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21 New Business Ideas in Andhra Pradesh – Opportunities to Be Your Own Boss

There are many business ideas that you can try in Andhra Pradesh that are still new and promising. Among those opportunities, I have tried my best to list out the profitable ones in this article. Other than the new business opportunities in Andhra Pradesh you should know how to run a business successfully.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the places to start a business in India. It is famous for many things which can be an opportunity for you to start a business.  For example rich natural resources, temples, and rivers.

New Business Opportunities in Andhra Pradesh

Here are new business ideas that you can try in Andhra Pradesh:

Healthy Food Business

One of the culinary industry trends nowadays is the healthy food business which shows a high level of seriousness in health and nutrition in every part of Andhra Pradesh.

Restaurants or catering like this usually use ingredients such as healthy and nutritious as well as targeting customers who also prioritize health over the majority of other people.

Provide a menu where the foods are low in fat and nutritious, perfect for those who want to diet.

Another example is a restaurant that specializes in customers who have dietary restrictions, such as sugar-free food for diabetics.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Who doesn’t know the drinks that are trending lately, namely brown sugar milk tea? This drink with the characteristics of tapioca balls with the smell of brown sugar is being loved by many young people today in Andhra Pradesh.

Based on some surveys, these brown sugar milk tea businessmen can sell around 50 glasses per day and 100 to 200 glasses on weekends.

Fried Chicken Business

In the recent downturn in the economy, many businesses have gone bankrupt, but there is a growing business which is the food business.

There are many types of food that you can consider, for example, the chicken meat business. The combination of soft chicken meat with a crunchy flour coating with a distinctive chili taste makes spicy culinary lovers increasingly enjoy this type of food.

Laundry Business

Not infrequently today’s couples work and the house becomes messy and neglected. Thus, practical solutions are often the choice. For example laundry, of course, will be very sought after, right?

However, in general, a large amount of capital is needed to manage the laundry business, so consider the funding carefully.

You need a lot of washing machines, dryers, irons (or steam irons), to workers who can iron clothes (considering that there are no common ironing machines yet).

Beauty Services

Who doesn’t know beauty services that are trending today? Yes, that’s right, now beauty technology continues to develop and open new business opportunities for many people.

If in the past there were only make-up artists and beauty salons, now many technologies have opened new business opportunities.

Moreover, with good skills, you will be ogled by these beauty service seekers.

Rental of Photography Equipments

Many people are interested in photography, but the budget is limited so they can’t buy expensive lenses and equipment.

Well, you can open a rental service for photography and videography equipment, that is widely used in wedding documentation.

For example, also provide a drone camera which is commonly used by wedding photographers.

The most important thing here is that you understand the quality of the product being rented so that you can set the right price and earn a profit.

Child Care Services

Due to economic developments, currently, couples have to work together to meet their household needs. It is for this reason that many couples work together. As a result, their children are usually neglected, and they try their best so that it doesn’t happen.

For example, by searching for guaranteed child care services to leave their children during working hours.

Well, this could also be promising business opportunities today. Don’t hesitate to open child care services with workers who are experts in their fields.

Tour Guide

Based on a study, it was found that today people tend to prefer spending their money on things that smell of experience rather than consumptive.

For example, more and more young people are choosing to save for vacations rather than shopping. Well, this could be a promising opportunity or business for you.

For example, being a tour guide who takes walks, opens a small tour company, or sells tickets online and provides cheap vacation packages.

Food Truck

The development of the culinary industry has reached a stage where consumers no longer need to visit restaurants just to eat.

In many cases, now even the restaurants will come to consumers in the form of food trucks, outlets, or kiosks.

Generally, this one trend is easy to spot, because usually, culinary businessmen of the same type will gather together in one location to attract many people.

The menu offered is usually limited because they prioritize specialties. In other words, they create an advantage that they will highlight to attract a large audience.

Blogger or Social Media Influencer

This business is one effort that shows how useful the internet can be to help your business.

By becoming a professional blogger or social media influencer, you don’t need to go to the office in the morning and come home at night.

You can do it at home when you have free time and you only need a website or social media that is equipped with adequate internet.

With growing affiliate marketing and increasing internet users, this business has become one that housewives need to consider when spending time at home.

Private Lessons

For those of you who like to teach friends during college, you can continue this hobby while making money, you know! You can open private tutoring services with flexible hours. Isn’t it great?

This business can be done easily at home, starting from one to two students first. If it starts smoothly, you can open small classes at home with 4-5 students per class.

Selling Photos

If you like to take photos and your shots just pile up on the hard drive, now is the time to make money from this hobby.

You can purchase royalty-free photo licenses, i.e. photos that can be used freely once you buy them.

Now there are many sites where you can sell your photos for a hefty price, for example, Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

But make sure the photo quality is good and clear because people will not be willing to pay for low-quality photos.


Are you fluent in foreign languages? Fill your free time by providing translator services. Even while working, you can do this side business in your spare time.

Thus, your language skills can become a Profitable online business too.

If interested, you can sell translation services on the following platforms :

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer, etc

Providing Web and Software Development Services

Becoming a professional web and software developer can also make money. You can start by becoming a freelancer.

You can also create your software and sell it as a product. This business model is called SaaS ( Software as a Service ) and is growing very rapidly at the moment.

Design Services

This home business is a simple online business. How come? For those of you who have design skills, you can sell those design services and make a lot of money.

Some examples of design services that you can seek are:

  • Logo design services
  • Invitation or hamper design services
  • T-shirt design services, and much more

Handicrafts Business

Handicrafts never die. This creative business idea can be done with minimal materials, you know. It takes skill and creativity in managing handicrafts.

Until now, handicrafts are sought after by fans of unique handmade items. Usually, the original handcrafted price is much more competitive. Because not only the goods are sold but also the artistic value of the goods that make handicrafts can be sold up to millions. Want to try?

Rent Party Decorations

Unique, creative, and contemporary decorations can be your business idea. Despite being hit by a pandemic, the demand for party decoration services is always there.

Provide recommendations to clients or provide custom services so that clients can choose their decorations according to the needs of the party. Even with minimal capital, the benefits obtained are unquestionable.

Thrift Shop

Thrift shops or reselling an item is indeed popular these days. In addition to bringing in profits, unused items can make you feel more relieved because no more items are piling up.

The thing that needs to be considered when running this business is choosing items that are still worthy of being used again. Don’t forget to separate the items according to their suitability so that you can easily set a price that matches the items offered. This is perfect for those of you who like shopping.


Dropshippers are different from the retailers you usually find in the market. The dropshipping system itself does not require a large warehouse or place to store stock. You just need to make sure that the item you want to sell is in stock.

Besides being easy, this business is also more effective and doesn’t take up too much initial capital. The important thing to note is to always update about the goods that will be sold to consumers

Video Editor

Do you like making videos and editing videos at the same time? It can also be a creative business idea that requires minimal capital. Lately, many companies or businesses need a video editor for their products or services.

Because of this fairly large demand, you can use it to open a video editing service. Don’t forget to display an attractive portfolio so that clients will increasingly believe in the results of your work. Or you can also showcase your work on social media, you know!

Author or Writer

Becoming a writer does not require a large capital because it only requires creative ideas and a laptop connected to the internet. You can also do work anywhere and anytime.

Even with a small capital, the results obtained are quite promising depending on the type of writing that will be made.

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