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22 Best Business Ideas in Bihar with Low Investment

Having a list of business ideas in Bihar will help you to start your first successful business. As we all know Bihar is in the eastern part of India and has been a place for many businesses like transport, agriculture, tourism, cinema, and mass media.

Bihar is the third largest state in India which makes it an opportunity for business organizations to target a large population in a small area. So you have a lot of business ideas in Bihar to start your startup business.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best business ideas that can be started with low capital in Bihar. Let’s have a look at the business ideas for which you have been eagerly waiting.

22 Profitable Business Ideas in Bihar

Here are the best business opportunities in Bihar with low investment:

Fashion Business

Fashion products are very diverse ranging from clothes, pants, bags, shoes, hats, and other accessories. In addition to the many choices, fashion products are also one of the most commonly sold with a reseller or dropshipper system so that it can be done even with minimal capital.

Starting a business in this category in Bihar is the first to make it easier. For example, the categories of women’s clothing, children’s clothing, women’s accessories, casual clothing, formal wear, women’s shoes, and many other choices. By that we mean that choose your business type wisely.

The fashion business is very diverse and starting selling every type is not possible unless you have a very large capital.

Catering Business

The next business idea that you can start in Bihar is in the culinary field, namely the catering business. You can also start this business with minimal capital because people order and pay in advance in this field.

Catering options are also now increasingly diverse, not only for certain events but also for healthy catering and popular diet catering. This type of catering can even be sold at a higher price.

Snack Business

In addition to the main meal, we also need snacks for the day. This business can also be done with minimal capital. In addition, snacks are also easy to sell online.

Currently, traditional snacks can be modified and sold with more unique packaging so that their appeal is higher. In addition, there are also healthy snack options that have their fans.

Product Photo Services

More and more online business like product photo services is increasing. There are indeed many online businesses that do not have sufficient resources to do catalog photos. This is one of the important things in online business.

Therefore, the product photo service business can be a potential choice in Bihar. This business is suitable for those of you who have a hobby in the field of photography.

Fish Farming

It is one of the profitable business ideas one can try in Bihar. As several rivers pass through Bihar it is a promising business to start with small capital. After you get success then you can expand this business.

Many entrepreneurs have already started this business in Bihar and getting great success and a good amount of profits. You can too start this business with a proper strategy and expertise.

Restaurant Business

It is one of the promising businesses that you can start in any part go the state. You can find food lovers in every part of the world and this business is shining and growing those who have started it in the right location

Analyze the market and competition around you and then start offering food and dishes that people find delicious. This way your business will grow in no time.

Transport Business

Transport business has great demand in Bihar because of having large population and people have to go from one place to another whether in the state or outside the state. This business has an opportunity to grow

You can also provide transport services for people to the tourist destination in the country as well as in your state.

Social Media Management

Apart from not having time to take product photos, there are also many businesses in Bihar that want to enter the online market but have difficulty managing their social media. Without vigorous promotion on social media, it would be difficult for a business to compete.

If you can manage social media well, try to offer social media management services to these business actors. This service can also be the same as product photo services.

Content Creation

Another service business in Bihar that you can offer is content creation services. If you have the ability in the field of writing, you can provide services for content writing or copywriting.

If you have the ability in the field of video making, you can offer video creation or editing services.

Thrift Shop Online

Thrift shops that sell used goods are also increasingly popping up. Thrifting can indeed be a tiring activity because you have to look for wearable items among many items that are not all in good condition. This is what makes many people prefer to shop at online thrift shops.

Try to hunt for decent used clothes in the used clothing market. After that, wash and iron the clothes so that they can be photographed well and offered them online.

Private Course

You can do this business idea without any capital in Bihar. Suitable for those of you who like to teach and share knowledge with many people. The type, of course, can be adjusted to the abilities you have, for example, music courses, school lessons, etc.

Try offering online courses that are more time-efficient and allow you to have students who live far away.

Party Planner

People who have high creativity are very suitable for this business. This business, which is a small-scale event organizer, does not require large capital to start.

Generally, party planners handle private events with few guests, such as bridal showers, baby showers, and birthdays.

Decoration Balloon Business

This is a simpler version of the previous business. Since the first, balloons have been synonymous with party decorations, but if you look closely, now the balloons are becoming more diverse and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to selling balloons for decoration, you can also offer balloon parcels. This is an alternative to contemporary gifts for various occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and many more.


In addition to balloon parcels, bouquets are of course still a gift choice for various occasions to this day. Not only are flower bouquets popular, but there are also other bouquets such as money and food bouquets. This can be one of the potential business ideas in Bihar and certainly doesn’t require too much capital.

Initial capital is needed to make several sample bouquets. Furthermore, the capital is obtained from customer payments because this bouquet is made with a pre-order system.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have many direct and indirect health benefits. The demand is getting higher, even young people are using it a lot. Most people use it as aromatherapy.

Generally, these essential oils are sold together with a diffuser so that the aroma of the oil can spread throughout the room.

Custom Phone Case

Along with the increasing number of smartphone users, the smartphone case business is growing rapidly. We can even now find cases at very cheap prices. Therefore, the capital for this business does not have to be large.

Usually, cellphone case sellers offer various attractive designs that can be applied to all types of the cellphone.

House Cleaning Service

Many people do not have time to clean the house but do not feel the need for ART. Usually, these people will prefer to use this service regularly.

This one service can also be easily offered through social media. You can start this business by buying several sets of cleaning tools and working with several professional workers in this cleaning service field.

Personal Shopper

The next idea is personal shopper services. Indeed shopping is not trivial and takes time to do it.

Personal shopper services are needed by people who do not have time to shop, such as office workers or housewives who have small children. For those of you who like shopping, it never hurts to try this one business.

Graphic Designing

The next business idea is still in the service sector, namely graphic design services. This can be a business opportunity for people living in Bihar who have design skills.

This job as a freelance graphic designer is perfect for youngsters who like to travel and want to be able to work from anywhere.

Make-up Artist

A makeup artist is a service business that is suitable for those of you who have a hobby in the field of makeup. The capital required is not too large, which is enough with make-up equipment and the ability to make-up.

The price of make-up equipment varies, starting with the most affordable. Over time you can add other equipment at a higher price so that the makeup results are also better.

Graduation Gift

A graduation moment is a happy moment for anyone who lives it. Usually, people will give gifts to people who are celebrating their graduation.

Graduation-themed ideas can be one of the potential business ideas for people in Bihar who certainly understand the tastes of today’s young people.

Selling Skin Care and Makeup Products

This one business is also a pity to miss because the demand for it is increasing day by day. Just like selling fashion products, beauty products are also commonly sold by resellers to dropshipper. No need to think about production, you can directly sell brands that are already on the market.

Sellers of skincare products should understand various skin problems and their solutions so that they can offer the right product to each customer. It’s not difficult to learn; usually, every brand has also provided a detailed explanation of the product’s active ingredients and their uses.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which business is more profitable in Bihar?

There are many businesses that you can start in Bihar but the profitable ones are transportation business, restraint business, and agriculture business.

Which startup is best in Bihar?

The best startup in Bihar is an education, computer training center, fashion, and fish farming business.

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