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16 Profitable Business Ideas in Assam with Low Investment

You may have seen many successful businesses in Assam and these are the ideas entrepreneurs have selected at the time of starting their business that made their business successful.

As we all know Assam lies in the northeast of India and is famous for many things like tea plantation, tourism, festivals and traditions, handicrafts, etc. All these things can be a business opportunity in Assam if done properly.

Assam is one of the best places in India to start profitable businesses that will shine and grow. All you need is proper strategies and adequate capital to start your dream business. But the problem comes when you think of starting a business there are many business ideas that you can choose from, but which among them is the best.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best business ideas in Assam that you can try. Go through them and analyze which suit your passion and other factors like location, market demand, and customer base.

16 Business Ideas in Assam

Here are some of the best and most profitable business ideas you can start in Assam:

Groceries Business

This business opportunity in Assam will continue to prosper in the future because it is in demand all the time. If you want to start a business in Assam then a grocery business can be an option for you.

Why not, basic necessities are the needs of everyone in Assam or any part of the world. Every day, week, and month, surely everyone will set aside their income to buy groceries.

Therefore, if you want to open a basic grocery business, make sure the store that will be opened has complete supplies such as:

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Soya bean
  • Cooking oil
  • Red onion
  • Chicken Meat
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables and other basic goods

In addition to opening a store, you can also open a home delivery system, and these days most people love to receive at their doorsteps.

Culinary and Food Business

Apart from groceries business, another business that has the opportunity to succeed in Assam is the culinary business.

Any kind of culinary business is liked by people. Moreover, if the food has a distinctive taste, of course, there will be many customers who always eat food at their business place whether it is a restaurant or street food truck.

If you are interested in opening a culinary business, determine from now on what type of food is suitable and mastered by you.

This needs to be done because if you only follow the trend, the culinary business will quickly disappear. Choose the type of food that people like to eat.

In addition to maintaining a sense of taste, also pay attention to the existing management because this is needed to make the business grow.

Fashion Business

The next business idea that has the opportunity to succeed in Assam is the fashion business. Therefore, if you are still confused about what business to run in Assam, then you can choose the fashion business.

The fashion business is also diverse, ranging from baby clothes, children, teenagers, as well as male and female parents who need clothes to wear.

The good news is that the fashion business is not only one type but can be adjusted according to one’s circumstances and desires.

For example, the business of nightgowns, t-shirts, dresses, wedding dresses, and so on.

Even though it will continue to be successful in the future, you still have to innovate and be creative where you follow the trends that exist every year.

Salon and Barber Shop Business

The next business that is predicted to continue to prosper is the salon and barbershop business.

For women, the salon is one of the most important needs in addition to cutting and caring for hair, it is also used to treat the body, face, and so on.

And usually, women will come to the salon once a month by choosing different types of treatments whether it is Assam or any part of this whole world.

Likewise, men, also need the services of a barbershop to cut their hair every month.

Both barber shop services at affordable prices too expensive, barbershops in every area are needed by men.

Well, where it can be predicted that the salon and barbershop business in Assam will continue to be in demand.

Even if there is a more sophisticated and good system, the business will certainly be sought after by its customers.

Real-estate and Property Business

As with the culinary and fashion businesses, which are the needs of everyone nowadays, the property business will certainly continue to prosper in Assam.

Everyone needs a house to live in, so from now on you can jump into the world of the property business by starting as a property agent first.

Because usually they will be guided directly by experienced mentors and have a positive community to be able to develop this business.

If you are already in the community, it is possible that running this business does not require capital when starting it.

Uniquely, if it is not successfully sold at this time, the property can be marketed in the long term at a price that is certainly increasing.

Electronic Business

The next business that will continue to prosper in Assam is the electronic business. The development of technology today makes people help in terms of household, social activities, entertainment, and so on.

For example, if in the past you had to struggle to wash clothes because you only relied on your hands, now there are washing machines that can ease your washing activities.

In addition to washing machines, there are also mobile phones whose existence has become the main need of everyone. With the mobile phone, the communication process will be easier to do.

Moreover, there are now smartphones that can do any activity including watching television. The value of these electronic goods will indeed decrease in the future, but when entering this world, one must be able to see opportunities and follow the latest trends to remain successful in the future.

Agriculture and Livestock Business

Assam, which geographically has a Tropical Monsoon Rainforest Climate, makes this country very fertile. All kinds of plants that are planted will grow quickly and be fertile to be able to meet their daily needs like Tea.

