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18 Most Demanding Eid Business Ideas

There are many eid business ideas that you can use to start your first business before this festival. As we all know it is the most awaited holiday for Muslims. Of course, various beautiful plans have been prepared for this occasion and those who live overseas are planning to go home. Those who are married, have prepared pocket money for nephews or snacks to welcome guests.

There are two festivals of Eid and both have many things in common but the difference between the two is:

The first Eid which is “Eid al-Fitr” is celebrated after the holy month of Ramadan and the second one which is “Eid al-Adha” is celebrated after two months of “Eid al-Fitr” and mainly the second one, people sacrifice sheep or goats. So, from this, you can get an idea of which people you have to target.

Now you may wonder, is this an occasional business?

Yes, it is an occasional business if you target a festival it can’t be celebrated the whole year but in the case of the Eid Festival, you can target customers for around 3 months in a year because there are approximately two months of gap between the two Eid and one month of Ramadan.

Now let’s know the business ideas that you can do on Eid.

18 Eid Business Ideas

Here are the business ideas that you can use on Eid to start a business:

Selling Eid Equipment

Starting from clothes, pants, hijab, to shoes/sandals, all these items are very much in demand. This is your opportunity to sell fashion items either through an online platform or by opening a temporary store in the market. Not only fashion, but other Eid equipment that is also needed is pastries to welcome relatives at home.

If you have a talent for making cakes, just accept orders for Eid cakes. Usually, the need for Eid equipment will sell well around 7 days before Eid. In order not to lose competitiveness, you can provide price discounts to free shipping for the products you sell.

Selling Worship Equipment

The habit of Muslims who want to look neat and clean on Eid is an opportunity to sell various worship equipment. It can be anything that people use for their worship.

For this, I will recommend that you should analyze and study what a Muslim needs on this occasion and sell those items before Eid.

Parcel Making Services

Government agencies have indeed banned all forms of parcel giving because they are feared of pollution. But don’t worry, the market share for parcels is still wide open. You can assemble your parcel at an affordable price or maybe a premium class depending on the consumers you want to go to but please remember it shouldn’t be plastic or anything that is banned by the government.

Make sure the products assembled in the parcel still have a long expiration date and are of high quality so that consumers are not disappointed. Don’t forget to provide your courier service.

House Cleaning Service

During Eid, there will be many people who are already going home. This is where the home cleaning service business opportunity is needed. You can invite friends or relatives to join the cleaning service team.

Do not be underestimated, house cleaning services usually have quite tempting rates. As long as you are professional and responsible when cleaning the house, your services will be chosen by the community.

Money Exchange Service

Usually, some people who give pocket money to nephews have small denominations of currency. No wonder that ahead of Eid, the demand for money exchange at the bank is very high.

There are even some people who are willing to queue for hours to exchange their money for smaller denominations. However, those who do not have time to queue will prefer to find a money exchange service provider.

This is your chance to get involved in the service business. You can introduce this money exchange service through social media or line up on the sides of the road.

Selling Eid Special Cuisine

Love to cook and ready to work during Eid? So selling Eid specialties is the best choice. If you have trouble making chicken, you can sell other items that people want on Eid. With a relatively small capital, the benefits of cuisine are quite large.

As long as the food you provide has a taste that many people like this culinary business ahead of Eid will make you big profits. Because indeed during Eid, there are many restaurants or food stalls that are closed, so your competitors in terms of selling culinary items are reduced.

Selling Sacrificial Animals

Selling sacrificial animals such as goats and sheep is still the first business option that can be done before Eid, especially on Eid al-Adha. It is undeniable that this is one of the most promising types of business every year, even though it does require quite a lot of capital.

If you don’t have the capital for this business, you can try to become a broker or reseller who acts as an intermediary between potential customers and animal sellers. Before selling it, make sure that the animal is not sick, or disabled, and meets the requirements of the sacrifice!

Sacrificial Animal Care

In addition to the business of buying and selling sacrificial animals, the care of sacrificial animals is also considered a promising business ahead of Eid. Many people buy sacrificial animals sometime before Eid, but do not have a place to keep them safe.

