14 Best Business Ideas for Young Couples for Their Dream Business

There are also many great business ideas for young couples so that they can start their business with ease and earn good profits. Marriage is one of the most important phases in human life. Not only unites two different personalities but also how to manage finances together. Because many young couples cannot manage their own household internal finances, causing many of them to have problems

One option that can be tried is to open a side business together, on the side-lines of the main job. Maybe for a husband it is the responsibility to provide for the family, but there is nothing wrong with doing business with his wife or girlfriend.

Tips for starting a business with a partner, the most important thing is trust capital. Of course, you already understand very well about the character and nature of your partner so you can dare to open a business with him.

Start first to open a small business that feels right for the two of you. You need to do some of the tips below before we start to talk about business recommendations that are suitable for you, which are as follows:

  • Intense communication about the importance of household financial planning
  • Communication about Money Management Habits
  • Determining Financial Goals and Short, Medium and Long Term Investments
  • Creating a New Budget for Household Use
  • Preparing an Emergency Fund
  • Determining the Right Time to Buy Your Own Home
  • Making Family Financial Protection

14 Business Ideas for Young Couples

Here are the best and profitable business ideas for young couples:

Become a Household Product Reviewer

There are so many couples who have a large audience (not just artists), become reviewers or reviewers of a product related to their household. Such as providing recommendations for safe baby powder products, or quality kitchen tools and so on.

For that, start building an Instagram account, create blogs and YouTube channels that are consistently filled with useful content. Create a household topic, give a snippet with your partner, about various tips. After that, start to review or review various existing products.

Organizer Service

Certain large events or events often require a service to manage all technical matters related to the event so that it runs well. This is the function of the organizer. Be it weddings, events, exhibitions, training and so on.

If you and your partner have the intention to create a unique and creative concept as well as provide a competitive price, you can make event organizer or wedding organizer services that people are interested in. Indeed, the business prospects are brighter in urban areas.

Production of Packaged Kitchen Seasonings

Husband and wife love to cook? Why not make the production of kitchen spices in packaging and then sell them through various existing social media.

You can make such as garlic powder, onion, turmeric powder, ginger, coriander, pepper, and other typical kitchen spices. Of course the advantage of this packaged kitchen spice is its durability which can be stored longer because it does not contain water.

Build Channels and Blogs Together

Do you like traveling around tourist areas in America? Or do you like to experiment with cooking in the kitchen? Together with your husband, your wife can create fun content related to your daily life.

Start with simple things like saving tips for a new household, and so on, then upload your videos on your YouTube channel and your writings on your personal website. When many people are interested in your content, then you will definitely get endorsements or promotions from various well-known brands.

Pre-order Culinary

Culinary business with a partner, why not? Besides being able to be quality time, it can also be time for business. While diving, drinking water, right? You can sell with a preorder system, which means that food production is done once you get an order.

Both of you can sell culinary with small capital first, promote it via the internet such as Facebook, Instagram, and tell your friends and neighbours. Developing a culinary business is easy and difficult, so collaboration with several parties is needed, so that you can develop this type of business even better.

Franchise Business

Don’t want to bother with the technicalities of starting a business? You two can join the franchise business, just have enough capital and just accept the profits according to the agreement. Your franchise business is only enough to focus your efforts in terms of sales and marketing.

That way, you will focus more on managing sales and thinking about how to increase your business turnover. Husbands and wives can focus on introducing their business through social media to their respective friends, via websites and market places.

Raising or Farming

Maybe some people think that raising and farming is only for those who live in areas or villages. However, those of you who are newly married can also take advantage of the yard of the house to be used as a place for farming or raising commercial products, such as vegetables, consumption fish, chilies, onions and other agricultural and fishery products.

The two of you can try to cultivate chirping birds, consumption fish, or mammals such as rabbits in your yard. Apart from making a profit by reselling hatched chicks, or selling their meat, you have also contributed to saving species (especially chirping birds) from hunting.

Open Private Lessons

When you and your partner both have educational backgrounds in the field of teacher training, why not try to open private lessons according to their respective fields? You can use the living room in the house as a place for children to learn. Promote to neighbors who have school children.

You two can also invite some other competent friends, then develop this tutoring business in various subjects. Set an hourly fee, for example 50,000. If in a week you give lessons up to six times, with an estimated weekend off, then a month you can already earn a turnover of 1,200,000 for one subject only.

Open a Child Care Service

This business is very suitable for young couples, if you don’t want big capital, just use the land of the house to serve as a children’s playground. Busy parents choose to leave their children so it won’t be too much trouble when brought to work.

For parents who cannot afford to hire a babysitter, you can use a child care service that you can set up with your partner. You can also hire some professional employees. For those who really like interacting with small children, you can open this service with your other friends.

Write a Parenting Tips Book

When you have been in a married relationship for a long time, then have children, then you can take advantage of your experience and knowledge to make books about good and correct parenting tips, then market them to major publishers. Later you will get royalties from every book that sells on the market. Pretty good, right?

Opening a Family Cafe

There are so many cafes scattered in American cities today. This is indeed in line with the trend of young people’s hangout styles who are increasingly hedonistic and like to gather at cafes and other social places. But when you and your partner want to choose this business, why not?

It’s just that what needs to be considered is how to make the cafe unique and different from other cafes. Give a certain concept that is still rarely used by other cafes. For example a cafe with a zoo or zoo concept, a science concept cafe, an aesthetic concept and so on.

Founding a Startup Together

Are you interested in a technology-based business? When you and your partner are good at coding or like information systems, why not just start a startup?

There are lots of startup business options that you can choose from, such as opening a culinary pick-up service, a college student job portal, or a forum provider for buying and selling your little one’s equipment. Through this start-up business, you don’t have to be confused about managing your working time because you choose a flexible time.

Take Quizzes and Online Contests

Do you like to take part in online competitions or quizzes? Why not invite your partner to participate too. Quiz hunter is a term for those of you who take a lot of quizzes and online competitions, and make it a livelihood.

For example, if you are good at writing stories, then you can take part in scientific writing competitions, blog competitions or SEO competitions. Which of course can collaborate with partners to produce quality content which will later get first place with a hefty prize.

Become a Tour Guide

Do you live near a tourist attraction? And visited by many tourists both from abroad and within the country? Why not try being a tour guide instead.

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Friends of North Sumatra and your partner can take advantage of your location by opening a tour guide service which of course requires experience, mastery of the place and straightforward communication. This can be an easy job option and does not require large capital.

Closing remarks

Managing the finances of a newly formed family is a must. One way to increase family income is to open a business with a partner. In addition to increasing the chemistry between the two of you, doing business together are a fun and challenging activity.

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