Handicraft Business Ideas in Canada

10 Beneficial Handicraft Business Ideas in Canada from Used Goods

Looking for ideas for a handicraft business in Canada? Then here you will find 10 such ideas that will help you in the handcrafted business from used goods.

Creativity can indeed bring money. It is even more profitable if this creativity can produce various handicraft products made from used goods. By utilizing used goods in their manufacture, this business will require less capital than using new materials.

In addition, using used goods also reduces waste, making it more environmentally friendly. Many used items can be used as handicrafts, for example, plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard, cans, rags, used product packaging, and so on.

Handicraft Business Ideas in Canada

Handicraft Business Ideas in Canada

Here are handicrafts business ideas that you can pursue in Canada:

1. Crafts from Used Bottles

Old bottles that are worn out should not be thrown away, because they can be used as more useful items. Because it is one of the most common types of waste, it is not difficult to find used bottles as a basic material for making interesting handicrafts.

Many types of items can be made from used bottle materials. Here are three examples of handicrafts that can be created from used bottle materials.

  • Pots for Decorative Plants

Used bottles can be created into pots for small plants. To make it, you don’t need a lot of capital, it can even be less than 50,000. Pot designs can be made into various shapes, such as animal heads, cartoon characters, etc.

It takes a cutter and acrylic paint to make the plant pot look more attractive.

Besides being able to reduce waste, used bottles can also be used as a greening medium around our environment to make it look more beautiful and beautiful.

  • Stationery Case

Used bottles can also be used as material to make containers for stationery. The method is also easy, namely by punching holes in the used bottles at the top and bottom with the size of the lower hole.

Then, coat the used bottles with white paint and when they are dry, you can make interesting pictures according to your taste. The better the image of the container, the more expensive the selling price will be.

It is not impossible that one of these handicrafts can generate profits many times its capital.

  • Cell Phone Charger Stand

When going to charge the cellphone battery but the existing socket is too high, the solution is to use a charger buffer that can be made from used bottles.

The way to make it is quite easy, namely by cutting the used bottle according to the size of the smartphone you want. Then, make a hole according to the size and location of the charger hole on the smartphone.

Then the stand is decorated as attractively as possible until it is worth selling.

2. Crafts from used newspapers and magazines

Used newspapers and magazines are usually left to pile up and eventually sold to collectors.

Even though these items can be turned into items that are attractive and have economic value, for example into bags, jars, tissue holders, fruit holders, flower vases, wallets, baskets, and many more.

Running a business from recycling used magazines or newspapers also does not require a lot of capital, but it can be sold to generate a large enough profit.

The price determined is of course adjusted to the uniqueness and level of difficulty when making the product.

To collect materials, it can be done by asking for help from neighbors in the home environment or coming directly to collectors of used goods.

Product manufacturing can be done by rolling paper which is then arranged or woven, or it can be done by forming small folds and then weaving it.

3. Crafts from Used Cardboard

Like used bottles, cardboard is also a used item that is easy to find. Many people sell used cardboard to junk dealers to make money. However, with a little creativity, used cardboard can make you more money.

Although this cardboard waste is environmentally friendly because it can decompose, there is nothing wrong with trying to make unique creations, and of course, it can add value to the cardboard waste.

One of the creations of used cardboard is to make a house or a play area for pet cats.

With just a little capital, which doesn’t even cost up to 50,000 to buy additional materials, these houses can be made with additional materials such as used cloth, needles, and tape.

If these handicrafts can be made attractively, the selling price can reach hundreds of thousands of rupiah. In addition, used cardboard can also be used as a container for books, a place for make-up, miniatures such as cars, and other children’s toys.

4. Crafts from Straws

In every place to eat, we will find it very easy to find a straw, which is usually immediately thrown away after use.

The large amount of it is easy to process and makes used straws one of the most popular materials for handicrafts and sells well in the market.

If we use it creatively, a straw that initially looks mediocre will become an interesting craft, for example, to make flower-shaped decorations, pencil boxes, tablecloths, wall hangings, photo frames, bags, sandals, necklaces, and so on. etc.

You only need a little capital to buy crepe paper, glue gun and its contents, straws can be made into various creations.

