Car Business Ideas in India

15 Profitable Car Business Ideas in India in 2022

Have you ever wondered about the car business ideas in India? If not, then you should because it has great potential in the business sector to grow.

Since the invention of the cars many opportunities related to the cars have been created. And although this is a highly competitive sector, thanks to it there is an enormous diversification of services.

Therefore, new ventures that contribute to the growth of the sector are always welcome. Car businesses can respond to multiple needs present in today’s market. From passenger transportation and car rentals to technical service and car wash, the options for making money are varied.

So if you have one or more cars, have knowledge related to cars, or are simply passionate about cars, take note of this information. Well, we will share 15 car business ideas that you can start in India so, let’s get started!

15 Car Business Ideas in India

Here are some car business ideas in India for your startup business:

Buying and Selling of Used Cars

Setting up a car business like this is one of the preferred options for entrepreneurs to enter the automotive sector. Since, annually, new models are launched on the market and many people renew their cars, putting the old ones on sale.

This is a profitable business, but to be successful you need skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Well, this way you will be able to acquire a car in an optimal condition at a very good price, in which you have to invest a minimum amount in improvements and repairs. And then, sell them at a much higher price that remains accessible to the public and, in turn, generates a considerable profit for you.

Cars are an investment that appreciates or maintains their value over time. Therefore, having either the vehicles or the capital translates into money, and the investment will never be a total loss.

So if you want to start this business, first of all, research the legislation that applies in India for this activity. After that, it processes the corresponding licenses and selects a strategic location to set up the office and the showroom.

Do not forget to carry out a market study, prepare a business plan and look for different financing options.


This is one of the car businesses that you can start quickly if you have a private vehicle for family or personal use, it is ideal to generate extra income. Carpooling is about sharing your vehicle with several people who are heading to the same destination as you.

The purpose here is to avoid the use of public transport, taxis, or multiple vehicles to reach a destination. It works like this: a person heading to a specific destination looks for a driver who is going to make the same journey.

The driver, who owns the vehicle, charges a fee for moving this person to their destination. This reduces costs, avoids traffic, saves time, and saves fuel.


Parking lots are one of the most demanded car businesses on this list, as hundreds of people use them every day to store their cars. Despite being a highly competitive business, it makes huge profits as parking services are generally crowded.

So there is always room for new ventures that help meet the high demand.

Parking lots are usually located in central places, near main squares, tourist places, parks, hospitals, shopping centers, or places where there are large crowds.

To start this business you do not need large buildings, with a properly delimited large lot is enough? Here, it is also important that you investigate the legal requirements and licenses to be processed to carry out the activity.

In addition to this, do not forget to define the hours of operation of your parking business, since it can be daytime, hourly or open 24 hours.

Accessories Store

Car accessories are just as in demand as spare parts and auto parts since there is always something more to add to make the customer feel satisfied.

Therefore, an accessory store, whether physical or online, is one of the most profitable car businesses in the industry.

Some of the products that you can include in your catalog are:

  • Carpets and rugs
  • Linings, car covers, and copper rudder
  • Ceilings, joinery, and glass lifters
  • Roof bars, boneless and headlights
  • Sensors, cameras, and alarms
  • Radios, screens, and entertainment centers
  • Road kit

To complement your catalog, you can offer personalized advice to clients, advising them on products and helping them choose the best option.

Car Wash

The car wash business has always been profitable and has been boosted over time thanks to the increase in car purchases. This in turn has resulted in a growing demand for car cleaning services.

Car wash businesses can be of different types depending on the budget you have. You can choose the following options:

  • Car wash in the street: This is the fastest way to start the business since you will only need a few basic supplies such as buckets, sponges, detergents, and brushes. Also, you will have to locate yourself in crowded places, as well as near shopping centers, parking lots, or main avenues, and offer your services to the vehicles that circulate through the place.
  • Car wash on site: The idea is that you designate a specific place to offer your services. This is for customers to come directly to your business and thus serve them with all the comforts. Here you will have to have at least 4 employees who can provide the service to different vehicles. In addition, in addition to cleaning, you can include services such as vacuuming, waxing, polishing, and upholstery cleaning.
  • Home service: This option is very similar to the first, only here you will provide the service directly at the client’s home or office. You must publicize your business, so you can leave flyers in different neighborhoods. Also, promote yourself on social networks or set up your website.

Spare Parts for Cars

The wear of many of the parts of the vehicles is evident after a certain period. Consequently, it becomes necessary to change them to maintain the good condition of the car and avoid problems in its operation.

This makes the sale of spare parts and auto parts one of the most profitable car businesses. Here you have two options: setting up your store locally or selling the products at home.

When setting up a physical store you should have a higher budget, as you will have to incur the costs of renting the premises, paying for services, and monthly maintenance.

On the other hand, a home-based business can be managed through digital channels such as social networks or your online store.

Whichever option you choose, you must have extensive knowledge of different vehicles and brands. You should also conduct market research to identify the main needs of buyers. Like finding suppliers and putting together your product catalog.

Car Rental Business

The car rental businesses have gained a lot of strength since the model became popular. It is about renting a car, under certain conditions, for a specified period and an agreed amount.

