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18 Lucrative Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment

Wish to start a business in Gujarat and don’t have ideas to get started? Don’t worry here we have mentioned some of the best business ideas in Gujarat that can be started with low investment.

Gujarat lies on the western coast of India and is the best place to try out any business ideas because it is the place of many successful businesses and businessmen like Mukesh Ambani.

Gujarat is leading many industries like petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, cotton, textiles, jewelry, and many more. Not only this, it is a great place for tourists also. So, if you have decided to start a business in Gujarat then these ideas will help you to start your dream business.

18 Profitable Business Ideas in Gujarat

Here are the business ideas to pursue in Gujarat:

Photography and Videography Business

This is a business opportunity in Gujarat with high earning potential that you can try. The need for photographers and videographers continues to increase every year in Gujarat.

Many small companies don’t want to spend too much money on company profiles, thus creating business opportunities for you.

In addition to company profiles, documentation of events and weddings is also a promising business opportunity.

Gujarat has a place of many businessmen and politicians they always need people like them at parties, meetings, gatherings, etc. So, if started in the right way this business in Gujarat will shine and you will earn great profits.

Private Lessons and Tutoring

For those of you who are good in their subject, they can provide private lessons to elementary, middle, and high school students. Education is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat to start and do start it ethically, this way you will respect and money both in one place.

Private tutoring is a business option that allows you to have a large enough income which depends upon the students that you have, the larger the number better it is.

If you don’t have enough space where you can teach students then it would be great to acquire a student base online where you can provide them PDFs and video lectures for free.

Once you will get a trusted audience then you can turn them into customers, if you are planning to make it a business. Keep your prices affordable so that every student can buy them.

Tour and Travel Services

As Gujarat is famous for many tourist places this business idea is quite profitable to pursue. Tour and travel services involve tour guides, transportation services for tourists, suggesting places to visit, and making arrangements for them.

It will be wise to start this business with proper analysis about which part is profitable and suitable because tourist doesn’t visit all places.

Every state of India whether it is Gujarat, Haryana, or any other, has its uniqueness and diversity in culture and heritage but in Gujarat, there are several places that people like to visit all the time and for that, you need to analyze the ideas that you can use in tourism business in Gujarat.

In general tourism business is a profitable option in Gujarat but this business idea itself is a vast topic to discuss, but to keep it short I will recommend you to think like a visitor and ask yourself a question, what would you like to buy when you visit a particular place?

If you are able to answer this question then you are already a successful entrepreneur and your business will shine in no time.

Event Organizer

Gujarat is the place of many big politicians like Narendra Modi and businessmen like Mukesh Ambani. So it is a busy place where it is usually to have parties but you have to start with the small and go for the big.

Organizing small events is one of your training venues to become a professional organizer. You can start with a party planner for a birthday or anniversary event.

From there you can build the ability to host other small events such as small music concerts. Keep building your skills until you finally dare to host a large-scale event.

So, if you choose event planning as your business among the other business ideas in Gujarat then you may face more competition because there are already many businesses in this field.

Culinary Business

The culinary business is a great choice in Gujarat because many people there have insight into trending foods or culinary opportunities that have not been touched by other business people.

Many people in Gujarat have succeeded in this business and you can too start this business and will be successful because this business is quite profitable if done in a proper location.

Become a YouTuber

After full learning from YouTube, maybe now is the time for you to become a YouTuber. How to get started is not too difficult.

Just serve content that matches your passion. Getting paid for running a passion is everyone’s dream.

You can also serve several types of content on your YouTube channel. You can create content about traveling, beauty guides, vlogging, or even product reviews.

From the explanation above, it can be seen that there are so many business opportunities that can be taken on YouTube and many YouTubers say youtube is the future it is true there are so many different reasons for it which make it one of the most profitable business ideas in Gujarat to start.

Art and Craft Business

Gujarat is famous for its handicraft products. These are business opportunities that will shine occasionally. It may be daily business but on festivals, tourist places, and on some particular occasions this business is quite profitable.

Nowadays people like handmade products whether it is weddings, birthday parties, and other occasions. People love these products. So, if you are creative and love to make custom products. Then this can be a business opportunity for you in Gujarat.

Fertilizers and Chemicals

Gujarat is famous for fertilizers and chemicals, and many businessmen are already running these businesses. Before you start this business idea in Gujarat make sure you check the competition.

For every business, it is important to do a market analysis first.

