Entertainment Business Ideas in India

14 Entertainment Business Ideas in India with Huge Profits

There are many entertainment business ideas in India that will boost your business career and have the potential to generate decent profits.

The entertainment industry in India now continues to grow along with technological developments. Technology in the entertainment industry is not developing in a limited scope but is getting wider with the rise of social media.

The internet has become a shortcut and even an alternative that is widely used when conventional entertainment media cannot accommodate all ideas and creativity because the problem of needs that must be met requires high costs.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best entertainment business ideas that you can use in India for a profitable business.

14 Entertainment Business Ideas in India

Here are business ideas in the entertainment industry in India:

Special Event Management Services

This service is more commonly known as an event organizer, event management, or event planner. Services that are usually provided are generally for weddings, meetings, birthdays, outbound events, and much more.

Although many run this service business in India, there are still opportunities as long as you are observant and creative in making an interesting event concept.

You have to realize that more and more people don’t have time to take care of an event so event management services are the main choice to be able to organize events that are according to their wishes.


It is one of the best business ideas that you use in India. Teaching dances to others and creating moves on music for films is the best business to earn greater profits. You can too start this entertainment business in India only if you have expertise in many forms of dance.

When you grow in this business you can teach rich clients such as celebrities. This business is currently trending and many new dancers have started this business but you need knowledge and skills to make a name in the industry.


For entertainment purposes, you can open a circus where you show different talents, magic, and many other things that attract people and they will visit it again and again for enjoyment. Now, this business is not trending as it was earlier.

Nowadays the circus is not as profitable a business as it used to be but still, there are some people who wish those days should come back and even the new generation want to explore the past trends.

Comedy Shows

Do you watch Kapil Sharma Show, how do you like it? Shows like The Kapil Sharma Show, are currently trending and are earning huge profits.

This entrainment business in India requires large budgets but you can start with small, and then with the growth, you achieve you can go for big comedy shows.


DJs are very much needed in this modern world to play music and encourage the audience to dance at parties, weddings, and many events.

Also, they can work for big music industries if they have expertise in their department. If you have these skills you can start this business with a few other people on large scale.

Modelling Agency

Now, most of the youth of India wants to be a model and they work very hard for it. You can open a modeling agency and select the best across the countries.

You can do modeling shows with those models, or provide models to the entrainment industry as per their requirements.

Digital Graphic Designing

To meet the needs of the entertainment industry in India, one of the things that are needed is digital graphic designing services. This skill has been used for a long time, but along with the times, the demand for the entertainment industry has required high technology.

The international market has long used the services of graphic designers through online media because it is faster and of course price competition is very profitable for them.

Seeing what is happening now, those of you who do have this skill need to open up to be even more creative in marketing their services to get more profit than usual.

Video Editing Service

Service video streaming such as YouTube and Vimeo nowadays has become an alternative means is the choice of many people from all over the world. Starting from personal to commercial needs. 

To display an attractive audiovisual, it is necessary to have expertise and creativity in creating a quality video.

The market needs video editing for online and offline purposes, it is a profitable business opportunity, especially for videographers.

Advertising Agency

Advertising is not limited to conventional media facilities such as print media, television, radio, and the like because now the use of the internet can meet modern marketing methods that require cost-effectiveness with unlimited reach.

If you have the ability or expertise in managing to advertise, the online advertising agency business opportunity is a smart choice at this time.

Those who have been running an advertising service business for a long time should be able to take advantage of this opportunity to develop their business to be more professional based on market demands.

Sound Recording and Editing Services

Sound is a vital need for the entertainment industry because without sounds, such as narration and music, what is offered in the form of the spectacle becomes boring and unattractive.

Illustrations of short music and narration for an advertisement or other needs are sought after by many people, if you have expertise in creating short music or voice narration then make the most of it because the opportunity is still wide open even though there are many competitors.

Quality is one of the main points that people are looking for, so create the best products to become a profitable business.

Music Production

Music production needs a large investment but can also generate huge profits. It is one of the best entertainment business ideas in India that you choose if you are interested and have expertise in music.

You may have seen many new entrepreneurs establishing music companies and are earning great then why can’t you? Analyze the market and see how can you start a music production business.

Script Writing

To be a scriptwriter you need to be creative and have a lot of experience in the entrainment field because you have written stories that people like and want that as a movie.

A good script with good performance of actors makes it a good movie and we all know when a movie performs well at the Box Office, what are the profits.

Song Writing

Providing a song to a movie or for just a music video will give popularity and good profits as well. You should have skills in writing songs as per the script, stories, etc.

For this, you need skills for writing because various things are needed for songwriting such as a theme, a pattern that will be easy to compose, and rhythm.

Talk Show

There are various talk shows currently in India that are generating good profits. As we all know the entrainment industry is quite profitable but at the same it is completive so you have to work a lot to create something people like despite shows already gained popularity.

Talk Shows are becoming people because people want to know about celebrities such as how they became successful, what are their habits, and much more. So, if you are planning this business make sure you analyze your competition because there are already many successful businesses like this.

FAQ: Entertainment Business Ideas in India

Here are the some of the questions that will clear your confusion about entertainment business opportunities:

Which business is most demanded in India?

In India, there is no shortage of entertainment because if you visit India you will find different cities have different sorts of entertainment businesses. It is not possible to select one which represents India but there are a few that are most liked by everyone in India and those are comedy shows, music, and movies.

What type of business is entertainment?

Many things can be considered entertainment, for example, watching prank videos are entertainment for a person and on other hand watching science fiction and horror movies is entertainment for another person. In simple words anything that entertains people is entertainment.

What do entertainment companies do?

They simply provide what people need maybe a TV Show related to comedy or family-oriented. They analyze what people search for and they make it a product in the form of a movie, tv-show, etc.

My Final Words

Now you are aware of the best entertainment businesses in India. Choose a idea that you best suitable for you and work on that idea. Analyze its different aspects and checkout how similar businesses are performing which gives you an idea of how your business will should be.

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