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25 Lucrative Business Ideas in Haryana with Low Investment

Haryana is near to New Delhi, Punjab, and Chandigarh which makes it suitable for many business ideas to pursue. Haryana is one of the best-performing states of India in terms of many sectors like transportation, technology, and instrumental exports.

Haryana accounts for 50% to 60% of bicycles and the remaining percentage accounts for tractors, refrigerators, sanitary wares, and many other sectors. It is most famous for the technology and automobile industry.

As per a report of 2022, Haryana is the best state for doing business and that is why many business ideas in Haryana are rising and shining because of the demand and quality of the products.

For those of you who want to start a business but are still confused about which business is right, here we share some online and offline business ideas that are suitable for you to start in Haryana.

25 Business Ideas in Haryana

Here are the business ideas suitable for you to pursue in Haryana:

Wedding Photographer

In Haryana, people like to have grand weddings, and photographers are always needed. When the bride and groom unite in a sacred wedding ceremony, they want to remember that special moment forever.

This is where the role of the photographer is needed. For those of you who have a hobby in photography and are very interested in special moments such as weddings, this business is for you.

There’s nothing more fun than earning an income from a hobby you have, right? Like photographers in general, you need to provide a camera in getting certain moments during the wedding session along with other essential tools.

Not only during the wedding ceremony, but you can also offer photography services for the pre-wedding session of the bride and groom. Shooting sessions can be done in the studio or outdoors.

In addition, the sharpness of your eyes in taking photos is the most important thing here to make that special moment even more perfect.

Disk Jockey (DJ)

If music is a part of you, maybe this one is worth trying. Nowadays, there are many places and even events that require a touch of music in them. Disk Jockey (DJ) is needed to entertain the people present at the event or venue.

Being a DJ not only has to understand the genre of music, but you have to be smart in picking songs to make them more enjoyable to sing with your DJ Controller.

Some people may only understand that DJs are only focused on EDM music, but you can play your creativity by not only playing EDM music.

With your expertise, don’t be surprised if later you will get many invitations to entertain newcomers with your music.

Like any business in general, there are several things you need to provide before starting this business. The DJ Controller tool is the main thing you need to learn.

Clothing Business

Fashion has become one of the main needs for some circles. There are more and more local clothing brands among young people today. Even though the competition is getting tougher, there’s nothing wrong with trying the clothing line business if the fashion world is your soul.

Now it’s not only women who are thirsty for their fashion needs, but men have also started to need them. You can create a clothing line that suits your interests.

If you are interested in men’s clothes, you can focus on making cool shirts and t-shirts for your male customers. However, if you are enthusiastic about designing women’s clothing, you can focus on women’s clothes such as dresses, sarees, and many more.

There are many opportunities that you can take if you want to try this business. No one will think that later on, you will be able to beat the famous fashion brands out there.

Car Washing Business

No one wants their favorite car to get dirty and a car wash is a mainstay for car owners who don’t have time to clean their car. It is one of the best business ideas in Haryana that one can pursue.

The car wash business is a business that will never die in Haryana and its surroundings. Busy people in big cities do not let car owners take the time and energy to wash their cars.

This is where the car wash is very important for them. Not only cars, but you can open service to wash two-wheeled vehicles at your outlet.

The things you need to prepare also vary. If you want to open a car wash business with a minimal budget, you only need to prepare car wash soap, a special car sponge, and a hose and water flow.

However, if you are ready to spend a lot of money, you can buy an automatic car cleaning tool for a fast and guaranteed car wash process.

Blogging Business

This is the first business idea that you can start from home in Haryana. Today, more and more people are starting businesses online, so this first business idea is perfect for you to start. Blogs have become a medium that has long been used for those who love writing and sharing thoughts.

However, amid this incessant era of globalization, the blog business can be a sweet and promising business opportunity in Haryana because the need for information is running very rapidly. Many people are looking for information on online media and blogs are one of the median information providers.

If blogging is one of your business options, the first thing you should do is look for the big characters and themes of your blog posts.

In addition, you can also work with other brands or businesses. This is where your business opportunities will open wider because many companies are interested in using your services as advertisers for their products on your blog.

Online Courses/Teaching

If you are a person who wants to rely on knowledge then teaching business is suitable for you to start in Haryana. You can open a business and share knowledge with those who need and are interested in learning.

You can also give online classes with a variety of subjects, ranging from business classes, and foreign languages, to soft/hard skills classes such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, or even classes that discuss auto parts.

This business idea can bring promising profits for those of you who want to pursue it in Haryana because not a few people want to learn certain knowledge or skills.

In Haryana, this business idea can be started to be both online and offline. This business van gives promising profits as teaching has been always a great business idea.

CV Designing

The number of job seekers each year varies greatly. This proves that the competition out there is indeed very tight. Several HR in large companies admitted that one of their filters to find candidates according to the company’s qualifications was the Curriculum Vitae.

