10 Side Business Ideas for Article Writers

What are the side business ideas for article writers that are suitable for students or fresh graduates? It can almost be said that content is an important element of a website, social media or online store. Without content, it is impossible for an online business to market their products and services. Especially in the city of Medan which is currently experiencing the development of online business and fintech.

When we talk about content, we need a writer. But not all writers are the same. You can be a writer who specializes in more than one type. The key to becoming a writer with the right specialization is understanding our needs and choosing the right type of writer for the project

A student or a fresh graduate of course lacks experience and needs a stepping stone to be able to apply for a big company. And one way that can be done is to work as a writer in various agencies that usually do not require experience, only require good and correct writing skills.

Therefore, if you aspire to work as a writer, then start learning to produce several articles with different themes according to what you like.

Business Ideas for Writers

Here are profitable business ideas for article writers:

1. Author of the book

The first job you can get into is to become a book writer. There are many types of books that you can produce, such as school textbooks, textbooks for teachers, fiction books such as novels and short stories collections, or even books that have weight like guidebooks for various themes.

Do not underestimate the profession of a book writer. But here you need to choose a publisher that is of high quality, and has a wide distribution range of bookstores so that your book can later be introduced throughout the world.

2. Brand Journalist

Journalist-style writers are able to write long articles. A simple example, you can see in articles in magazines or newspapers. This type of writer is good at finding stories and building narratives (according to your brand’s vision and mission). They explore the subject from various perspectives, until they can find the human interest in it.

Brand journalists are often masters of headline writing. They can review issues in the community by packing flowing articles. Although Brand Journalism is not synonymous with content marketing, it can be utilized in the narrative flow with a little soft marketing.

And it is brand journalists who can take the face of journalism a step further by knowing how to adapt stories to your personality and message your brand.

3. SEO Writer

Your site wants more visitors? SEO copywriter this is his job. They specialize in integrating targeted keywords and phrases into a website to maximize searches on Google. As with other writers, only this content writer is able to combine it with seo knowledge so that search engine searches are more powerful.

4. Social media writer

Or more easily called “social media updater”. Usually this type of writer has the task of managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages. They manage content that is considered attractive to the audience.

Being a social media writer even though the material is light, you still have to be able to attract the attention of followers so that the published content can have a wide reach. Therefore it takes creativity, innovation and news that is updated and viral.

5. Become an Influencer

Influencers are people or accounts that are popular in cyberspace. On average they have a lot of fans. They are able to attract the audience and followers. You could say they include YouTuber artists, celebrities, or face bookers with many followers.

Influencer marketing is an effective way of promotion because today’s consumers do not like advertising. But their daily attention is on social media and they like to see interesting content from the people or influencers they follow.

The marketing strategy by utilizing influencers will increase the reach so that your products and writings will be more widely known.

6. Become a Blogger

Bloggers or webmasters are those who own a blog or website and manage it to advertise and generate income from the site.

Nowadays people are not familiar with the blogging profession. However, if a person focuses on writing on his blog regularly, and installing advertising media such as Google Adsense, it is not impossible that millions of income are obtained every month. But again, you have to master the technique of SEO or search engine optimization.

7. Become a Copywriter

What is a copywriter? This is the profession of writing articles that aim to promote as well as market existing products or services from clients or companies where he works.

If you have the ability to write in the field of marketing, then you can work as a copy writer. Especially in startup or service companies. This profession can be said to have flexible working hours and can work from home too.

8. Screenwriter

A script is a type of text that is used as an assistant for the cast of a particular film, drama, or event. You can work as a scriptwriter if you already have the ability and experience in this field.

You can also work at home, become an assistant director, or do freelance work on fiverr and other freelance media platforms. You can change the text of the script adapted from a novel or other written work as well.

9. News Media Editor

Newspaper editor is a profession that is quite needed today. Because so many newspapers have turned into online media that offer a variety of information on their portal websites. For example like seconds, compass, CNN, tribune and so on. You can work as an editor or editor of various types of opinion articles that are entered and published in various column editions in certain news media.

10. Comic Translator

Manga or other foreign comics were originally animated and text media intended for the country of origin. For example, manga in Japanese, or Marvel comics in English.

However, if it is sold in the USA, you can of course play a role in translating every conversational text of the characters in the comic into American. Or if you are lucky to be able to work as a pirated online manga translator on the internet.


Writing is a skill that can lead you to the job above. Don’t take it lightly, the work above, if done properly and correctly, can produce a large salary. Especially if you really enjoy your job as an article writer.

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