Complete Guide on How to Open a Motorcycle Shop

Entrepreneurs can get a dealership to open a motorcycle sales shop. In this way, you can get a very profitable business. Entrepreneurs can obtain more information by researching to open a motorcycle sales shop.

A profitable business can be established by paying attention to many factors such as researching dealership companies, location selection, location selection. Opening a motorcycle shop foresees a profit margin of around 50% for entrepreneurs.

How to Open a Motorcycle Shop?

There are steps to be followed to open a motorcycle shop. The points that entrepreneurs should pay attention to and apply when opening a motorcycle sales shop are as follows:

Determination of the Capital

It is possible to open a motorcycle sales shop or open a shop with each brand by purchasing a dealership. The first thing that entrepreneurs need to decide is whether to open a dealership or their own shop, depending on the amount of capital. Obtaining a dealership and opening your own shop have separate advantages. Entrepreneurs can choose between two options according to their capital amount. Other factors that will affect the capital of businesses are factors such as the size and type of the workplace. Especially if the franchises of brands are acquired, the starting capital should be more.

Finding Resources

Entrepreneurs with insufficient capital should provide themselves with resources. People who want to provide funds can apply to banks or private investors. Entrepreneurs need to set aside some of their income to repay the debt in the motorcycle sales business, which they will start by sourcing. However, resources will be repaid in a short time when the idea of ​​opening a motorcycle shop is a highly profitable business.

Determination of the Space

To open a motorcycle sales shop, the location must be determined. It directly affects entrepreneurs’ profit-making. A place that customers will visit, that will attract attention and that will not affect the cost too much should be determined. The costs and location required for the opening of the shop should be determined.

Obtaining the Tax Plate

To open a motorcycle shop, a tax plate must be obtained. The tax plate is very important for motorcycle retailers to operate. Entrepreneurs who open a motorcycle shop with the specified characteristics within the framework of the laws must complete the necessary procedures and obtain a tax plate.

Business License

A business license is the most important step for entrepreneurs to operate by opening a shop. According to the type of business, entrepreneurs will start operating by obtaining a business license. If the documents required for the license are provided and the necessary institutions are visited, the business opening license can be obtained in a short time. With the license obtained, entrepreneurs will start to operate.

Convenient Design

One of the most important points that entrepreneurs should pay attention to open a motorcycle sales shop is proper design. According to the type of motorcycle sold, entrepreneurs will attract more attention from the customers if they offer their shops with suitable designs. In the case of a dealership, some brands offer their own concept and design options for entrepreneurs.

Determination of Supply Network

Entrepreneurs need to determine the supply network required to open a motorcycle shop. Entrepreneurs need to determine which type of engine to buy from which supplier. For this reason, the supply network should be determined before the shop is opened.

Appropriate and Trained Staff

Finding suitable personnel is the most important step for entrepreneurs to open a motorcycle shop. With salespeople directly affecting sales, entrepreneurs can earn a very good income. In the case of dealerships, some brands offer trained personnel for entrepreneurs.

What are the documents required to open a motorcycle shop?

Some documents must be submitted to the relevant institutions to open a motorcycle sales shop. The documents that should be provided by entrepreneurs who want to open a new shop other than dealerships are as follows:

  • A document containing the identity card and residence information of the entrepreneurs
  • Document showing the criminal record of the entrepreneurs
  • Operator Identity Document
  • Tax plate
  • Fire brigade compliance report
  • Workplace sketch
  • Business license
  • If the shop to be opened is leased, the lease contract, if purchased, the title deed document.

It is possible to complete the documents required by entrepreneurs to open a motorcycle sales shop in a short time. Entrepreneurs who provide their complete documents will be able to handle their work easily.

How Much Is The Motorcycle Outlet Opening Capital?

The amount of capital required to open motorcycle sales shops varies according to many conditions. The amount of capital required varies according to the motorcycle brand preferences of the people who want to get a dealership. The average amount of capital required for dealerships to be purchased from major brands varies between 100,000 and 1,000,000 TL. The average capital for franchises to be purchased from smaller brands varies between 150,000 TL and 250,000 TL. However, these numbers vary depending on how many motors entrepreneurs will buy and the brands.

The average amount of capital of entrepreneurs who want to open their own shop and serve should be between 300,000-600,000 TL. The stated capital amount is valid for the shops where all brands of motorcycles are offered for sale. The amount of capital will vary for entrepreneurs oriented towards a single brand and in areas such as electric motors.

How Much Is The Motorcycle shop Earnings?

Motorcycle shops’ earnings vary according to the location and customer preferences. Salespeople of entrepreneurs hiring suitable staff directly affect earnings. In cases where the demands of the customers are intense, the earnings of the motorcycle sales shop can vary between 30,000 TL and 50,000 TL.

Opening a Second-Hand Motor shop

Entrepreneurs can open a second-hand shop as a motorcycle sales shop. Second-hand engine sales are among the most developed sectors in recent years. By buying and selling used engines, entrepreneurs can earn a profit with a certain profit rate. There are engine users who make urgent sales. Entrepreneurs can make purchases by responding to urgent sales requests and then offering them for sale in their shops.

What are the Conditions for Opening the Second-Hand Engine Sales shop?

Entrepreneurs must meet the necessary conditions to open a second-hand motor shop. Entrepreneurs can open a sales shop by fulfilling the necessary conditions. The conditions for opening the second-hand motor shop are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurs must obtain a license. Authorization certificate must be registered with the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen.
  • Must be an income tax or corporate taxpayer.
  • Entrepreneurs must submit a professional competence certificate for the personnel employed in the shop.
  • The appraisal report must be received. The received report is presented to the buyers in a copy at the time of sale.
  • A warranty certificate must be issued. To open a second-hand engine sales shop by the conditions specified in the laws, entrepreneurs must issue a warranty certificate and present certain-term warranty documents to consumers during the sale.
  • The used motor shop should be opened in commercial areas and in areas that will not harm the environment.
  • The shop to be opened must be large enough to cover at least four motorcycle areas.
  • Entrepreneurs must be over the age of 18 to open a shop.

What are the types of engines in motorcycle sales?

Entrepreneurs who want to open a motorcycle shop need to decide what type of motor to sell. There are many motorcycle types and target audiences. The main types of engines that entrepreneurs can sell in motorcycle retailers are as follows:


Touring engines are the most preferred type of motor in intercity transportation. They are the motors preferred by people who want to use more motor freedom. Entrepreneurs can analyze their target audience and present their touring engines in the sales shop.


Scooter motor types have started to be preferred quite a lot in recent years. Entrepreneurs can make a profit if they offer the scooter engine type in their sales shops.


Land use is at the forefront in Cub model engines. Customers prefer the engine because of its comfort. It is among the types of engines that entrepreneurs can offer in their shop.


Especially in recent years, electric motorcycles, which have become very popular, contribute to businesses at the sales stage because they can be used without a license and have a more affordable price than fuel motorcycles.

In addition to these models; Moped, Commuter, Sport Touring, Chopper, Enduro, SuperSport, Naked, Cross, Trial, and ATV type motorcycles are among the models most preferred by customers.


Selling motorcycle accessories and equipment as well as motorcycles, which are the main product group in this sector, is a very lucrative business model. Especially in metropolitan cities with a high population, many shops only sell accessories.

Since motorcycle accessories and equipment are generally produced abroad, many products work with foreign currency indexes. For this reason, they are generally products with a high unit price and profitability. Depending on your investment power, we recommend that you establish this business model in addition to your motorcycle shop, within your possibilities.

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