Hobby Business Ideas

Hobby Business Ideas: 27 Creative Hobbies That Make Money

If you are looking for hobby business ideas so that you can start your business with your creative hobby then you came to the right place.

Turning a hobby into a business can be both fun and profitable. Hobbies are synonymous with consumptive activities and need money, but without realizing it, you can turn them into a promising business. It’s not difficult, you just need to start. Just imagine if you spend hundreds of dollars, but can get $1000 back from your hobby. Interesting right?

So, let’s know the ideas that you are waiting for.

27 Hobby Business Ideas

Here are the best ideas for turning your hobby into a business:

Creating Social Media Content

Technological developments make more and more people spend time on social media.  Sometimes we unconsciously spend a lot of time just scrolling and looking at various posts that are not necessarily important. It’s a good idea to take advantage of this time as well to earn money.

The first business idea from the hobby of playing social media is, of course, becoming an influencer. But if you are not interested in becoming famous, you can also open service to create social media content. Many business people, especially those who are just trying to market their business online, need this service.

Become a Collector

Being a collector of any object has the potential to become a hobby that costs a lot of money. Don’t let this happen. Be a smart collector if you want to turn this hobby into a way to earn money.

As a collector, you must be able to distinguish which items have the potential to increase in value and which do not. So make sure you collect items that can later be sold at a much higher price than the price when you bought them. 


This hobby is identical to women, but actually can also be done by men too. Knitting requires high precision and patience, so it’s no wonder that knitting is a high-value object.

If you have this hobby, take advantage of it by selling the work you make. You can make bags, sweaters, socks, wallets, and even wall decorations with this technique.


Ever heard of aquascaping? For those of you who also like to keep fish in an aquarium, you may already be familiar with this technique. Aquascaping is a technique of arranging plants, stones, wood, and other objects to beautify the aquarium.

This hobby has the potential to be turned into a business. You can sell an aquarium that has been decorated with aquascaping to people who want to beautify their home with an aquarium.


The first hobby you can monetize is writing. There are many business ideas from the hobby of writing, one of which is becoming a freelance writer. There are several online media where you can write content and earn money.

Some pay per content, and some give the money according to the number of readers and ads that run. Apart from writing for other websites, you can also create your blog and earn a good amount of profit.


Hobbyists can spend a lot of money on buying equipment, capturing photos in faraway places, or simply experimenting with photos in the studio. If you have a hobby in photography, try to open a freelance photographer service. You can also open a product photo service that is currently trending. This business can be suitable for those of you who like this type of concept photo.

In addition, you can also sell your photos on websites that sell stock photos. You can get a steady stream of income with just one photo upload.

Painting and Drawing

Have a talent and hobby for drawing or painting? Do not waste it!

Try starting to market your work online to earn money. You can also sell services for making custom illustrations according to your customer’s requests. This illustration is usually very suitable as a wedding gift, graduation, and many other moments.

Graphic designing

Still similar to the previous point, if you are also a graphic design enthusiast, you can also earn money from this hobby. You can become a freelance graphic designer. Seeing the very rapid development of social media now, you can also open services to create social media content for online shops. 


On this hobby obviously, you have to spend quite a lot of money. Even if you are a low-budget traveler who always travels backpacker style, you still need money for transportation, accommodation, and many other expenses. There are several business ideas for traveling hobbies.

First, you can create content about your journey, be it in written or video form. If you like traveling abroad, you can also try a courier service business.


Some people think that cooking is not only a basic life skill, but it can also be a fun activity. If you have a hobby of cooking, there is nothing wrong with a culinary business. You will certainly be happier when more people can enjoy the results of your cooking.

There are many types of culinary businesses with different scales. You can open a restaurant, open a catering service, or sell food online or through an application that has a food delivery feature.

Making Cakes

Cooking and baking are both things you do in the kitchen, but you don’t necessarily like both. Just like cooking, baking or making cakes can also be a hobby that makes money. This type of food is even easier to market online. During the holiday season, you can also offer cake hampers that are currently trendy.


Apart from spending a lot of money, having an automotive hobby can also bring you a lot of money. Businesses that are suitable for those of you who have a hobby in this field are repair and modification workshops, vehicle salons, vehicle rentals, vehicle accessories, to buying and selling the vehicle itself.


There are many types of sports hobbies and each of these types can lead to different business ideas of course. If you have a large enough capital, you can try a sports equipment shop business, build a fitness center, and rent sports facilities such as a swimming pool. If you want to start on a smaller scale, you can start by trying to sell sports equipment and sportswear online.