Not only plants, but livestock in this country can also grow well and have very good quality.

Therefore, the abundance of plants and livestock can be used as a successful business idea in Assam.

Besides being able to be sold domestically and distributed to various regions, the plants and livestock meat can be exported to other states as well.

Because many countries lack vegetable raw materials to be processed or meet their daily needs.

Of course, if you are concerned about carrying out this export business, it can provide benefits that will bring the glory of this business in the future.

Tea Plantation

This state in India is famous for tea plantations and you can too start this business if a suitable land for the business.

Make sure you have expertise in the field and also analyze the competition because it is one of the popular businesses in Assam; people are already running this business on large scale.


Handicrafts business has become popular in India because of the unique designs and talented people of Assam. Many things in Assam have been made in earlier years and have historical importance too.

You can start this business with very low capital. Even you can start this business from home.

Internet Marketing Service Business

The widespread use of online business in Assam is a separate business opportunity for someone proficient in the field of internet marketing.

The reason is, that currently, online business is becoming a separate business trend among young people. Many new entrepreneurs have emerged, starting by spreading information through social media.

A business that is spread through social media is not enough because special teams are needed to be able to jump-start the business.

For example, it takes a content creator to conceptualize social media accounts, visual designers, copywriters, and also someone who can jump-start a business account via Instagram or Facebook ads.

Not everyone can do this position. Therefore, if you are someone who is an expert in terms of jumping on social media, then the above opportunities can be used as business land.

Usually, clients who need internet marketing services are companies to promote their products or public figures so that they can be known by the wider community.

Tour and Travel Business

For those of you who like traveling, this can be a promising business in Assam. Because tour and travel are becoming a separate trend among young people of Assam.

The number of foreign and domestic tourists makes it an opportunity to be able to help them realize their dreams of visiting places they like.

To open this business, of course, you must have a fairly strong network starting from lodging, transportation, tourist destinations, and so on.

To make it easier to offer tour packages with lots of capacity, you can start by visiting schools, companies, or agencies that usually require this.

Coffee Shop Business

People from ancient times until now definitely have a hangout place to be able to meet their friends. Usually, they prefer coffee shops whose products are not too expensive.

Over time, the coffee shop has transformed into an attractive and comfortable shop. Usually, the difference is from the place, coffee serving, and also the facilities.

Therefore, the coffee shop has become a business trend today which is very promising. Besides being able to be used as a place to hang out, the coffee shop usually has wifi to connect to the internet.

In addition to wifi, the coffee shop is also made as attractive as possible so that visitors feel at home.

Software Developer

For those of you, who have talent in programming, be happy because it can be used as a business idea.

The number of companies and agencies that need the help of developers for website creation, programming, and so on makes this business a trend.

To start this business, you can first create a portfolio by displaying your skills and also the work you have done. You can also promote yourself through social media so that it is possible to be known throughout Indonesia and the world.

Graphic Designing Services

For those of you who like to make designs, especially graphic design, be happy because it is currently a business trend among many people. This business is a type of business that relies on creativity.

Many companies or agencies require the services of a graphic designer to help visualize the products they will launch.

The results of these designs are usually used for promotions so that they can attract potential consumers to buy these products.

In addition, a graphic designer is also needed to create a logo or icon for a company. Business is certainly very promising along with the development of technology in this modern era.

Wedding Organizer

Of course, someone who gets married needs a team to arrange all his needs from events, consumption, guests, to equipment for the bride herself.

Usually, the team in question is in the management of the wedding organizer. Well, the WO is currently a business trend along with many requests for brides and grooms to manage the wedding party.

The main capital to be able to open a wedding organizer is networking. This can be used to help brides-to-be find the best vendors for their dream wedding.

In addition, you also have to have a solid team to become a trusted wedding organizer.

Online Training Business

Amid their busy lives, people prefer to study online rather than having to come to an event.

Usually, this online training includes online training in writing, doing business, marketing, and so on. Usually, the “space” of this online facility uses social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook groups, webinars, and so on.

Because it is online, the participants in the training come from various regions in Assam and even abroad. Participants will also receive videos, e-books, and other materials in pdf or word form.

The rise of the online training business has become a trend in its own right today so that it is entered into a promising business.

Now you’re aware of the business ideas in Assam that can be profitable to start even with low capital. You need to do hard work and stay dedicated to the idea that you choose. It is up to you which idea you find suitable and which fits your budget.

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