Business Ideas in Arunachal Pradesh

21 Best Business Ideas in Arunachal Pradesh

Starting a business needs suitable ideas that will give you the success you want. If you are planning to start a business in Arunachal Pradesh then these business ideas will help to establish your dream business.

Arunachal Pradesh is a state of India and is one of the places to start a business. Here you can go for many business opportunities starting from online to traditional business.

Let’s have a look at some of the best business opportunities that you can use in Arunachal Pradesh to start your business and earn huge profits.

Business Ideas in Arunachal Pradesh

Here are the 21 business ideas in Arunachal Pradesh with low investment:

Online Selling Business

In this sophisticated and digital era, people prefer to shop at online shops because it is easier and more practical.

There are already many types of products that you can sell online, such as clothing, cosmetics, household appliances, gadgets, and even food. Besides that, there are many resources that you can choose to sell, either through social media, e-commerce, or your website.

Open Laundry Service

Nowadays, people don’t have time to do things at home, including washing and ironing clothes.

This can be used as an opportunity to start a laundry service with a small capital, employees can generate large profits. The key to the success of a laundry business is the selection of a business location.

Look for a location that has a good market, such as an area near campus or a boarding house. Besides that, prioritizing quality and installing competitive prices is the key to successfully running a laundry business.

Selling Cakes and Other Food Items

If there are family members, especially wives or mothers who like to make cakes, this can be used to start a business in Arunachal Pradesh that is in demand, namely cakes and pastries.

Culinary business is one of the endless businesses, if handled properly, entrepreneurs must innovate and vigorously market their culinary businesses so that they are recognized and sought after by the public.

Selling Credit and Internet Quota

Selling credit and internet quota is one of the business ideas that the people of Arunachal Pradesh can run without disturbing the main working hours.

Credit and internet quotas have become a basic need for people today. Offering credit and internet quota are also very easy for starters you can sell them to work friends, relatives, and people around the neighborhood.

Selling Photos on the Internet

For people who have a hobby of photography and have a camera, this can be a very suitable business idea in Arunachal Pradesh to be involved in making extra money.

Besides being able to offer photography services, you can also sell your photos on various photo-selling sites. You will earn a commission every time someone uses or buys your photos online.

Translator Service

Language limitations can be an opportunity for linguists because translation services are still sought after and needed by many companies.

The era of global communication now requires entrepreneurs to offer their products or services in various languages, if you master a foreign language, you can choose this business idea. By capitalizing on foreign language skills, you can earn.

You can search for translator jobs through various online sites, which are usually the most sought-after services for translating important documents, papers, journals, and others.

You may think that there is software that can translate almost every language online like Google translator, but it is an artificial machine-based translator in which there can be many grammatical mistakes that can be corrected by humans.

Insurance Agent

Another business in Arunachal Pradesh that does not require large capital is becoming an insurance agent. Armed with insight into insurance and the ability to sell, you can immediately become an insurance agent.

This business is very appropriate to be engaged in as a side business for people because it is not binding and with small capital, but also provides sustainable income.


If in your neighborhood there is a new apartment, this can be used. Become a realtor by offering it to your co-workers or other people.

Of course, you must first work with the marketing of the property so that you know the profit limit or bonus that you will get if you can sell one or more units.

To become a realtor, you don’t need capital in the form of money. The capital you need is in the form of trust, either from the owner or potential buyer of the property. In addition, you must have some marketing knowledge to be able to offer it smoothly.

Business Hampers (Gifts)

Another idea to start a business can be to try opening a hamper or gift business. Hampers are ordered at certain times only.

Such as people who are on birthdays, religious holidays or just to be sent to clients.

There are various types of hampers, ranging from those containing cakes, fruit, and snacks to household items such as tea sets.

This can certainly be a business opportunity that does not require large capital and does not interfere with working hours.

Creating a Blog

Whether you realize it or not, blogging has become a trend in the last five years, therefore, you can make blogging a side job also. As we all know many successful bloggers are doing it full time.

The principle of the business of the most popular bloggers is Google AdSense, bloggers do blogging activities, write things they like, make guides about many things, or just the latest news.

A blogger not only earns from AdSense, but many other advertising providers are also ready to support bloggers to earn unlimited income.

