How to Start Floriculture Business in India

How to Start Floriculture Business in India

Here you will discuss how you can start a floriculture business in India. It is one of the profitable business ideas that you should consider if you are interested in the flower business.

It requires medium investment to start and you should have skills and knowledge about flowers and plants. In India, many floriculture businesses are earning a very good amount of profits.

Let’s go through the steps that you should follow to start a floriculture business in India.

Initial Steps to Set Up a Flower Business

Your initial steps to set up the floriculture business should revolve around choosing the place and the area where we are going to set up this business.

In addition, if we are very determined to continue with this type of business and your knowledge is limited, it will be interesting (and recommended) to take a course related to flower types and how to cultivate them.

To study the market, possible competition and determine the viability of the business, we must first develop a business plan.

Floriculture Business Plan (Flower Business Plan in India)

The making of the business plan will allow us to study the market situation and the competition that we will have to face, it will also allow us to see the business’s nature.

Flowers or plants are indeed sold every day of the year, but there are sales peaks related to specific times and dates (Mother’s Day, All Saints’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, spring, and summer for weddings …). This will lead us to define the type of clientele that we can expect.

You can cultivate different flowers and provide supplies to the flower shops on these occasions.

As the product is going to be extremely important in this business, studying the flowers and plants that can be cultivated, their quality, and their type are very important.

Once we have made the market plan, we can develop a SWOT analysis from it to determine the weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities.

The SWOT will give way to the Viability Plan, with which we can determine the profitability of the business and the initial investment that we will have to make to set it up and start it.

Cost for Opening Flower Business in India

The investment required for the business is medium as per the business type. The initial capital required for this business is around 30000 to 50000 rupees in India.

Legalize Your Business

You already have the idea of ​​your business in mind, you have chosen the location, calculated the costs that you are ready to invest in, and start your business, but first, we must choose the legal form.

Opting for a limited company or a public limited company will determine the procedures that we must carry out to establish the company, the tax, accounting, and labor obligations that we must fulfill as entrepreneurs, as well as the amount of social capital necessary to establish it.

APEDA (Expanded as Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) provides the license for export promotion and development of Floriculture. Also, you need GST registration.

Branding Design for Our Florist

A business branding or brand image becomes a point where its design is essential. It will help us distinguish ourselves from the competition and create a unique label that people automatically associate with us and our store.


Flowers and plants can give us a lot of play when creating the name, but we do not deny that it is a sometimes difficult mission to find the right name and that it is not already in use. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure it is original
  • Make it easy to remember
  • As we have said, we can play with the names of the flowers and plants to find an original combination
  • If we intend to create a web page, check that the domain is available
  • Consult with friends, family, and associates


Creating a beautiful, attractive and quickly recognizable logo is also a fundamental aspect of this part of business creation and, unless we really know image and illustration design, it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals to obtain a result.

Corporate Identity

Our name and our logo will appear on our invoices, posters, tickets, delivery notes, uniforms, etc., and they will be two more aspects that will form part of our corporate identity, but they will not be the only thing. And it is that the image is also built on a day-to-day basis with the treatment that we dispense to our clients, the quality of the products that we sell, and their value for money.

Flower Distributors

If you are a person that supplies flowers to flower shops then you need to provide qualities flowers on time.

In a product of a delicate and ephemeral nature such as flowers and plants, you need to supply flowers carefully.

Florist Franchises

Likewise, setting up this business from scratch is difficult for us, but there is the possibility of partnering with a franchise with which we will surely lower part of the costs. In addition, franchises already have an established brand and many people know them, so finding customers will be easier.

The cost of the franchisee will depend on the franchise we choose. To this, we must add the price of the place that we want to use for our store since normally the place we will have to put it ourselves.

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