You can open this business with large enough vacant land. Not only providing a place, but you also have to feed and care for the animal until Eid day.

Muslim Clothing

An Eid business idea that is no less promising is the Muslim clothing business. In addition to the worship equipment, some show enthusiasm to welcome the holiday by wearing new Muslim clothes.

Eco-friendly Meat Packaging

The Eid al-Adha sacrificial committee requires large quantities of meat packaging. The use of plastic is considered environmentally unfriendly and has begun to be reduced in some areas. Selling environmentally friendly sacrificial meat packaging can be a business idea as well as support the mission of reducing plastic waste.

You can offer these packages to the sacrificial committee in your neighborhood or you can also market them online.

Car Rental Services

Vehicles are one of the most sought-after by people when Eid arrives. The culture of returning home or going home, which is so booming when the Eid festival arrives, makes car rental services very prospective.

If you have an idle car, why not use it for car rental services. Maybe initially to be safer, you can provide car rental services without removing the key, aka you have provided a driver. Don’t forget to install GPS in the car.

Become a Homecoming Driver

In addition to renting out four-wheeled vehicles such as cars, you can also play a role by providing driving services for people who are going home for Eid.

Becoming a driver does require more sacrifices because you can’t spend the holidays and enjoy the moment with your family and have to earn money by acting as a driver for people who go back to various regions.

Seasonal ART Services

Becoming a household assistant when the homeowner returns home can be an option for those of you who want to work optimally but at the expense of spending time with family during Eid.

Of course, the salary you get will be more expensive than drinking tea water at normal times. Being water when the owner of the house returns home is quite difficult because you may have to take care of the contents of the house alone with vulnerable conditions. After all, it is quiet and many people are returning home too.

Sales of Homecoming Tickets

Homecoming or returning home is one of the mandatory traditions for people when Eid arrives. Some return home between cities, provinces, and even countries. And guess what they need? Of course, the tickets are cheap.

You can act as agents to sell tickets for buses, trains, or planes in regional areas. Why the area because most city people are more sophisticated and they prefer to use applications rather than having to buy tickets directly at intermediary counters.

Special Children’s Clothing

For children’s clothing, it is very prospective and gets a high sales turnover when Eid arrives. Especially for children aged between 5-10 years, usually, parents give a lot of clothes to their children so that the holiday tradition is maintained. Because many think that new clothes are a symbol of the holiday itself.

Toy Trade

One of the products that are in high demand by children when Eid arrives are toys such as firecrackers and masks.

Parents themselves buy these items for children so that they can enjoy them on Eid. If not firecrackers and masks there are so many items that you can sell before and on Eid as well.

Shoes and Sandals Trade

In addition to the items mentioned above, you can also sell shoes or sandals, where Indonesian people, apart from buying clothes, usually buy new footwear for use during the Eid period.

It is like clothes, new footwear is also part of the habit of people who think something new must be worn when Eid arrives.

Pre-Order Eid Cake

Everyone would agree when it is said that Eid cake is a mandatory dish that must be in every home when Eid arrives.

Therefore, you can open an Eid cake-making business long before Eid arrives. Because usually, people will order a lot of Eid cakes a week before Eid. And so that you focus more on working on the cake, it’s a good idea to hold a pre-order system to maintain the quality of the cake you produce.

FAQ: Eid Business Ideas

There are many questions that may come to your mind about the eid business ideas but I have tried my best to answer them.

Q1. Which Homemade Business Is Best on Eid?

There are many business ideas that you can start from home on eid but among them, the best ones are cooking, gifts business, beverage business, and online garment selling business.

Q2. How Do I Sell on Eid?

You have to open your business before eid and promote it so that more people know about your business, then you can use traditional ways and social media to sell your products or services to the customers.

My Final Thoughts

Now you are aware of the eid business ideas that you can start before eid in order to sell more because after eid the buying pattern of the customers will be the same and they don’t buy things that are particularly required for the eid festival.

Make sure you analyze the market and the customers for eid businesses then it will be easy for you to decide on your products and target customers.

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