18 Latest Christmas and New Year Business Ideas

What are the most profitable business opportunities when Christmas and New Year arrives? For those of you who are entrepreneurial, of course you will take advantage of this moment to earn money. Not only holding Mass at the Church and meeting distant family relatives, this moment feels special because you can also use it for business.

The celebration of Christmas worship is usually held on the 25th of December, but it doesn’t have to be on that day, because it can adjust to the schedule and activities of each church. Because actually the moment of Christmas itself is in the hearts of Christians around the world.

Christmas celebrations also require funds so that Christmas celebrations run smoothly. Sometimes the funds are needed and many churches have difficulty getting funds for their celebrations.

18 Christmas and New Year Business Ideas

We will discuss one by one about business opportunities that you can do during special moments like Christmas and this New Year. Without sacrificing the solemnity of worship, you can still earn money from some of the efforts that we will summarize below. Curious?

Let’s take a look at Christmas business ideas:

1. Selling Christmas and New Year’s Accessories

Christmas and New Year are the most special moments for Christians around the world. Then usually they will buy various knick-knacks typical of the special birthday. You must be very familiar with Christmas accessories, right?

Various special accessories such as trumpets, pastries, new clothes, imitation Christmas trees, bells, gift wrap, Santa’s special clothes and so on. These various knick-knacks can be specially sold by North Sumatran SME friends by setting up an online shop and also market it using social media.

2. Become Santa Claus

Santa Claus or Santa Claus is a fictional character that is closely related to the moment of Christmas. Usually this character is very popular with small children, because it tells about a person who gives gifts to children. Well, many of the public places hire someone to act and dress up as a saint.

You can be Santa for one day and give out gifts for the kids who come. Later you will be paid by the provider of the place. Although this Santa figure is more familiar than the Christmas tradition in the western world as well as in Latin America, Japan and other parts of East Asia, etc.

3. Christmas and New Year’s Special Catering Provider

People certainly need to eat armpits to celebrate the special days of Christmas and New Year, right? For those who have the time and expertise, can cook themselves. But for those who don’t have time, are busy, don’t have expertise in the field of cooking and have to provide food for a large family, then Catering is one solution.

The catering business will be the only option for families celebrating Christmas and New Year’s. If you make this Christmas business idea an option, then don’t hesitate to consider this catering business. You can choose a variety of menus that are familiar to the people’s tongue, or choose a healthy organic menu for your catering.

4. Worship Clothing Convection Service

Christians, of course, will wear their best clothes when attending Mass at the Church during Christmas. There are those who fix the size to fit, there are also those who ask to be made of cloth and so on. When you have expertise in the field of sewing, then this service is very tempting when Christmas and New Year arrives.

You only need a sewing machine, various types and threads of various colours, scissors, sewing needles and expertise in the field of convection. Start offering your services online. If necessary, make a banner offline in front of the house or rent a place on the side of the road.

5. Parcel Making Services

Parcels are indeed one of the special gifts during the holidays, not only for Christmas and New Year’s, but for Eid, Chinese New Year and so on. You can provide parcel making services with various contents such as food, snacks, cakes, chocolates, accessories and some of them.

The first point that you need to do, of course, is to find new consumers, by doing promotions online. Maybe you can make some positive testimonials from people around you, and parcel materials that are adjusted to the price. You can offer various parcel packages from the initial price to the most expensive price.

6. Decoration Design Services

At special moments such as Christmas and New Year, many people decorate the rooms in their homes to become a more distinctive atmosphere, filled with knick-knacks. But there are also people who don’t have time to design Christmas knick-knacks in their homes because of busy times, or no one is smart.

If you have the skills and experience in the field of decoration, interior design, you can offer your services to people in need. This service is increasingly in demand because not everyone has enough time and energy to decorate their Christmas ornaments.

7. Creating an Event Organizer

Many large companies hold certain events to celebrate special days such as Christmas and New Year in their offices. For example, in New Year’s celebrations, companies often hold barbecues, barbecues and so on.

This event organizer will be a quite lucrative business, especially if you have few competitors, for example, a friend from North Sumatra opens an event organizer service in the countryside, which at the same time can also be combined with sound system rental, catering, tents and benches and offers this service in one package. So that your customers only receive it right.

8. Christmas and New Year Photographer/Videographer

When you have expertise in the field of photographers, then it never hurts to take advantage of your skills during Christmas and New Year’s moments. Becoming a photographer or videographer requires the capital of a professional camera and a capable laptop device to process the visual media that you are going to sell.

Many need this documentation service, such as when the moment of Christmas and New Year arrives. Usually Christians will capture the moment of meeting with the extended family.

