What is Google My Business: Benefits and Tips

In this article, we will discuss Google My Business, Why it is Important, What are its benefits, and how you can manage this.

In today’s digital era, many people are used to searching for everything on the internet, and the most used search engine is Google. For example, when you want to find out where the best food stall or place to eat is for a certain type of food when you are in a place, people will type it in the search field on Google, such as “the most delicious biryani, kabab, etc. Likewise, to find other things, such as places to shop for clothes, bags, and various other items, because it is Google is the site most visited by internet users. Therefore, it is important for business actors to be able to make their business appear and easy to find when people type them on this site. This article will discuss Google My Business, complete with a guide for beginners.

Google My Business

Why Is Being Online Important?

Utilizing the internet is one of the right tricks to open a business because it can reach potential customers in a wide area, across city boundaries, islands, countries, and even continents. That way, your business can be recognized by people faster than just opening an offline business.

To make a business ‘present’ in cyberspace and known to many internet users, there are many ways that can be taken, including by creating websites, accounts on social media, or opening stalls in various marketplaces.

One of the most effective ways to make your business widely recognized is to register on Google My Business. Thus, you will have the opportunity to achieve greater benefits. No need to bother and spend money, because it can be done for free.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business or Google My Business is one of Google’s platforms that is intended to help business owners to make their business widely known, because it can appear in search results when internet users enter keywords in the form of the business name or something related to it in Google Search.

According to research from Google, the number of clicks on a site or website can increase by about 35 percent with the help of Google My Business. When opening or searching for a place or business site on Google, usually a map will appear with the complete address, where the website information and phone number are available. That’s the result of implementing Google My Business.

Google My Business has been used by various kinds of small businesses to companies all over the world. This feature is indeed considered very useful for business progress because it can attract the attention of visitors in cyberspace, and thus will also have a positive impact on their offline business.

Searching for a business will also be easier with Google My Business because the business will automatically be listed on Google’s search list, and thus will be easier to find on Google Search and Google Maps.

Why Use Google My Business?

The world community has entered the era of digital marketing, where most people will look for information on the internet first before deciding to buy a product, and business owners have also turned to digital media in marketing their products. Hence, that’s where the importance of business owners using Google My Business to advance their business.

Google My Business is arguably Google’s effort to provide convenience and support the current and future digital market climate with the various features and conveniences that are presented through this platform. Why do business owners need to use Google My Business? The following include:

1. So that businesses can appear on the first page of Google Search

Google usually prioritizes geographic location in displaying search results. When you activate GPS on your digital device and enter keywords to search for a place or a product, Google will track your current location and display search results in the form of places around you on its first page. A business can appear on the first page of these search results by optimizing the use of tools within Google My Business.

2. For businesses to appear on Google Maps

Apart from appearing on the first page when internet users type your business name in the search field, your business will also appear on Google Maps. Thus, customers can also set a route from their location to your location. Thus, customers will find it easier to find your business location.

3. To be easily contacted by customers

By registering with Google Business, customers can easily get accurate contact information for your business, be it your phone number, email, or your business’s official website, according to the information you input into the system during the registration process.

4. To have the opportunity to attract new customers

Because your business information appears on the first page of search results, this automatically has the potential to attract new customers. In addition, you can display photos of locations and products, add information about opening hours, descriptions, customer comments, or testimonials, and ratings on the page that displays your business profile on Google My Business. With complete information that can be easily accessed, your business has the opportunity to attract several new customers.

Benefits of Using Google My Business

After understanding the importance of business owners registering on Google My Business, here are some of the advantages or benefits that can be obtained if you take advantage of the Google My Business platform.

1. Can build a positive image and increase consumer confidence

A business that has been verified with Google My Business is twice as likely to be considered a reputable business by consumers. When people find your business on Google Search and Google Maps, your business will be more trusted.

2. Can manage information from users and make use of it

The Google My Business platform service allows you to manage the information that Google users see when they search about your business or the products and services you offer. This information can certainly be useful to provide new ideas and insights regarding future business development.

3. Can interact with customers

Because your business appears on Google Search and Google Maps, you can interact with customers, for example by answering questions in the question and answer column, reading and responding directly to customer testimonials, adding photos and so on. Information from Google’s official page entitled “About Google My Business” reveals that businesses that add photos to Google My Business receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps.

4. Can increase traffic on the website

Still according to Google’s official page entitled “About Google My Business”, it is revealed that businesses that add photos to Google My Business receive 35% more clicks on their site, compared to businesses that don’t.

5. Can understand and increase the visibility of your business

The information collected on Google My Business will give you a broader understanding and insight into your business. You can also find information on how customers search for and interact with this business. In addition, you can also find out information about the location of customers who see your business on Google. You can also see what actions customers take most on your listings and find out when and how often customers contact your business.

6. Can share the latest information

By utilizing Google Business, you can provide the important latest information about products and various attractive offers that you want to provide to attract customers. Google Business allows you to make your business better known by sharing the latest information and photos.

Google My Business can also make it easier for you to post the latest products by highlighting the features and uniqueness of your products. This is what can later help customers find new and attractive products to buy.

7. Make customers more influenced to buy

If consumers search and try to find product information online, the most important thing is to make your business inspire and relevant to them. By using Google My Business, you can make special offers. The more information that highlights your product, the more likely it is to buy.

Tips for Managing Google My Business

How to make your business more widely known and ‘liked’ by Google? This is a process that is not always easy. Some people choose to pay for agency services or individuals to create Google My Business. With these services, business owners are promised that their business will be included in Google listings or lists.

But of course, this requires quite expensive costs, up to millions of rupiah. Not all businesses, especially those that are still on the UMKM scale, can spend such expensive capital to pay. So, what must be taken is to register for Google My Business independently. To keep Google My Business running well and its reputation growing, follow these tips:

Complete Google My Business profile data

If your business has appeared in Google search results, start completing the data on your Google My Business profile. This data includes profile photos, photos of the interior and exterior buildings/shops, photos of employees or teams, logos, telephones, and so on. Add as complete data as possible so that potential internet users as your customers can see a clear picture of your business

Regularly posting updates about your business

To attract internet users, make regular posts about your business. In addition to a complete profile, also add business-related information such as promos or tips and so on. In this Google My Business platform, the posting feature will appear on businesses that have been verified by Google.

Make use of SEO

Try using SEO features. This can be done alone or by using the services of an SEO expert. To do this, you can use a backlink on the Google Plus page on Google My Business so that the ranking will increase or increase. The higher the ranking, the better the reputation of Google My Business, so that business will skyrocket even more.

Invite customers to write positive reviews

If you already have customers, invite them to visit your business page to write a positive review. Reviews from customers are no less important as a basis for Google’s assessment. These positive reviews can be in the form of impressions and messages or experiences when visiting your business and using their products.

Hold events actively

Currently, there are many businesses from various fields that take advantage of Google My Business. However, only 5 to 10 businesses will appear on the first page of Google search. For that, you need to attract the attention of Google so that your business appears on the front page of search results. One way is to regularly make posts, use signs or tags on posts other than the business itself, and often hold events or promotions actively.

Diligent, consistent, and responsible

Apart from all these things, what is no less important are the factors from within the business owner himself, namely persistence, consistency, and responsibility. If this is fulfilled, the business owner will be more enthusiastic and more able to think positively in facing various challenges.

That’s the discussion about the Google My Business platform, its importance for business owners, its benefits, how to make it, and also what needs to be prepared, to some useful tips.

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