So, applicants need to have a CV that is not only attractive but also contains “selling” information so that HR is interested in calling them as candidates for an interview.

This is an opportunity for you to step in and offer this unique business. You can also open a CV design service for jobseekers; especially those who are fresh graduates, your services are very much needed.

If you pursue this business, there will be many people who are interested in using your services. There are still many people who don’t understand how to make a good and attractive CV.

Some of the things you may need are your design skills and basic knowledge of Human Resources (HR). You have to update the design and CV that can attract HR’s attention, according to the position you are applying for.

For this business in Haryana, you don’t have to go outside you can also start it from home and deliver the CV through email and social apps.

Makeup Artist

Yes, now this business is the target of many people, especially women, who want to develop their talents in makeup.

For those of you who like to dress up or even help make up your friends, this is the time to develop this hobby into a promising opportunity. You can start a Makeup Artist business by word of mouth.

You can also use social media such as Instagram to market your services. In addition to the required makeup skills, you also have to be smart in choosing makeup tools that suit your customers’ needs later. This business will be a lot of fun for you makeup junkie!

Grooming for Pets

Are you an animal lover? Or do you even have pets at home and are thinking about developing a business related to pets? This is the right business for you.

You can choose to open a pet grooming business. Especially for those of you who live in Haryana where people like to take care of their pets, pet grooming services are needed.

You can help those who don’t have much time to bathe their pets, groom their fur, and keep them clean and healthy.

Not only do you offer pet cleaning services, but you can also offer services to look after them if the owner is out of town or abroad for a while.

It would be very nice to have this business, especially for those of you who like pets!

Social Media Influencer Manager

The term social media influencer is one of the online business ideas that are now very familiar to the people of Haryana. Their presence varies according to the field they are involved in.

Some focus on fashion, beauty, traveling, photography, and many more. Social media is their place to make money.

However, not a few of them are overwhelmed in managing their social media activities; some even do not have sufficient knowledge about this.

This can be an opportunity for you to provide influencer manager services for them. Most influencers get brand deals from well-known brands and they are usually given contracts that are difficult to understand.

This is your role for them. You can help them provide knowledge about the business side of their work. Like an artist manager, you can filter which brands deserve to work with these influencers.

Travel Consultant

This business direction will be suitable for those of you who have an interest in traveling. If traveling around India from Haryana and even abroad is your main hobby, this business will be the business you want.

Running a travel consultant business is not only providing flight schedules for your customers, but you can also provide knowledge about the culture of the country to be visited.

This business idea is really fun because you can also travel while earning income.

Tour Guide

Unlike a travel consultant, a tour guide business does not force you to have administrative knowledge while running it.

In pursuing this business, you are required to have deep tourism knowledge. This knowledge includes attractions such as culinary, clothing, and interesting destinations that your business-led visitors can enjoy.

Not only knowing the place, but you also need to have detailed information about the best route to these tourist places, the type of terrain that must be taken on the way, and important things that your customers need to know.

Store Business

Although this type of business has been around for a long time, the People of Haryana never get tired of visiting their nearest stores to buy their homes or personal needs.

This type of business will be perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother looking for a place to do business because you can start this business at home also. The shop business is also very diverse in Haryana. Ranging from grocery shops to food shops, depending on the type you want to work on.

Freelance Content Writing

This business idea will be suitable for people of Haryana who are interested in writing content on various subjects.

In this digital era, content writing services are highly demanded by many business organizations, from influencers, and small businesses to large companies.

Of course, a work deserves to be appreciated and sometimes has a very high value. The same goes for your writing. There are several types of projects that you can hold if you run this business, ranging from content creation for E-mail broadcasts, blog posts, and others.

Host Online Hotel Apps

If you have properties such as villas and houses that are not yet occupied, or there are several vacant rooms in the house, then this is the type of business you can pursue in Haryana.

A lot of people already understand how to get a comfortable place to stay in a very easy way. Some applications already offer many accommodation options such as hotels, cottages, houses, villas, and so on.

In addition to easier access, usually these applications provide special discounts for users.

This can be a golden opportunity for those of you who are interested in developing a property business easily. No need to worry about the location of your property because each location has its target audience.

From a location in the middle of a bustling city to a quiet forest in the middle, you are sure to have customers interested in renting your property.

The first thing you need to do is register your property on a trusted application and make sure that the advertised place is worthy and even attractive to users of the hotel application.

Personal Trainer/Gym Owner

Health has become a priority for some people and exercise has always been the key for them to leading a healthy life. If you know about health, proper diet, and other things about exercise, then this business will be very suitable for you to pursue.

For those of you who are interested in this business, what you need to prepare is knowledge about your health and your passion for running sports. Your customers will be much more excited if the personal trainer also has a high spirit of healthy living.

As you may see many people in Haryana ate interested in training and weight lifting so this can be a profitable business to start. Also, this can be started with low investment.