5. Crafts from cans and scrap metal

Used cans are often considered trash, so it’s no wonder that many people throw them away right away. Even though used cans can still be used as various kinds of cute and unique decoration and decoration creations.

Various handicrafts can be made from used tins, such as stationery holders, hair clips, plant pots, and many others. Many are creative in processing used cans into unique miniature toys, decorative lights, and even as 

6. Crafts from Used Plastic Packaging

Many used packaging for various products, such as used drinks, snacks, laundry soap, and so on, are simply thrown away and eventually pollute the environment because they cannot be decomposed.

With high creativity, this package can be transformed into a handicraft or product that can be reused and of course can be sold such as bags, wallets, tissue holders, refrigerator attachments, and so on.

Apart from not requiring a lot of capital, the goods that are produced from woven drink packages have a high enough selling value so that they can get a lot of profit.

If you find it difficult to collect the packages yourself, try asking your neighbors for help or coming directly to the wholesaler.

If necessary, charge a price according to the number of packages that have been collected to speed up the package collection process.

The collected packages should be washed first with water only to clean the packages from the rest of the drink powder or detergent. After drying, the packages can be made into various shapes.

7. Crafts from Patchwork

Patchwork is used cloth that has been cut irregularly, which is usually the leftover cloth for making clothes.

We can use these pieces of cloth again and make interesting items such as bags, shoes, bedsheets, sandals, wallets, accessories, tissue holders, doormats, and many others which of course can be sold.

To create it, pieces of cloth with various motifs can be sewn back together so that they become a new cloth.

That way, the product display becomes more attractive. The capital that needs to be prepared is not much, at least it is enough to buy the equipment needed, such as sewing machines, threads, accessories, and so on.

If you are serious about making various creations from patchwork, look for rags at several convections around the house. If the owner gives a price per patch, then bargain so that you get a low price.

Tidy and clean rags from scraps of irregular patterns or tangled threads. Bring together several patches by sewing each edge so that it becomes a new sheet of cloth.

Make a pattern in advance on the fabric to make it easier during the product manufacturing process. After that, add accessories to make the product more attractive.

8. Handicrafts from Used Wood

Used wood or in the form of wooden pallets is usually easy to find in any warehouse or large electronic shop to be used as a base when transporting goods. If the wooden pallet is no longer used, it will be thrown away or burned.

Used wooden pallets can be reprocessed into used goods that have high prices. Many houses, offices, shops, and coffee shops or cafes use used industrial goods that are used as furniture.

Starting from a table, bench, or sofa, small shelves, beds, and so on.

The capital needed is indeed quite large, because you have to collect used wooden pallets from various warehouses and shops, and of course it’s not free. In addition, it also requires other equipment such as paint, nails, saws, foam, cloth, and so on.

Because the capital is not exactly small, the profits that can be obtained are large, even reaching hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah.

So that you can get the cheapest price for used wooden pallets, do a survey first in various places. The price is as much as possible to negotiate until you get the desired price.

Make a unique creation from these wooden pallets. The work must also be neat so that it is attractive to sell.

9. Crafts from Used Tires

Used tires are often transformed into new, unique items that have a high utility value, from large flower pots to comfortable furniture, such as chaise lounges and so on.

To make it more comfortable, used tires can be wrapped using wool yarn in a color that suits your taste. You can use handicrafts from these used items in the bedroom, lounge, or spacious living room.

Used tires are not easy to recycle because of their large size, but this can also be an advantage. And if not many are interested in taking advantage of it, this business competition is not too fierce.

10. Crafts from Ice Cream Sticks

Ice cream sticks are used items that can still be used again for various types of handicrafts that are interesting, unique, and easy to create.

A collection of ice cream sticks can be shaped into a photo frame, miniature tower, museum, house, or transportation miniature, which has the opportunity to turn a profit.

The large number of used goods that can be obtained free of charge makes handicraft businesses from used goods have the potential to generate high profits. Anyone who can create these materials can certainly earn income by pursuing this business.

The skill of being able to produce handicrafts from used goods does not mean that it is difficult to learn.

Everyone has the opportunity to be able to get into this business as long as they are diligent, consistent, and dare to try to make crafts starting from the ones that are easy to make first. Good luck!

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