How To Start A Computer Shop Business In India

How To Start A Computer Shop Business In India (Complete Guide)

If you are looking for a guide to starting a computer shop business in India? Then you came to the right place. The increasingly sophisticated information and communication technology make people’s needs for digital media equipment increase, especially on computers or laptops.

In this article, we will discuss the complete guide and step-by-step process on how to start a computer shop business in India so that it will be easy for you to under the requirements and procedures of the business.

One of the profitable business ideas that can be started in India is the computer shop business which is certainly promising. But before you start this make sure you follow the below steps.

How To Start A Computer Shop Business In India

Steps for How To Start A Computer Shop Business In India

Here are 10 steps for starting a computer shop business in India:

Prepare a Budget to Start a Computer Shop Business

Everyone who wants to start a computer shop business in India must have a budget first as initial capital. Make sure you prepare a savings or investment fund in advance.

Looking at the experiences of figures who have had success while pursuing a computer shop business, they have succeeded in generating a very large turnover from their business, they managed to earn a profit of around 100 million per month.

However, these results are not obtained instantly, the initial capital for this business is very high which is around 20 to 40 million. If you are interested then use the investment or savings funds to get started.

Determine a Strategic Location for a Computer Shop

In the next stage, you must determine the strategic location of the computer shop so that it can be easily found by many people. This is done by considering various things, namely:

  • The highway is not far from the location of the computer shop.
  • Shopping centers and shops are crowded by the public in general.
  • Choose a slightly large area, enough to accommodate a shop building as well as an empty land as a parking area.
  • Choose an area that is not prone to flooding, if it is not available, then build a shop by raising the ground level first.
  • You can also rent a place to open a shop in a shopping center such as a well-known mall to make it more strategic.

Use a Computer Shop Brand or Business Name

Before starting your computer shop business in India, you must have a business name so that the computer shop with your identity is better known and easier to market to the wider community.

Use a computer shop name that is unique and different from the others that already exist.

Choose a name that is short and easy for people to remember, so they can share information about your computer shop with their friends.

Computer Shop Design

If you have determined the right identity for your shop, then next do something so that the shop is attractive to potential customers to visit.

The trick is to design the shop to be more attractive, and comfortable, and make customers feel at home to choose a collection of computers there.

Make sure the shop space is not too cramped so that customers can enter and select the product collection easily because you are unlikely to carry heavy goods if you want to show computer products as customers want.

You can provide shelves that show some examples of computers with certain brands and specifications that can attract customers by placing them in front of the shop or at strategic and easily accessible points in the shop.

Provide Computer Products for Various Brands

Computer shops that provide complete products will certainly be hunted by customers because they will choose computers with several well-known brands whose quality is guaranteed to be good.

Likewise with your computer shop, provide a stock of computer products from various brands, especially those that are well-known and in high demand in the market, as well as certain brands that are affordable.

Provide computer products whose prices vary to reach various circles of society from the bottom to the top.

Provide a complete range of equipment and supplies for computer products

Even though your shop is primarily focused on providing computer products with various brands, you also need to provide various tools and equipment that customers will need to repair or upgrade their computers.

Customers will also be more comfortable because they can buy complete computer products and equipment in one place, namely in your shop.

Computer equipment and supplies that are important as the main circuit of a computer include the mouse, CPU, keyboard, and monitor.

While additional equipment that you have to sell, among others, such as headsets, headphones, speakers, computer circuit cables, and so on.

You can sell some of this additional equipment with various models, types, or unique designs, but still, pay attention to the brand and quality of the goods.

Because customers will certainly consider this before they are sure to buy it.

Computer Shop Workers

When you open a computer shop, of course, you will not be able to run it yourself, because it is more difficult to set it up. It’s a good idea to host a recruitment drive for your computer shop.

Some of the employees that you have to recruit include, cashier employees, and shopkeepers who also act as sales to offer products and make customers have a high interest in the products sold by the shop.

Make sure you recruit employees by determining various criteria according to their field.

For cashier employees, the required criteria must of course be someone who has accuracy and thoroughness in calculating the budget.

It is very important to see the profit and loss from the sales of the shop every certain period.

Furthermore, for shopkeepers as well as sales, you must determine the criteria in the form of someone good at communicating with other people in a short time. The person must also know about computers and their various problems.

In addition, as a salesperson, you must also have a friendly, cheerful, not gloomy personality so that consumers can be more interested in visiting computer shops because of the quality service from your workers.

Just these two parts, which you must have when you open a computer shop for the first time, you can serve as the owner and head of the shop who also has an understanding of computer science.

Give Discounts, Bonuses, or Gifts for the First Purchase

Opening a shop for the first time is certainly not easy, because the shop’s target customers are still not stable, and you have to look for them with great effort.

In the early stages of opening a shop, you can introduce yourself by holding certain events aimed at customers.

In addition, give a promo for the first time to get a good response from customers, which was announced long ago by distributing brochures or banners.

You can provide a variety of attractive promos for certain equipment such as headsets, and others, which will not give you too much loss.

You can also give some unique gifts for every product purchased for the first time by each customer.

Computer Shop Business Maintenance and Development

If the computer shop can run stably, and you can get regular customers every day, even if the number is uncertain, then take care and maintain the shop space properly.

Make sure there are no damaged designs, even though the shop room is quite small, try to have knick-knacks or decorations that are still good for display in the shop.

In addition, you also have to develop your business so that you can get maximum results, not relying too much on one source.

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You can open many shops that are managed or operated online, considering that now the internet has become a strategic and very profitable business tool.

Make sure you have a workforce that supports promotional and marketing work through digital media, if necessary you can do it yourself to be more effective, here are the steps.

  • Use your network of friends as a business network, making sure you have plenty of connections to people who have an interest in using computers. And join several groups or communities that focus on discussing things related to digital equipment such as computers, as well as selling them. Then take advantage of various online media, such as online marketplaces, social media, and websites or blogs.
  • Create a computer shop account on these various media, especially on the marketplace which is indeed more visited by people who need shopping. The target is right because by using the media marketplace, people are well categorized to take advantage of it without you having to suggest it first.
  • However, you also have to understand the way or strategy to market it so that you can find the search field for certain marketplace applications. You can do this by using hashtags when posting computer products to be traded.
  • You can also use marketing strategies through well-known search engines such as Google Shops, which can be easily and quickly found by potential customers all over the world. The trick is to use a foreign language, to describe products, including product names, hashtags, and so on.

Knowing the Barriers and Problems When Running a Computer Shop Business

As a prospective computer shop business owner, you also have to understand the various obstacles and problems that you will encounter, here are some examples.

1) Competition is very tight because many parties have seen opportunities in this field.

2) You can achieve profitable income results as long as you have maximum promotion efforts, and dare to offer different offers from the others. Otherwise, you will suffer a loss.

3) Computer products are always innovating every period so the price will always go down.

4) You must also have expertise in the field of computers so that you can monitor the performance of employees.


Opening a business opportunity in the computer field is indeed profitable, but you have to take into account various obstacles and risks first.

Then follow the tips correctly to minimize losses, so don’t hesitate to try it!

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