Catering Business

For those of you who are culinary lovers or even a hobby of cooking, the catering business can be a very pleasant choice for doing business.

Besides being able to develop your cooking hobby, your income will also flow heavily if you succeed in attracting a wide range of customers.

Especially for those of you who live in urban areas, this business is very lucrative. You can target office workers and offer your catering services.

You can also offer lunch and dinner menus for office workers who don’t want to bother looking for food.

In addition, immigrants who live in boarding houses or apartments can be easy targets for your business. With the wide variety of food that you offer them, your catering business will run smoothly.

Event Organizer/Planner

This business is suitable for people who like challenges in running a business. Being in the Event Organizer business is a business that requires high creativity and energy.

If you like challenges and want to hone your creative and organizing skills, then this business will be perfect for you. What needs to be prepared is the staff that helps you when drafting and executing ideas for each event.

In addition, excellent energy will be needed because you and your team may have to work until dawn or early in the morning. This business is not for the weak!

Furniture Business

This type of business can bring you quite a promising profit because many homeowners want to complete the contents of their homes with certain furniture. Starting from beds, tables, chairs, and other furniture items.

It will be very helpful if you have experience or knowledge in making furniture from raw wood and have a creative side in assembling furniture items.

Moreover, today’s millennials are starting to be literate about their board needs. Modern and contemporary furniture is the item they are looking for.

Home/Room Cleaning Business

This business opportunity is a suitable business if you dare to get dirty and are not ashamed to clean other people’s houses. Today, many homeowners are lazy or don’t have the time and energy to clean their homes, be it boarding houses or private houses.

Many of them use cleaning services almost every day to clean their place. You can turn this into a promising business.

Only by providing cleaning tools such as brooms and mops and by hiring several people who can help you in the cleaning process, you are ready to run this business.

You can start by offering your services to neighbors in your boarding house or home. From there, you can grow your business to serve many people in various places!

Babysitting Business

In Haryana, some parents are very busy. They are so busy with their work that the time to look after children at home is very limited. This can be a business opportunity for those of you who are interested in offering babysitting services.

Especially if you like children, this business will be fun. There are several types of babysitting that you can offer.

The first is a babysitting visit, a babysitting service that you can do by visiting a customer’s house to look after their child at home.

Or secondly, daycare or baby/child hotels can provide a place for parents who want to leave their children while they work.

Computer Expert and Technology Business

Technology has become everyday food in this rapidly growing digital era. However, many people still do not understand the details of computer technology.

If something is wrong with the computer, they don’t know what to do to fix the problem.

You will be very successful in running a business as a computer expert if you have knowledge of software and hardware in a computer as well as certain ways to repair damage to the two major components of a computer.

At least, people who know about computers, this business opportunity will be a gold mine for those of you who have these skills. Your customers will be willing to pay a high price to use your services.

Handmade Jewellery Business

For people who think appearance is everything, it’s incomplete if they don’t use accessories to add to their attractiveness.

This is where you can open your handmade jewelry business opportunity. Jewelry made by hand will be highly appreciated because it requires painstaking detail.

In addition, handmade jewelry is usually made in limited quantities. That’s one of the things that make handmade jewelry more special. Quality is also number one for handmade jewelry so that you can add characteristics to the product.

Laundry Business

Similar to house/boarding cleaning services, the number of enthusiasts for laundry services is caused by the lack of time to wash dirty clothes. Especially for those who are busy with their work.

The activity of washing clothes can be quite a difficult thing to do because of their limited time. A laundry business can be the right choice to target people who can’t take their time to wash clothes.

Even though the laundry business has a lot, it doesn’t hurt you to try it. Look for a location that is quite crowded, such as a location close to boarding houses, apartments, offices, or even campuses.

Online Shop

The last business idea that you can pursue in Haryana is to create an online shop. Indeed, many business people have opened online stores that offer varied goods as well. However, you can have an online shop business.

The first thing you should pay attention to is what items you will sell in your online shop. You can choose according to your interests. If you are a shoe lover, for example, you can sell shoes in your online shop.

Social media can be your initial platform to develop your online shop. After that, you can also develop a website as a platform to display your sales catalog.

FAQ on Business Ideas in Haryana

Which business is best in Haryana?

The best business that you can pursue in Haryana is transportation business, technology and gadgets business, tourism business, and makeup business.

What are the most successful small businesses in Haryana?

The most successful businesses that are currently trending in Haryana are the computer business, car washing business, automobile repair business, and motorcycle renting business.

My Final Thoughts

Haryana is a place of many businesses and there is space for everyone. If you are planning to start a business in Haryana, go through all the business ideas that I have mentioned above, and you might find your dream business.

Make sure you research by yourself on the idea you choose for your business because knowing its positive and negative points help you to understand what problems you are going to face and what will be the fruitful results. Hope you find it useful, share these business ideas with our friends if they are interested in starting a business in Haryana but lack ideas.

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