A Chemical business can be a business that you can pursue in Gujarat because there is a great demand for such products in Gujarat and outside Gujarat

Fashion Designing Institutes

Now people are choosing many career options besides engineering, MBBS, MBA, etc. People now go for dancing, music, etc. Fashion is also among them. Like other degrees, they pursue fashion designing is also learned and taught in colleges.

You can initially start a fashion institute with a low investment will a small number of students but when you gain popularity and you grow your business with time then you can expand it further.

If this business is started in the right way then among other business ideas in Gujarat, it will generate more profits but over time, you have to expand your business for more and more students to come to your institute.

Salt Industry

As we all know Gujarat is famous for salt making. You can start this business and get permits to establish one. Then you can export to other states as well.

In this industry, you can great profits but before starting you should do all the things for starting a salt business.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are quite a in demand in any part of Gujarat. Becoming a makeup artist is advancing with the number of increasingly diverse beauty products.

The number of events that require a makeup artist also creates business opportunities for you who are interested in the world of beauty.

Starting from birthday parties, proposals, weddings, and business parties to photoshoots for portfolios. Keep on sharpening your makeup skills because a professional makeup artist can earn a good amount of profit.


Social media like Instagram has opened up new possibilities for many people to open various businesses. The endorsement industry has made Instagram not only a photo-sharing medium but also an advertising medium. Of course, this can be used as a business opportunity for you living anywhere in Gujarat.

Serve interesting content on your Instagram page to increase the number of followers. Invite friends to collaborate with you to build portfolios and networks together.

Web Designing

Website designing is a business idea that has high earning potential in Gujarat. Web design is the right business choice because it is more flexible. However, web design is not only a business field for information technology people because this skill can be learned by everyone.

It is proven that many professional web designers do not have an information technology educational background. The payment you can receive also varies depending on the complexity of the desired website.

Translating Services

The number of books, journals, and research results must be translated to create business opportunities for people who love the world of literacy.

Simply offer your services to the freelancer’s website. But you should build a portfolio first. Maybe it can be started from your circle of friends or family who need the services of a translator.

Pet Grooming

Modern society is increasingly busy with work, making attention to their pets less and less.

The most common causes are pet dogs that are rarely taken for walks and grooming. Though these two things are crucial points to maintaining the health and happiness of dogs.

This is where you can take advantage of your free time to take your pet for a walk or groom it on the spot.

Pet grooming is not only a business for veterinary students, other people are also able to run it as long as they fully understand the ins and outs of animal care.

Graphic Designing

The creative industry is an industry that continues to grow in Gujarat. Evidenced by the many requests for graphic design that come from all walks of life.

Starting from small and medium-sized companies that want to promote their brands, to event organizers who need graphic design for their campaigns.

The more you have a portfolio of designs from various clients, the more expensive the prices you can offer will be.

Smartphone Repair Service

Do you realize that the internet has opened up business opportunities for many people among us to take advantage of? You can now learn various skills that were previously difficult to learn.

One of them is the ability to repair smartphones. Most smartphones that have large screens make them prone to damage when dropped. In addition, continuous use makes the battery even more quickly damaged.

Luckily to repair these two components is very easy. You just need to learn it through YouTube to understand the full techniques.

The components are also sold freely in the secondary market, so you can get them easily and at an affordable price.

Online Store

The convenience and flexibility offered by the online store business make it a great choice for starting a business.

You can start an online business by selling things that are often sought after by the public such as snacks, clothes for pregnant and lactating mothers, gadget accessories, veils, or others. If your capital is limited then you can also become a reseller or dropshipper.

FAQ: Business Ideas in Gujarat

Which business is most profitable in Gujarat?

There are many businesses to start in Gujarat that can give huge profits and the most profitable ones are Tutoring business, Tourism business, Event organizing business, Handicraft business, and Salt business.

Which business is best in Gujarat?

The best business ideas to start in Gujarat are a food business, party organizing business, pet business, and chemicals business but it doesn’t mean that for a new idea there is no space. A new idea with good potential has more opportunities to grow.

My Final Words

What are the best business ideas in Gujarat? Now you are familiar with the answer to the question because the above-mentioned business ideas are the best and most profitable ones that I have selected among hundreds.

If you planning to start a business in Gujarat and choose an idea for the list above then I would suggest taking an idea and analyzing both offline and online how a similar business is performing and what problems you might face during the course.

Also, it is very important to know about the place where you are going to start a business because there are different requirements and taste preferences of people as per the culture and place and in Gujarat people like many different things than other people of other states.

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