This service is also associated with photo editing and photo printing services. And you can book photo studios in strategic areas, you can also offer this service online through social media.

9. Parking Security Service

Usually during Mass at the Church, many people need a place to park and need more parking security services for vehicles. Because usually business like this has also provided a safe enough parking space so you don’t have to worry.

However, when many hold Mass in a church with a field that makes it impossible to load vehicles because there are so many, then one of the businesses that can engage in is to provide parking space as well as a vehicle security service for the congregation who is worshiping.

10. Hunting Services/Tickets

Christmas and New Year’s tickets are expensive, even a step. For this reason, ticket seekers for vacations are usually prepared to buy various travel tickets to vacation spots during this special moment.

However, some did not have time to buy tickets, and even queued to buy tickets conventionally. Then you can offer various tickets with promos while offering queuing services. You have to monitor the price first. How to? You can see the cheapest ticket offers online and offline.

You can visit traveling exhibitions, choose a travel agent that provides travel packages at affordable prices. Ticket prices are of course different according to the distance travelled, then compare which one is the cheapest from this service provider that offers to your clients later.

11. Year-end Household Assistant

During the year-end holiday, you can work as a household assistant or an impromptu maid when the homeowner is going home, it can be an option for those of you who really want to work optimally but at the expense of time with family when the New Year arrives.

The income you get is higher, compared to being an IRT at the usual time. Being an IRT when the homeowner returns home is quite difficult because North Sumatran SMEs may have to take care of the contents of the house alone with vulnerable conditions because it is quiet and many people return home as well.

12. Vacation Travel Business

When Christmas and New Year arrives, what most people do is take a vacation to the tropics. You can provide vacation packages by effectively arranging various vacation destinations for travellers. Without wasting time on the trip.

In addition, you can also provide rental services for lodging such as hotels and guesthouses that are affordable for travellers. Selling plane tickets, trains, buses or tickets to certain other rides in packages.

13. Vehicle Rental Business

Still related to the moments of the Christmas and New Year holidays, most people use rental transportation to travel. Because using private transportation is not effective and efficient.

There are many vehicle rental services such as cars, tour buses and motorbikes with different costs. Of course, rent a vehicle at an affordable rate but good quality that the client will choose. You need to provide some quality vehicles.

You can start by comparing competitors’ prices, customer history, service and response. You can choose the type of vehicle from Innova, Avanza, Elf, and Hi ace and so on. Each manufacturer, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. Provide additional features such as a driver and package refuelling.

14. Opening a Christmas Online Store

There is no end to online business. One of them is probably the most famous for selling goods using the Dropship and Reseller system. There are many products that can be sold in this online business. Can choose clothes, Christmas knick-knacks and so on.

You only need to determine the most appropriate product and many devotees. In this case, you can sell your own products or become a reseller from a trusted supplier. Do the right promotion and set a relatively affordable price.

15. Selling Christmas New Year Special Skills

How to get money from the internet that is not too difficult is to open a business selling services or expertise. If opening an online store is selling products that have a physical form, service businesses sell more of the skills you have.

Selling services does not need to be a big company, but you must prioritize the best service and satisfactory results for the services offered. This is to build customer trust to continue to use your services when needed and not switch to other services.

16. Advertising services

Christmas and New Year’s advertisements are certainly needed by various companies to maintain their communication with consumers. You can create interesting media with any theme such as culinary, photography, entertainment and others related to advertising.

Make advertisements that are visited by many or many visitors. After your advert gets thousands of visitors, you can start earning revenue from brand providers. You can work with large companies to enter into advertising cooperation contracts.

17. Create a Custom App for Christmas and New Year

This business model on the internet is currently a trend because of the increasing number of Android and IOS users. You can create your own applications such as games, photo editing, story reading platforms and more.

After you create your own application, you can sell the application or upload it for free on the Google Play or Apple Store platforms, but there are ads and then pay if you want to remove ads or create a premium membership by paying monthly.

18. Tour Guide Services

A service that is quite fun at this Christmas and New Year’s moment. Because besides being able to take a vacation, you can also make money. When in your area you have a tourist destination that is crowded with visitors when the New Year arrives, then North Sumatran SME friends can change their direction to become a tour guide there.

Many Caucasians or local tourists need the services of this guide. For those who are visiting for the first time, of course they will need escort services so that their every movement from one tourist spot to another can be smooth and without problems.

Closing remarks

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hopefully, you can use this moment to become a better human being in this New Year. For Christians, doing business at this moment can indeed be used as the right time as well as having to worship solemnly.

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