Generally, these types of car businesses are located near airports, terminals, hotels, and tourist areas. Well, they cover, for the most part, the demand of tourists, travelers, and visitors, as well as the business sector.

Therefore, your target audience is people with high purchasing power willing to pay a good price for the service.

To start this venture you must be clear about the leasing conditions, which depend on the location of the business. But, in general, users should not exceed the limits set in mileage, hours, or days.

In addition, a minimum age criterion is established and on some occasions, an international driver’s license is requested.


Another profitable car business is upholstery, as keeping the interior of the car impeccable and according to their tastes is a priority for users.

First of all, it is important that you have the knowledge and experience to carry out this work or that you hire expert personnel. The above is because here it is required to design, manufacture and install leather, vinyl, suede, and fabric upholstery, as well as comply with all quality standards.

Make sure you have a large space and the right conditions to carry out the entire process optimally.

In addition to this, make a careful selection of suppliers so that you work with quality materials and machines.

Among the services that you can include in this business are:

  • Restoration of original upholstery.
  • Custom chair upholstery.
  • Upholstered for rudders and pears.
  • Manufacture of custom rugs.
  • Design of linings on measures.

Driving School

When it comes to the car business, we cannot leave behind the driving schools, which year after year certify hundreds of people and allow them to obtain their licenses.

This business encompasses a huge market that ranges from men and women of legal driving age to adults and seniors willing to learn.

Here you must meet a series of requirements to be able to operate legally and without problems, which include:

  • An office or premises open to the public with a sign indicating the activity.
  • Licenses and operating permits.
  • Minimum one certified driving instructor with experience.
  • Vehicles equipped and previously approved by the competent authorities.
  • Periodic inspections and audits.

Sale of Car Insurance

In most countries of the world, vehicles must have an insurance policy that covers various damages. These include the loss or theft of the vehicle, collisions or accidents, and damage to third parties.

This type of insurance is generally for private cars for personal and family use. And they provide many benefits to the users who acquire them, for this reason, they are highly demanded.

The above means a viable business opportunity in which it is possible to manage diverse clients and alliances with different insurers.

Therefore, you must research the best positioned and highest profitable insurance companies. Here you can purchase insurance directly with the company and resell it to users.

Car Batteries

On many occasions, the car battery usually fails and requires immediate replacement or repair. For this reason, having a local specialize in car batteries can be very profitable and generate large profits.

The most important thing in this business is that you make alliances with quality suppliers that provide you with a guarantee on the products.

And that they also handle different brands, models, and characteristics so that you cover the largest possible market share.

Passenger Transport Apps

The Uber revolution opened the doors for a new accessible business model for people to earn money with their cars, allowing users to have a different, comfortable, personal option at very competitive prices.

All this is through a mobile application where drivers connect with passengers to provide transportation services.

So if you want to be part of the car business in a fast, simple, and very viable way, signing up for these platforms is an option for you.

Your car will have to meet certain basic conditions at the time of registration such as the papers up to date and the mechanical technical review in order. In addition, each application will charge you a commission percentage per trip made.

Mechanical Workshop

This is one of the most traditional car businesses that prevails over the years. An auto mechanic shop offers repair services, alignment, and balancing, oil change, engine regulation, and hydraulic steering, among others.

To do this, you will have to choose a strategic location that is accessible to vehicles and safe.

In addition, the place must have enough area to receive at least two cars at the same time. And of course, you will need trained personnel to take care of the administrative, technical, mechanical, and electrical tasks as required.

Polarized at Home

Car businesses also include services related to vehicle safety. Such is the case of the sale and installation of tinted windows, which although it is offered in a store, can also be provided at home.

For which you must have a suitable vehicle to transport the materials and equipment necessary for the installation and assembly of the glass.

These types of services are in increasing demand, either for new cars or to replace the glass of cars with certain use. If you decide on this business, you will save costs on renting the premises and monthly maintenance.

Polishing and Waxing for Cars

Finishing our list of car business ideas in India, we have another service highly demanded by users. It is about polishing and waxing, which although it can be done in car workshops, the idea is that your establishment is specialized in this work.

For this, you will need a delimited space with an area for polishing and waxing, another to store tools, and another with a small office and bathroom.

You will also have to find suppliers to acquire the main, accessories and equipment necessary to provide the service. Some of the basic products and tools needed in this business are:

  • Polishing machine.
  • Polishes, of the spray type, are ideal for cleaning the paint in-depth, removing small scratches, and damage, and restoring the shine to cars.
  • Abrasive sanding discs for the polishing machine.
  • Foam polish berets.
  • Adhesive tapes.
  • Microfiber cloths.
  • Special waxing products for cars.

My Final words

The car or related businesses have been growing since the invention of the automobile and are projected to remain strong within the automotive industry.

So much so, that the opportunities to undertake are varied and the field of action very wide. Due to the increasing number of cars that travel on the streets of different countries and the rise in the demand for services for their care and maintenance.

So if you have experience in this field and you are passionate about cars, do not hesitate to enhance those skills and take advantage of your knowledge to start your own business.

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