6 Good Examples of Effective Business Communication

Here we will discuss the best examples of effective business communication. As we all know, the business world doesn’t just develop products and sell them to consumers. 

Moreover, business in the millennial era is now more complex and dynamic. Massive and consistent promotional efforts are needed in introducing and developing products so that the business can grow more. And one of the best ways is to carry out effective business communication.

On this occasion, hitbusnessideas will discuss effective business communication. Some examples of methods or ways that you might be able to do to develop your business even bigger. Also, business communication is very important in introducing new products or services to your customers.

So when it comes to communication, you have to really pay attention to your body language. Imagine if you saw someone doing something with his language body. Supposing is a woman who considers a man to be serious when proposing it must be up to his knees. Most women will take it as something serious.

Therefore what you have to do is be in tune. But friends of hitbusnessideas also speak in words that match intonation and body language. You have words, you have intonation and body language and they have to match one another

Business communication has several important elements that make it up, such as:

  • There are goals set in advance
  • There is an exchange involving at least two or more people
  • The existence of ideas, opinions, information, and instructions
  • Using personal or impersonal channels such as face-to-face or media use
  • Use symbols or signals that consumers can understand
  • There is goal achievement

Examples of Effective Business Communication

The basic question is how to make the prospect always successful in every negotiation or promotion? The fact is that you are often confused, how to make consumers agree with the products or services in your business without the slightest rejection.

In fact, the rejection is a failure in business communication and it is definitely not fun.

Based on the experience of business communication experts, there is a theory called cold reading. Cold reading is a science that comes from questions based on data and experience.

Cold reading method

For example, data on age, gender, occupation, habits, hobbies, diet, and so on. You can read what other people think. For example, when a doctor diagnoses a disease of a child patient. The doctor asked, does my sister like to eat fried food? Love candy? “

Obviously, kids love candy. So how do you know that his teeth have holes in him? Of course. However, it seems as if the doctor is smart and can read the minds of small children. Even though all young children, on average, have the same pleasures and hobbies. If the tooth has cavities, then it is certain that the child likes to eat chocolate, or likes to eat sweet foods, such as candy and biscuits.

From the example above, it seems as if the doctor can read the condition of the child without knowing the patient further. Whereas in fact, it is from his experience and the length of time he has opened a medical practice based on age, gender, and so on. This is called the cold reading theory.

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When you already have experience and hours of flying, you can get people to agree on every negotiation or business communication that you generally do. For example, you say “Like to eat fried?” they said yes. “Like to eat spicy food?” they answered correctly. “Does that mean you often have stomach aches?” Yes.

“Do you often have trouble sleeping?” Yes. “You must rarely exercise?” and continues to answer yes

Why can your customers keep saying yes? Because you also see from the habit pattern. As a businessman when you negotiate with people so that people say yes, then you have to be able to ask questions in case you can more or less know about the pattern.

If you can read the pattern, then surely that person will always say yes or agree with your words. And finally, you can offer products or services from your business. Suppose you offer a product, then you have to build and provide solutions to consumers.

In the end, you don’t need to force yourself to sell each of your products or services. But you can offer solutions to every problem that your consumers experience.

Examples of Effective Business Communication

You can provide this solution when consumers provide continuous approval. Use cold reading methods to create more effective and successful business communications. 

1. Communication via the Internet

Examples of communications that use internet networks such as email and chat applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram are included in this one example method. Other daily communication channels are commonly used by people as smartphone users.

The benefit of email and online chatting is its ability to have massive and fast conversations. You can even give messages to many people in office environments with busy situations, almost with only the internet network and smart cellphone devices

2. Communication via telephone

For hitbusnessideas friends who want to carry out a business meeting to discuss plans or policies that will be taken by the company, tap the location between employees who are far away, then you can use communication via cell phone or home. If you want communication to take place more quickly and effectively, you can call from a smartphone or ordinary cellphone

3. Video Call

Currently advances in information technology utilize the internet network to conduct video conferencing systems that can involve many people, tens to hundreds of users. Call it like Zoom or Google Meeting. This great feature will allow people in remote locations to hold meetings together. Everything, of course, feels as close as possible, even though the participants are far apart

4. Official Report Letter

Activities resulting from documenting activities that have been carried out by a company, of course, will affect other people and departments. It is an essential part of a smooth business communication system. Namely making good reports, so that it will be easier for employees to provide more clarity in communication with consumers

5. Presentation Method

Company presentations occur very often both among employees and officials or between shareholders and company officials. Meetings for the most frequently held meetings are generally equipped with discussion material in PowerPoint slide format. Meetings with presentations are great for discussion, so questions and clarifications can be asked right away.

6. Field Survey Methods

Internal surveys with customers are one of the best ways to collect criticism, suggestions, and assessments on company products that have been produced. Make sure that the survey has to be credible, very effective to get immediate and fast feedback for the company’s future improvements. 

Closing remarks

Communication does not only mean conveying personal information between individuals but also more than that, communication can be used to increase sales and make the business even bigger. Especially now that the development of information technology is increasingly rapid, making communication easier without being hindered by distance and time limitations.

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Thus the discussion on Effective Business Communication Tips for Developing a Business this time, hopefully, can inspire those of you who are business actors to continue to develop your business by implementing effective business communication. Don’t forget to share this post on your social media.

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