Crafting is a fun activity to fill spare time at home. You can also bring money with this hobby. The trick is of course by selling the handicrafts that you make. 

The types of crafts that are made can follow the trend. For example, during this pandemic, apart from accessories such as bracelets or necklaces, strap masks are also one of the most sought after. Now after the pandemic, analyze the current market and see what is trending and make what people want.


The hobby of fishing is also profitable to start. Business from this hobby can also be large or small scale. You can open fishing for large-scale businesses, while for small and medium-scale businesses you can try selling fishing equipment.

Keeping Animals

Do you like playing with animals? Try turning this hobby into a fun business. First, you can try opening an animal care service. Second, you can also sell food and animal toys. Third, you can try to open an animal salon service.

Playing Music or Singing

There are many ways to make money from this business. You can form a music group that offers services to fill events such as weddings. You can also be a content creator who makes song covers and uploads them to YouTube.


If you have an interest in fashion, try to get into the fashion business. Those of you who like to design clothes can try to build your clothing brand. If you like to mix and match clothes and share your photos, you can be a fashion influencer too. 

Playing Games

Playing games can be a hobby that can be very time-consuming as well as money-consuming. If your skills are qualified, try to create a gaming blog or YouTube channel. In addition, you can also try the game device rental business.

Video Editing

Have video editing skills and consider it a hobby? You are lucky and obviously can make money from this hobby. Try opening a video editing service or creating your video content to make money from YouTube.

Culinary Tour

The hobby of culinary tourism, aka the hobby of eating, can also bring in money. Just like some previous hobbies, you can create content that can bring in money from this culinary tourism hobby. Imagine if you could go on a culinary tour for free and try more food by becoming a food blogger.

Reading Books

Reading books is a very useful hobby because it can broaden your horizons. Another benefit that you can get is earning money from this hobby.

You can create a blog that contains book review content. If you want it to be easier and more up-to-date, you can also create an account on Instagram which provides information about good books to book lovers.

Using Makeup

For some people, makeup is not just a tool to beautify themselves, but also a hobby. The make-up industry which is growing rapidly now makes make-up lovers have many business opportunities. If you see an opportunity, now MUA services are being sought after. Another way is to become a beauty influencer. 

When your name is big as an MUA or a beauty influencer, many makeup brands will want to work together. It’s not impossible that you can have your brand in the future.

Watching Movies

The hobby of watching movies can bring in money in more or less the same way as the hobby of reading books. You can make money by creating movie-related content. If you prefer to write, you can create a blog with film-related content ranging from reviews, and recommendations, to the latest info about the film world.

Film reviews can not only be made in written form, now many YouTube channels present film review content. You can try it for those of you who are also interested in creating content in the form of videos.

Making Pottery

The next hobby is the hobby of making pottery. Classified as a classic, but there are still people who enjoy this hobby because it is fun and relaxing. Several types of pottery crafts such as flower pots, jars, piggy banks, jugs, and many more can be a business.


You can turn the hobby of decorating into a fun business. You can try a business like a party planner who usually takes care of events such as birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, proposals, etc. Just create several decoration themes that customers can choose or you can also make them according to the theme the customer wants.

The scale of the party planner business is not too big, but later you can develop it into an event or wedding organizer.


The hobby of shopping is a wasteful hobby because we have to spend a lot of money. Then, how do you change it?

The answer is easy! You can try to open a deposit service. Even if you shop for other people, you can still feel the satisfaction of shopping, right? Another advantage is that you can earn money from these services.

You can do this deposit service not only for shopping directly at the store. You can also open an online shopping service for goods sold abroad. Generally, international payments are made using a credit card, but of course, not everyone has one. If you have a credit card, you can open a deposit service for e-commerce, such as Amazon or eBay.

FAQ: Hobby Business Ideas

There are several questions asked by the readers about hobby business ideas. Here are some questions with to-the-point answers so that you can understand different aspects of the hobby business ideas.

How do I find a hobby to make money?

If you have a hobby and you want to make money from it then you should research online about that particular hobby and analyze are there are any entrepreneurs who make from it then you got your answer.

What Hobbies Are Creative?

From the business perspective every hobby is creative and if you have a good eye then in no time you can turn it into a business and earn a good amount of profits.


There are millions of people who waste time for fun on a particular hobby but have you wondered if you can enjoy that hobby while you are working at the same time. Yes for that I have mentioned above the profitable hobby business ideas that can generate profits also.

Never limit yourself to a particular boundary, explore your hobby and check out its different aspects and turn it into a business.

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