business opportunities in tourism industry in india

9 Successful Business Opportunities in Tourism Industry in India

Looking for business opportunities in the tourism industry in India? Then you came to the right place. The type of tourism business is a business that is engaged in the Service Industry, Environment, and Creativity. Because these three products are usually the mainstay for tourism activities in an area. One of them is in the field of traveling or tourism.

Although it is classified as a seasonal business and targets certain places (tourist areas), this does not necessarily make this business sluggish and less prospective, you know.

A tourism business is a series of businesses whose main activities include selling tourism products to tourists, both domestic tourists, and foreign tourists. If you want to start a tourism business with small capital, the right choice is to offer services, not goods. Because services do not require material capital, only certain skills are needed by tourists.

Every business has its own saturation point and risks. It’s just that we want to develop the business towards a better or not. Moreover, the development of information technology as it is today can make it easier for you to carry out targeted promotions. To start a business in the tourism sector, you must also understand management and how to interact with tourists.

It is also very important to improve the quality of service. Because in the tourism industry, to win the competition is not only through price or tariff wars but also the best service and provide maximum experience to tourists.

Business Opportunities in Tourism Industry in India

If your friends from North Sumatra are still confused about starting a business, what kind of business in tourism at the end of this year can you try or not to make some of the business recommendations below as inspiration that will open the mindset of all of you. Curious? Let’s see below.

1. Tour Package Services

The end of the year, of course, is closely related to the holidays. Various tourist objects in cities or regions of India will continue to experience rapid development. You can encapsulate all of them in one special package for your clients. You can customize your own good places that are a priority to visit.

Because the majority of each tourist attraction is located in many areas, starting from the most south, west, east, north, and central, this service will arrange it for travelers effectively. Without wasting time on the trip, you can plan a vacation either for a family package, a small group, or a large group. How interested in starting this service?

2. Rent a Tour Bus

Various car rental services, tour buses, and motorbikes charge different fees. There are more expensive, overpriced and the cheapest. Of course, you are interested in providing rental vehicles like this, right? Of course, rent a vehicle at an affordable rate but good quality that travelers will choose. And here you need to provide several quality bus fleets.

Don’t worry, even though many offer transportation rentals at tourist attractions like this, you can win it naturally. How to? Tips and tricks for starting a transport rental service this time, you can see based on experience.

You can start by comparing prices, customer history, first service or response, and so on.

Each fleet, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn about it, and provide additional features such as a driver and a package refueling.

3. Cheap Ticket Hunting Services

So that the travel costs of tourists can be reduced to not be too expensive, then you can offer various tickets with promos. You have to monitor the price first. How to? You can see the cheapest ticket offers online and offline.

For example, you can visit a traveling exhibition, and choose a travel agent that provides travel packages at affordable prices. Ticket prices of course vary according to the distance of travel and needs. You can compare which is the cheapest of these service providers that offer to your clients later.

4. Cheap Lodging Provider

Lodging is one of the facilities in the tour package. You can provide non-hotel lodging at low prices, and of course, have complete facilities that pamper tourists. Therefore, you need to build lodging that is in accordance with the standards. This is all done to ensure security during the holiday trip. Except for travelers who do prepare lodging in a travel package, there’s no need to think about where to stay anymore.

You can register your accommodation in various major accommodation applications such as Airy Rooms, which is already present in at least many areas in India. You can provide facilities such as air conditioning, warm water, mattresses, comfortable sofas, toiletries, free mineral water and offer them at relatively affordable prices.

5. Rent a Bike

Bike? Yes, of course. Moreover, the tourist area in your place has relatively narrow road access, so tourists will prefer to use bicycles, as their means of transportation, right? You can rent a regular bicycle, at a certain rate, for example, 50 thousand per day.

For places, you don’t need to rent a shop or an expensive place. Just park a few of these bikes on the side of the road, or near an inn that has a lot of tourists. And make a security system, such as asking for tourist data, ID, or passport to ensure your bicycle is not damaged or taken away.

6. Outbound Package Provider

Outbound Package prices vary because there are so many that offer ranging from low prices to the most expensive. Including vacation plans or traveling to certain destinations, you can offer tour packages to accompany your clients’ trips.

What do you need to pay attention to so that customers are not disappointed? You have to plan, calculate costs, for how many people, team building, what activities are planned, which particular destination’s favorite places are the priority visits?

Interested in setting up this business? Provide services for clients who visit and conduct gathering activities with the team. You should also study some of the recommended packages offered by your competitors. The best quality package for the cheapest and best team building, more details can specify a more competitive price.

7. Laundry Service

A business that provides laundry services to tourists who want to wash their clothes, either plain or dry or dry cleaning. You can provide a washing machine with a capacity that adapts to your capital. Then choose the concept of laundry, or self-service laundry, which can target foreigners.

8. Massage Service (Massage)

This type of service can stand alone or be a kind of plus service for hotel or villa guests that you build. Guests can choose the massage service they want to enjoy, either by the beach, in the massage room or the room. There are various employees you can hire, but make sure they are certified and skilled enough.

9. Childcare Services

This effort is to make it easier for tourists who have limited time with their families, in this case, their young children. But make sure you also have some kind of facilities for qualified toddlers, and also a competent babysitter in their field.

Closing remarks

When the end of the year arrives, the holiday moment becomes one of the inevitable choices. Moreover, the end and the beginning of the year are usually given time off (because it is a red date). The businesses above are just a few that can be used as references.

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