How To Start A Massage Parlor Business

How To Start A Massage Parlor Business

If you are looking for a guide on how to start a massage parlor business then you came to the right place. Here we have discussed a complete step-by-step process for starting a massage parlor business.

Starting a massage parlor is among the most profitable business ideas that you can start right now. You may see those massage parlors trying to attract customers in many touristic places.

Or, while you are resting at the hotel, you can get an offer for the spa center. It is possible to encounter massage parlors of spa centers in hotels and specially hired salons. The return of this service, which costs a minimum of $50 per session, is quite high.

Now I will tell you all the details such as how to open a massage parlor, the cost of opening the salon, its earnings, and the necessary documents for the license.

First of all, most of the people who do this job work in a branched way. Usually, a person has at least 3-to 4 more salons. The reason for this is that it provides a chance for rapid profit and growth.

Many massage parlor owners succeed in this business because they know how to work with professionals. What you need in this sector is a certified manager, massage personnel, and someone to carry out marketing activities.

Marketing activities vary according to your location. While it can attract customers even in front of the door in touristic cities, Google Ads and opportunity sites are the best advertising channels in big cities.

Things You Should Know About Massage Parlor

Many entrepreneurs buy massage parlors of hotels with the annual rental fee and tender method. Here are the high numbers. Of course, in terms of doing business, you can do business in the below 5-star hotels. Marketing costs will also be very low.

Attracting a client outside the hotel to the massage parlor is a bit of a challenge. For this reason, getting a hotel tender would be the most logical move you can make in this sector.

Of course, do not think that this will only happen at the hotel. Spa centers and massage parlors, especially in areas with plazas and complexes, make high turnovers. 

The interesting thing about this job is that the biggest part of the costs is just staff salaries and rent. Other than that, you don’t cost much. Every job you do daily reflects on you as a profit. There is no shortage of customers in the massage parlors, which serve between 30 minutes and 1 hour for each customer.

Believe this, many people prefer massage parlors instead of going to a football match and relieving stress. Let’s say our culture of finding peace has changed a bit. 

Since this culture will increase, opening a massage parlor will become popular even more. The only problem in this sector is to open a massage parlor in compliance with the legislation.

Unfortunately, many massage parlors operate illegally in many parts of the world. This will cause you to be remembered differently in the future and you will be sued one day.

When you base your business on legal grounds, you can sell the massage parlor you opened with a cost of 3000 dollars in 1 year for $30000. No job will easily give you this income opportunity.

To open a massage parlor from scratch, you first need to find a responsible manager. The person who will be the responsible manager can also be your employee who has a certificate and mastery certificate.

The legislation includes details about how to have a workplace. Air conditioning use, disposable materials, smooth floor, etc. 

How to Start a Massage Parlor Business

  1. First of all, you should determine how much capital you will allocate for this business. Depending on the capital size you will increase, you can serve not only as a massage parlor but also as a beauty and spa center. Of course, the fact that you carry out many services together will allow you to earn extra income.
  2. It’s time to create a business plan to open a massage parlor. The hardest part of this job is to open a salon that complies with the legislation. Find a candidate with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree to become a responsible manager. This person must also have a journeyman and mastership certificate.
  3. Start your search for a hall of at least 200 square meters for your business. It is possible to do this work in a smaller area. However, when your business increases, be sure that you will have a shortage of space. In addition, areas such as the waiting room in compliance with the legislation, the responsible manager’s room, and massage rooms with certain features create a high square requirement.
  4. Buy all the fixtures you need after the place rental stage. You also need a major remodel. In massage parlors, there are some requirements such as hot water in every room, changing rooms in the salon, and separate WC for men and women.
  5. Get a tax plate after remodeling. To start doing business, you need to get a license. We have shared the necessary documents for you below to obtain a license.
  6. After completing all licensing, plan for staffing with the responsible manager. You can employ both masseurs and masseuses in this industry. Only male masseurs are not preferred. They provide more individual services.
  7. After the business opening, you should start marketing activities to do business. The most effective channels for this are internet ads, hotel deals, city deals sites, etc. You can use advertising data. 

Cost of Starting a Massage Parlor

The cost of opening a massage parlor in compliance with the legislation varies between $9000 and 20000 dollars. The largest share in these cost items undoubtedly goes to renovations and fixtures.

You can know less than the cost of renovation and living room decoration on demand. However, there will be a big gap between you and your competitors.

Many massage parlors such as baths, saunas, spas, and beauty treatments are all in one place. In doing so, you can offer your customers the services they expect. Especially the spa centers in the hotels provide the most luxurious service.

You need to offer the same expectation and service to your customers. You don’t have a chance to open a salon even on a side street. You should choose a place with a high signage value.  

Massage Parlor Monthly Profit

The average cost of a massage session starts from 50 dollars. Of course, prices may increase according to these different types of massage. In a massage parlor where 10 customers come daily, a turnover of at least 500 – 1000 dollars can be achieved.

When you reduce the costs in the massage parlor, where the monthly income will be $4000, your net income will emerge.

Depending on the size of the massage parlor in tourist places, it is possible to make a daily turnover of 300-400 dollars in the season. Tourists’ interest in spa centers is great. The monthly income of a 4-room massage parlor will be at least $3200. 

Documents Required to Open a Massage Salon

  • Lease
  • Activity Permit Certificate
  • Registration
  • Certificate of Compliance with Legislation
  • Deed Photocopy
  • SSI Entry Statement
  • Certificate of Mastery
  • Fire Brigade Compliance Report
  • Ministry of Health permission
  • Signature Circulars
  • Commercial Registry Registration

The above license documents may vary as per the country you live in. Make sure you contact the authority and ask for every document they need for the business to set up.

FAQ: How To Start A Massage Parlor Business

Here are some of the questions with good answers that may come to your mind about a massage parlor business.

Q1. Can you make money from massage?

Yes, you can make a lot of money from massages but you to choose the right location for this business and your service should be good so that customers like it and visit the massage parlor again and again.

Q2. Is owning a massage business profitable?

There is no doubt about the profitability of the massage business. It is indeed very profitable and you can see by yourself how existing massage businesses are earning.

Q3. Is massage therapy a good side hustle?

Message therapy is one of the profitable and good side hustles. Not only you can start it as a side business but also there are few location in the world where you can start this business full-time and also make huge profits.

My Suggestions

Examine the complaints about the massage parlors. The vast majority of them complained about hygiene. If you get a negative grade in terms of hygiene in this sector, it is not recommended to do this job.

Design and decor are as important as the work you do. People pay for the decoration environment as much as they pay for the service. People who are satisfied with the ambiance they are in think that they get their money’s worth.

Always do your work as if you were going to open the 2nd and 3rd branches. In other words, the massage parlor should be in working condition when you are not present. For this, you must create a system that can record everything.

Go to many massage parlors and get yourself a massage. You can copy their good sides, decor examples, and aspects you like.

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