9 Online Business Ideas in UAE with Low Investment

Looking for online business ideas in UAE with low investment? Then you came to the right place.

Today there are many businesses without and with low capital that can be done only via the internet. 

Fortunately, it is not playing games. Many people make business via the internet their main source of income. The key is patience, consistency, and hard work.

Online business ideas in UAE

Here are the best online business ideas in UAE:


Simply put, a reseller is a job selling other people’s goods. The difference between the price of the goods taken from the distributor and the price of the goods being sold is an advantage that you will get. Many distributors provide opportunities for honest and serious resellers.

When you become a reseller, you will take a product from a distributor. You will set the price for the product, promote it on social media or the marketplace, and send it to buyers yourself.


Just like a reseller, a dropshipper is one of the jobs that you can do without capital and only rely on the internet. This second capital-free business strategy that makes money from the internet really stays active on social media or just mock-ups.

Dropshippers and resellers both take products from distributors. The difference is that a pure dropshipper is only an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The dropshipper works to market the product, if a customer buys the product the dropshipper immediately informs the supplier to send it.

Affiliate Marketing

As the name implies, this business is carried out based on a cooperation agreement. You are the second person who will connect the first and third people.

From affiliate marketing, you will get a fee or commission every time you can sell a product from a link that is later linked. Affiliate marketing is usually offered to a blog, or it can also be offered to influencers and celebrities who have many followers on their social media.

Property sales agent

The system property sales agent’s job is the same as the 3 jobs above. The difference is that real estate agents can actually relate to many people. The first must be related to people who want to sell property such as houses, apartments, land, closets, etc. The second property selling agent must be related to prospective buyers who need the property.

To sell a property is not instant, but the benefits that can be obtained from a business without capital are not exactly small. In addition to being the main job, a property sales agent can also be a side job to increase pocket money.

Nowadays digital marketing is very profitable and necessary in business or business. With social media and a marketplace, a businessman can introduce his merchandise to a wider range of potential buyers.

Managing social media is not something easy, and very time-consuming, especially for businesses that have started to grow. Therefore, there is a lot of work without capital that you can do on social media. Like some of the following jobs:

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media management is also synonymous with social media admin. For those of you who want to learn to start a business without capital, this job can be a bridge. Or just being a social media admin for a product can make money without capital.

Ordinary for a product or business, don’t just use one social media for promotion. These businesses can use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to market places such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopee, and the like for promotion.

These social media management skills are urgently needed now. The more specific and expert, the more payment you can receive. But to have this skill, of course, requires a willing and consistent attitude because every social media usually has a logarithm that changes every time.

Web Developer

Apart from social media and market places, websites are also one of the places to do online marketing. If you intend to become a reseller or dropship, this business without capital can be easier for you to run. By having a website for your product, people will be more recognized. This is because the internet is the first place to look for when someone wants something.

A web developer usually has coding/code skills, or at least can and understands bloggers or WordPress. Because now many businesses use websites as brochures or banners for their merchandise, this job is starting to be in great demand.

The income from a web developer is not exactly small. In fact, in one project he can generate upwards of 20 milliodollarsrs. But the price is of course also supported by proper service.

If you are interested in a business without capital but making money, now there are many videos on YouTube about the web developer profession. You can start learning via video for free. Apart from using YouTube, many pieces of training provide knowledge to become web developers for free.

The key is hard work, patience, and consistency. There is nothing instant, but if you do it in earnest, it will pay off well worth it.

The ability to write is also a business without capital that can bring in a lot of money. If you search the internet, many websites offer writing services at varying prices. Starting from cheap to the price is quite fantastic.

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Usually, the writers who are looking to write content are those who have SEO skills. SEO stands for search engine optimize. Simply put, articles written by SEO writers are expected to enter page one of Google because they are “engine friendly”.

Check out some of the following writing businesses that you can try:


Blogging is a person’s process of presenting content in the form of writing in online media. In the USA, the online media commonly used by bloggers are blogger and WordPress.

A blogger can make money if his blog can be registered on google Adsense. Google Adsense is a Google service that can make people pay to advertise on someone’s blog or website.

To be able to register and be approved using google Adsense, of course, your blog must have a lot of readers. To have a lot of readers, a minimum of content is needed and useful. So it can’t be just any content that you put on the blog.

The more people who read your blog content, the more payment you will receive later. Not to mention if you are known as a “specialist”. If you are well-known as a specialist in a field or product, then people might endorse the blog that you manage.

Content Writer

Want a business without capital on the internet that really only relies on expertise? Being a content writer is the best choice. As mentioned above, a content writer is a person who provides services to create content in the form of writing according to the client’s wishes.

Usually, the client provides details of what kind of article he wants. Starting from the theme, the number of words, language models, and the like. But some clients only provide general themes, then the content writer will think about what the articles will be like.

To become a content writer, there are many websites that open vacancies. You only need to search with the keyword “content writer vacancies” or “Freelance content writer”, so there will be many websites that you can apply to offer your services.


Copywriting is also one of the capital-free businesses that you can try. For those who don’t know what copywriting is, copywriting is an activity or process in creating marketing text. The purpose of this text is to persuade potential buyers to buy or even subscribe to our merchandise.

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This skill is being sought after due to the digital marketing process that is currently popular among UAE businessmen. Copywriting takes many forms, it can be in the form of a sentence, an article, even just one or two words that are interesting and make potential buyers buy your products.

If you don’t have any copywriting skills yet, there are now tons of how-to videos and strategies available on YouTube. You can learn it little by little while you practice marketing a product.

Apart from writing, another skill that is currently being used to start a business without capital is graphic design expertise. Graphics created by a graphic designer are needed to support the marketing content of a product.

With attractive graphics and what the buyer understands, your merchandise will be more “glimpsed” by potential buyers. If you look at job openings in some of the locker info, graphic design is one of the most sought after.

Almost the same as a content writer or copywriter, now learning materials for graphic design are widely available on YouTube. But no matter how much study material is available, it is still your determination and willingness that will determine its success.


Those are some of the capital-free businesses that can be done via the internet for beginners to make money. There is much that can be done if you want to try. Starting from being an intermediary between sellers and buyers, offering writing skills, drawing, to social media management.

Indeed, to do something there must be a process, not a direct expert. But believe me, if we are consistent and willing to work hard, there will be times when the work is lighter and brings many benefits. Especially if this is the first time we are doing it, the process between failure and success will definitely come and go. The key is just never to give up on things that will become obstacles.

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