.

The handmade business prospectus cannot be underestimated. Many have also gained success from this type of business that derives from a hobby of making handmade products.

Especially if the handmade products that you make are unique, then your work will always be liked and people buy your goods. Even though many imitate them, if your product only has the uniqueness and quality of your handmade work, the customer will come back to your product. Some of the handmade works that are currently attracting attention include:

  • Patch bag
  • Accessories
  • Handmade pillows
  • Handmade painting
  • Bags and various creations from knitting
  • and many more.

The good part of this business is that you can do it at home in your free time. If you are working then you make products at night at your home easily.

4. Private Tutoring and Training Business

So, for those of you who have expertise in a particular subject, you can open a private tutoring business for school and college students.

For example, if you are good at English or mathematics, then opening a private tuition business is profitable. For working professionals, this business is quite profitable because with the advancement of technology you can record lectures and make a course out of them and then sell it online.

Since it is a side business, you may not be able to do as much of your normal working hours. Maybe you can only spend 2-3 hours teaching the lessons per week if you want to start this business traditionally.

In my opinion, it is one of the best side and part-time business ideas for working men and women.

Also, if you have other skills, you can open private lessons or training for adults, such as:

  • Painting lessons
  • Sewing course
  • Yoga training

5. Youtuber

Another business opportunity that working professionals can do is to become YouTubers. Now for those of you who like to talk in front of the camera and create content, becoming a Youtuber might be an interesting business opportunity.

People in earlier days used to think youtube is just for entertainment and now they are aware of its potential about using for a business and as a business.

Where are the opportunities for a YouTuber to get income?

Apart from starting a Youtube channel, a Youtuber is very likely to get income from endorsements or collaboration with well-known brands.

You can also get income from YouTube monetization with Google AdSense.

But before you decide to become a Youtuber, you should know that to earn from Youtube, of course, requires a lot of time and process.

So if you are in a hurry to make better money, don’t choose to be a Youtuber and look for a more instant type of business opportunity to make money, for example selling something. Because you have to gain an audience on YouTube and complete the monetization criteria then you’re good to go.

6. Virtual Assistant (VA)

Working on the internet today is not just for people who want to do business with selling goods. But with technological advancements, those of us who have the skills to work can also be successful on the internet.

Wondering what is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are people who offer various services to clients and work remotely. Here are several types of virtual assistants, maybe one of them is suitable for you!

  • Generalist VA: A VA that handles public works, for example: checking email, arranging schedules, making reports, and managing invoice payments for clients.
  • Social Media VA: A VA who handles problems related to social media for example: creating content calendars, using various tools related to social media, making social media analysis, and reporting.
  • Content Management VA is a VA whose job is related to content from social media or online media from clients. For example, researching potential topics, reading and controlling blog traffic, editing, etc.

These clients can be local or international. You can look for potential clients as freelance virtual assistants through Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

7. Software Developer

So if you have the skills in developing software and coding, you can also open a service business as a software developer. Even as a freelancer, you must still make work agreements with clients and do them properly to maintain your professionalism.

Because based on experience, there are many cases of IT projects that end badly because in the process the client does not understand the ins and outs of the project.

So for those of you who want to start a side business as a software developer, try to make a work contract and make sure everything is clear at the beginning. Because this work letter/contract can protect clients and also you as a freelancer for payments that are not by the agreement or even a project request that is not by the initial agreement.

8. Translation Services Business

Do you have foreign language skills? Come on, take advantage of your abilities to become an entrepreneur.

You can open a translation service business for various purposes. For example, translating company documents, translating books, or even becoming a translator representing the company or in a meeting.

Some of the foreign languages ​​that are very much needed by companies are English, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Korean, etc. You can promote yourself through a blog or join a community.

9. Content Writing Business

If you like writing and want to earn extra income, you can become a freelance content writer. As technology advances, content writing is one of the highest-paying professions. You can write anywhere and anytime, so your work time is not interrupted. Content writers are usually needed to write articles on:

  • Company website
  • Online media
  • Big blogs, but the list is endless

Payment for articles written varies. The more you can show the quality and uniqueness of your articles, the higher your fee will be.  This is because your writing is valuable to the company. So if you choose a content writer as a side business it will profitable for you and also keep improving your writing skills during your spare time.

10. Blogging as a Business

Apart from being a freelance content writer, those of you who like to write can also create your professional blog which you can monetize with AdSense to generate additional income. But like Youtube, a blog also takes time and a process to monetize. Unlike content writers who can pay per article written, you can’t generate additional income from blogs in just a week.

Your blog needs to get a good rating from google. So you have to write quality articles consistently. The appearance of your blog also needs to be arranged to be user-friendly, so that readers will feel at home reading the articles on your blog.

11. Writing Books

If you are not interested in becoming a freelance content writer or creating a blog, for a side business but still want to work through writing, you can also write books.

Writing a book is not easy. You may even be wondering, “what book do you want to write?” because you are not a writer yourself.

If you have the expertise, for example, you have experience in marketing or accounting for several years, then you can use it as an alternative to the theme of your book.

There is nothing wrong if you share the experience and knowledge you have gained during the profession you have been working on so far. It will also make it easier for you to write a book because you are already familiar with the field.

So besides working on your main job, it turns out that you can also do business by writing books.

But before writing, please first study the requirements of the script that will be sent later. Also, compare the several publishers who are likely to publish your manuscript later.

Final Words

Now you are aware of the business ideas that you can pursue as a working professional whether you are a man or woman. All these business ideas work for both genders.

But for any business, it is important to understand that you can’t profit overnight. You need to work hard and smartly and under the demand of the customers so that you offer them what they want and if your product or service is new then you create demand for that product or service.

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