You are required to focus on displaying the website as well as possible and maintaining quality so that it can increase blog traffic every day.

Motorcycle Wash Service

This type of business in Arunachal Pradesh is relatively easy compared to car wash services in terms of equipment, which is quite simple, with only the need to provide a water pump, compressor, rag, and motorcycle shampoo, and motorcycle tire polishing equipment.

Buying and Selling Used Motorcycles

You can try buying and selling used motorbikes to start a profitable business, this is not a hassle, this business has a large supply and demand in Arunachal Pradesh.

This business doesn’t even need capital at all if you position yourself as a broker. For example, your friend has a motorcycle you want to sell, but your friend doesn’t have a network, and you have a suitable network.

Graphic Design Services

Are you an employee who works in a graphic design company or likes graphic designing? You can make money from these skills for the key to becoming a professional designer is to have a large portfolio and always hone your skills.

Regarding capital, if you use the online market, you only have money to pay for an internet connection as long as you use your design device or software.

Online Business by Opening a Digital Course

Courses are not only done offline, but you can also do them online and you can share your knowledge in the form of eBooks, audio, and video recordings.

You can sell it all in digital courses, digital courses are now more and more sought after because people are getting busy just doing offline courses.

This is an online business opportunity for those of you who are experts in certain fields and want to sell services by teaching them to others. Especially the knowledge you have is the knowledge that is difficult to obtain.

Selling Software Products

This business idea is an opportunity for programmers in Arunachal Pradesh. You can create a software application, and then sell it which is known as SaaS (Software as a Service).

The target is Smartphone mobile phone users. It can be a game to be played on a Smartphone device.

Its manufacture is fairly easy, you just need to buy a template from an application, and make a few changes to the text or design. This process is known as re-skinning.

Sewing or Repairing Clothes

Opening a shirt repair service can be an alternative business that wants to increase its income. The makeover service is only to fix clothes or pants, such as pants that are too long, torn pants, or clothes that are too big.

Everything can be done by a shirt or pants maker for those of you who are busy employees and have a lot of willingness to add additional income and have expertise in sewing, you can try to open a shirt/pants makeover service on Saturdays and Sundays only when you are off.

Because the makeover side business is a service business, the capital you will spend is also not too large. With a little capital such as a used sewing machine and some sewing needs such as thread.

Selling Plant Seeds, Fisheries, or Livestock

If you have a large yard, a plant nursery business has good prospects. Especially if there are no competitors in your area.

You can sell fruit plant seeds such as seedless guava seeds. You can also use your yard to raise chickens, rabbits, or birds and can also be used as a place to keep catfish, eels, or other types of fish that have high economic value.

Franchise Business

The business opportunity in Arunachal Pradesh is the most ogled by capital owners who want the management and already have a stable form of business.

The concept of a franchise business is very possible if someone who already has capital but lacks experience in building his own business has a profitable business.

Open a Print and Photocopy Business

This business idea is perfect for those of you who are in the campus or office area and you don’t need to open it all day, just when you are free.

You also receive orders first and then provide a photocopy or print. In addition to printing and photocopying, you can also do bookbinding services.

Women’s Accessories Business

The business of making women’s accessories can be said to have bright prospects because the profit margins are quite high.

Because the capital of raw materials from accessories can be obtained quite cheaply as long as you buy in large quantities if you want to try it first or test the market from this business, then you can start with accessories with cheap raw materials such as headbands, necklaces, or bracelets.

Marketing of the accessories that you have made can be done online, be it through social media or blogs, otherwise, you can start a separate account for this side business on Instagram or Facebook. Then tell your acquaintances about the business and suggest they share it.

Car Rental

If you have a car that is rarely used or even not used, you can take advantage of this to be your business opportunity, and to start this business you can offer it to your neighbors or office colleagues. You can also offer through social media accounts to be able to get a lot of customers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which business is more profitable in Arunachal Pradesh?

There are many businesses than be profitable in Arunachal Pradesh such as transport business, tour and travel business, and livestock business.

Can I do business in Arunachal Pradesh?

Yes, you can easily start a business in Arunachal Pradesh but before you start a business make sure you check the competition and analyze the target market. Also, you need to know the legal formalities for starting a particular business.

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