26 Best Business Ideas in Himachal Pradesh | Opportunities for Your New Startups

Any business shines in the market because of the ideas which an entrepreneur chooses to start a new startup Himachal Pradesh, which lies in the northern part of India is famous for its tourist destination, educational institutions, and many other business sectors. All these sectors are the business opportunities to start a business.

Shimla is the most popular city of Himachal and is also the summer capital while Dharamshala is the winter capital of the state. Himachal Pradesh’s capital Shimla is also called as “Queen of Hills”.

In Himachal Pradesh, the current trend to become an entrepreneur is well-developed. On average, entrepreneurs who open their businesses start from small businesses that have good prospects.

This significant growth proves that being an entrepreneur is not a difficult matter and can be done by anyone. Even an employee amid his busy life can start new startups and earn a great number of profits.

26 Business Opportunities in Himachal Pradesh for Startups

Here we have listed the best business opportunities that you can pursue in Himachal Pradesh.     

Private tutoring business

For those of you who are proficient in swimming, music, language, and have other abilities, it can be used as a business to open private tutoring services.

This business can be done by promoting to people closest to you, besides being able to play a hobby at any time, it can also be useful for others and most importantly, it does not require large capital to open a private tutoring business.

Vehicle Rental Business

If you live in a tourist area in Himachal Pradesh where there are quite a lot of visitors, you can open a car or bus rental business; this will be an easy business.

How not, every traveler will need a car or bus to reach tourist attractions. Therefore, if you have a car or motorbike that can be rented out for tourists.

This vehicle business is not just a car or motorbike; you can also rent a bus where you can work with PO Bus in the area.

Motorcycle Washing Business

Motorcycle users are currently increasing according to data available online. The large number of motorbike users spread across the territory of Himachal Pradesh is an opportunity for you when opening a business. Of course, you can do business by opening a motorbike washing service. To open this business is very simple; you only need a water pump, compressor, tire polish, motorcycle shampoo, and a rag.

This small business can be a source of sustenance for others by employing neighbors or relatives who need it.


The trend to create a blog and fill it with more specific writing is being loved by online business people. The reason is, by creating this blog; you can generate profits from PPC ads available on the blog.

Of course, to be able to advertise, you must write as many as 30 to 60 articles with a total visitor of at least 50 people in one day. If you work in a shoe or bag manufacture you can write about it and write it on your blog.

An online small business does seem easy but can generate unexpected profits if the content is interesting.

Property Realtor

To become a realtor in Himachal does not require a lot of capital. But from here you can get tens to hundreds of millions in profits.

This business can work well if you trust each other and besides that, you have to look convincing and know the ins and outs of the property you are going to sell.

Travel and Tour Service Business

For those of you who like to travel, of course, you will be happy to open a business in the field of travel and tours. There are many business opportunities in Himachal Pradesh that you can do, such as becoming an itinerary maker, tour guide, or marketing service to connect potential tourists with travel agents.

This startup business does not require large costs because what is needed are trust and the best service.

Beverage Business

A beverage business is one of the profitable business ideas that you can start in Himachal Pradesh. Opening a beverage business is being found in various shopping centers in the capital city, Shimla. Various drinks are also served, starting from tea, soda, milk, syrup, and so on.

The beverage business is not only easy to mix, but also does not require a large amount of capital. Of course, with reasonable prices, it can reach all people from the age of children to adults to buy these beverage products.

You can also hire other people to wait for the drink stands you sell to open your business.

If it is not possible, choose another beverage business and can be entrusted to each cooperative, school canteen, or company canteen.

Credit and Electricity Token Business

Nowadays almost everyone has a gadget for communication, work, and entertainment. Everyone who has this gadget, of course, needs credit to be able to access it.

The advantages of this pulse and electricity token business are indeed small. But if you take it seriously and many people buy credit from you, then the profits will be abundant.

One example of this small business can be done by anyone from teenagers to adults as long as they have a gadget as a “weapon” for transactions.

Another advantage that can be obtained when selling work credit at the office is that every employee from various divisions will remember you as a credit seller in the office.

Dropship Business or Online Store

The continuous growth of online businesses can make anyone can sell without having to leave the house or rent a place to sell.

Therefore, this business is very suitable for new startups in Himachal Pradesh. They can become resellers where the producers provide a dropship system.

The way they work is done is so easy, only with a gadget you can post products that will be sold through social media.

The advantages of one example of this small business can be very promising if it is done consistently and seriously and it is better if you want to transact or sell products you can do it during breaks or after work.

Laundry Business

Another profitable startup idea that and people of Himachal can do is to open a laundry business. The capital required to start this business ranges from 1 lakh to 5 lakh, depending upon the machines you buy for the business.

In this era that wants to be practical, of course, opening a laundry business will provide a large enough opportunity or profit for you.

Because this business only requires people who focus on waiting for it, then you can hire other people which do laundry.

Breakfast Food Business

On average, almost everyone who works in the office, when wakeup in the morning has not had time to prepare breakfast, especially if they are a nomad living in a boarding house, of course.

The breakfast menu served can vary from bread or stuffed sandwiches, yellow rice, fried rice, chicken porridge, fried foods, and so on.

You need to do a small research in Himachal Pradesh to analyze, what type of food people most prefer in the area where you want to start this business. In this way, demand and customers will increase.

Photo Service Business

Opening a photo service business today is quite promising. Every person or company requires documentation for the important activities they carry out.

Therefore, for those of you who like photography, you can turn it into a business. The capital spent does not require a large enough cost. Because the most important thing is that you must have a camera.

Examples of small businesses that come from this hobby can be started by informing them through your relatives or co-workers.

