Complete Guide for Digitizing Your Business

Complete Guide for Digitizing Your Business

Today we will reveal some ways of digitizing your business that is quite effective nowadays. At present, the economies of some countries have collapsed due to the compulsory stoppage of trade in all its types and forms.

So it is important to establish digitization of the enterprise since this would contribute to reaching more users, helping to maintain the economic stability of your entrepreneurship.

For the digital transformation of enterprises, it is necessary to be clear about the following points:

  • You must have the ability to function, both professionally and personally, in the digital economy.
  • Employees should be trained to work on a digital level
  • Mastering digital communication is key, to developing that ability to communicate, relate and collaborate efficiently with digital tools and environments.

Steps for Digitizing Your Business

Here is the complete guide on how to digitize your business:

Evaluate the Situation of Your Company

It is important before starting the digitization process, to know the starting point of your business.

You must take into account that the digital transformation will require knowing in advance the operation of the organization, in all its aspects and forms, to start correctly from the starting point.

Prioritize Digital Transformation

The entire digital transformation process must be a priority for you to achieve the objectives you have set. This will establish a relation with potential users and customers. This process must be structured in an action plan that allows you to take safe steps.

Get Support from Management

For digital transformation to be a priority, the management team of the company must be aware of the need to digitize, agrees that it is a priority, and agrees to dedicate the necessary resources for this purpose.

Normally it happens that this process presents obstacles since it happens that most of the members of the management do not want to risk so much, so it is necessary to have a negotiation leader that allows to define the strategies and convinces this team to apply this new modality of work.

Empowers and Encourages a Digital Transformation Team

To digitize a company it is important to have the appropriate talent in the company. Most companies already have the appropriate employees within their organization. What you have to do is identify them and create a team that is in charge of supporting the leader when it comes to redefining processes, detecting needs, and putting into practice the changes that are required to digitize the company.

As digital talent is in high demand, it is advisable to complement the composition of this team with flexible employment policies such as teleworking, to retain and retain them.

Understand and Optimize the Customer Experience

When the digitization of your company is already a priority process, which has the endorsement of the management and a team trained to lead the transformation, you have to get down to work in understanding and acting about the digital experience of your customers.

Starting from the outside in is a guarantee of success in any digitization process, and it is at this point where more work must be done since the maintenance and success of the business depends on the customer’s appreciation.

From there, the visible part of the business for customers has to be transformed, and this process will guide the internal operational, and technological changes that must be carried out.

How to Take Advantage of Social Networks for Your Digitized Business

  • Generate valuable content: You must be realistic and authentic since social interaction is a necessity to be able to sell your product, it also helps customers to build stronger relationships with your brand.
  • Use correct amplification strategies: Look for influencers, blogs and prescribers that fit your brand, promote user-generated content (opinions), and partner with other brands.
  • You must constantly monitor and quantify your impact: You must invest in advertising and good tools, both for monitoring that allow you to analyze the users and measure the effectiveness of your actions in an open environment, and analytics.

How to Sell on Social Networks

  • You must invest in advertising and generate good content, but it is vital to start selling on social networks, presenting your products in a labeled way, and with good propaganda to capture the attention of the consumer.
  • It is important to empower the sales team so that they acquire the habit of sharing, since social networks connect with customers explicitly and systematically, in turn it helps in decision-making when buying or acquiring a specific product, both to fans and current customers.
  • Today’s businesses operate in a virtual and social world. It is important to note that not all social networks are equally effective for all businesses. Making the wrong choice can mean a significant waste of time and money. If you want to generate massive traffic to your website, landing page, or product, you should use Facebook, since it is the most suitable for being the most mature and the one that allows you to better segment your audience.
  • Instagram rewards the artistic side of your business, the visual, creative side. If your product does not connect with these variables, then this network will not be the ideal one. Pinterest is very effective in sectors such as fashion, photography, decoration.
  • Twitter has proven to be very useful for instant communication with customers and for resolving reputational crises, but it is less effective as a branding platform. Youtube is the network par excellence of videos and it is good for positioning your brand through valuable content Linkedin is suitable for developing synergies and networking.

Necessary elements to digitize your business

  • Smartphone: The device is most used by users both on a personal and business level. It is used to stay informed, manage work and personal tasks, as a means of entertainment, and maintain permanent contact at all times, allowing you to impact your target audience. Analyzing the consumption habits of our clients with their mobile phones will allow us to approach a strategy to offer them products through the device since large multinationals have already realized that it is the future of sales.
  • Training: Knowledge of the online world and new technologies is needed, otherwise, the investment will be blind and we will not achieve the desired objective. This change requires information and training for company personnel so that they can carry out their functions fully.
  • Brand: Having a brand profile on different social networks, and own App and a website are not enough for people to buy the products. In the digital age, consumer opinion matters and the truth is that through social networks many users share their opinions and recommendations. Answering the comments and messages that reach us is as important or more important than updating the content and maintaining the pages.
  • Innovate: It’s about gaining self-recognition for the innovations that the company’s creatives think about. This element is one of the fundamentals in the digital age, where updates are constant in all sectors.
  • Reputation: Collaborating with small companies or startups is a way of making yourself known, not only as a brand but as a business to work with whenever similar services are required. In this way, we can invest in innovation, at the same time that we open our sales options, creating new products.

All the technology used to start your business digitally is welcome, you must always stay connected, applying the most successful strategies to achieve the success of your digital business, as long as you remember to carry out the appropriate control to correct the failures that are detected in due course, and continue thus projecting and generating income quickly and correctly.

My Final Thoughts

It not difficult to understand this topic. However, it is vast and take time learn different elements of digital transformation. You first need learn the different methods and their implementations of them to transform your business.

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