Opportunities to get quite large clients can be from your co-workers, friends, family, or friends who recommend them to other friends.

Article Writer Service Business

For those of you who have a hobby of writing, this can be used as a business in Himachal to become an article writer. Opening this writing service is also relatively easy, only having a computer or laptop.

You can also get clients by informing your colleagues or friends or you can also join a writing agency by registering to become a writer.

This startup business in Himachal Pradesh is also being loved by various circles if it is taken seriously it will generate a decent income.

Graphic Design Service Business

In addition to articles and photography, nowadays the business that is being loved is graphic design services, the business is more focused on making logos, t-shirts, posters, mascots, and so on.

To open this service, you can use many websites to sell your skills to find clients who need the services of a graphic designer.

This business opportunity in Himachal does not require large capital, enough capital to be able to connect to the internet anywhere and anytime.

Translation Service Business

For those of you who have foreign language skills, both English and other languages, you can open a translation service business.

The services offered can be to help your client meet an external client or it can be a book translator or translator to the tourist as Himachal Pradesh is a famous destination for tourists all around the globe.

This business has attracted a lot of attention among travel entrepreneurs or book publishers. You can also work with these travel agents to become a tour leader or tour guide to accompany tourists.

Doing this business is of course very flexible and can be arranged according to your working time in the office.

Typing Service Business

This business does look trivial and easy but has such great prospects if taken seriously.

This business in Himachal Pradesh can be done in a strategic place such as in a campus or school environment.

It is common knowledge that many students are lazy or do not have time to do assignments. So the solution is to give their work to someone who opens a typing service.

Typing services are not only for that, in Himachal Pradesh, there are still those who are not proficient at typing and know the ins and outs of a typing program.

The capital needed to open this business is a laptop or computer along with a printer.

Parcels Business

This business can be categorized as a seasonal business that can gain large profits. The reason is in the manufacture of this parcel will be sold before the holiday.

Whether from companies, agencies, or individuals, they need parcels for their relatives or co-workers.

For example, this small parcel business does not need to spend a large capital. You can already buy a parcel basket and other supporting equipment.

Wedding invitation printing service business

There will be no end to the wedding invitations. Because in this year there will be dozens of brides who get married.

The skills needed to open this business are the ability to design and also marketing. If you don’t have one of the skills, you can invite other people to work together.

If you want to be ogled, make a design that is different from the existing one. Guaranteed one example of a small business that you do will sell well in the market.

Internet cafe business

Currently, the internet has become the main need of gadget users. Unfortunately, this internet connection has not been fully spread to all corners of Himachal Pradesh.

Well, if you live in a place where the internet is still rare, then a great opportunity awaits you to open the internet cafe business.

An example of this small business can be started by buying one to two computers plus a modem to be able to access the internet.

Frozen Food Business

The frozen food business in Himachal is currently being favored because people want to eat with a practical presentation. The advantage of opening this business is that the food will not go stale quickly because it is packaged for a long time.

Capital to open one example of this small business only requires a freezer with a size large enough.

Livestock Business

For those of you who have landed in rural or hilly areas (as Himachal is mostly a hilly area), it can be used to raise livestock ranging from fish to goats or cows.

Of course, this startup business requires other skilled people to take care of it. And most importantly have to be patient because it is a long-term investment.

When everything is ready you can have more selling points that are ready to bring abundant profits.

Event organizer services 

You may not have realized that you can plan and manage an event. The ability to organize an event like that can be used to build an event organizer service provider business in Himachal Pradesh.

You can offer this service for some simple events in advance such as seminars, birthdays, office events, weddings and so on which can be handled. Maybe you’ll need some potential people to join the team. Try recruiting other people who can work as partners to handle an event.

Selling used goods

Never underestimate used goods. You can sell unused used goods to other people. Take a look at your home if any items are not used, such as piles of newspapers, magazines, clothes, kitchen items, bookshelves, chairs, and many others. Instead of letting these items fill your room, it’s better to just sell them. Also, it is one profitable business idea for new startups.

Do not rush to throw away the item, but try to offer it to people who need and intend to buy it.

Become a make-up artist

Self-beautification skills are needed. But not everyone has this ability. Those of you who have this ability should never hesitate to develop it into a profitable business.

You don’t need to be tied to office time, but you can still make money. To promote your services, try using social media to introduce your work in makeup. You can also make short video tutorials so people can believe more that you do have this ability.

Join the affiliate program

An affiliation is a form of cooperation between two independent institutions. In short, affiliation can also be interpreted as “member” or “branch”.
But in online business terminology, the notion of affiliate has a little added meaning.

Affiliate is “a way of making money by selling products from companies or institutions that own the product (affiliate merchant), by joining as product marketers (affiliate marketers), and only getting paid after the product is sold”.

For example, if you want to sell your house, then your friend will help you find a buyer. When a successful purchase transaction occurs thanks to the help of your friend, it is common for your friend to be given a commission for their help.

Forex Trading

The current generation is a technology literate generation. One of the businesses that young people like is forex.

Learning forex can be done self-taught; it can also take formal training. The easiest and free way to learn to trade you can do by studying on YouTube and writings on blogs.


Now you are aware of many business ideas that you pursue in Himachal Pradesh. But my final words for you will be that “If you want to start any business idea in the above list makes sure you do a market research and use proper strategy to start a business.”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the business opportunities in Himachal Pradesh?

There are many business opportunities that you can try in Himachal Pradesh are travel and tourism business, hardware business, clothes business, and transportation business.

How can I start a company in Himachal Pradesh?

In order to start a company you need to follow the steps:
Select the idea
Analyze the market
Make business plan
Prepare capital
Legalize business
Launch your business
Promotion and advertising

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