How to Start Online Cosmetic Business in India

In times of a pandemic like today, not a few people are racking their brains to find ways to improve their household economy which had declined.

Some of them choose to increase their household income by selling online, especially selling cosmetics.

Therefore, information about how to start an online cosmetic business has recently been sought after by many people, especially when they see people around them who have already started a cosmetic business and it turns out that they have benefited quite a lot from this activity.

Cosmetics itself as you already know is one of the necessities that must be owned by some women.

However, even though the target market of this business is women, this does not mean that the owner of the cosmetic business must be a woman, anyone can start a cosmetics business, which is important they can run the business well, have a strong determination, are hardworking, and understand the ins and outs of cosmetics and cosmetics. Health and body care.

Cosmetics include items that are always sought after, and have a great opportunity to get a lot of profit from their sales.

Therefore, in recent times there have been many housewives, students, university students, and others who have chosen this route to increase their income.

In India itself, currently, the type of cosmetics that are most loved by many people is the type of cosmetics originating from the country of ginseng, aka South Korea.

In addition to cosmetics, skincare from South Korea has also recently been in demand by most women in India.

South Korea has also recently been in demand by most women in India.

Most Interested Skincare

Well, for those of you who are looking for a trusted Korean skincare supplier in India, you can get the answer here:

Korean Noona

This online shop is one of the most trusted Korean skincare suppliers in India. Korean Noona has been established in 2008 and guarantees that they are the first-hand supplier of Korean beauty products in India. The goods sold here are quite affordable.

You can find this online shop at Shopee. This shop offers a variety of cosmetic and skincare brands, so buyers can choose according to their individual needs. In addition, this store also offers various versions, such as sample, travel size, full size, and so on.

Beauty Glowing

Beauty glowing is also a well-known Korean skincare supplier in India. There are always plenty of stock items sold here, so you don’t have to worry about running out. Starting from well-known brands from Korea are available in this shop.

This shop is perfect for those of you who want to become a reseller of Korean beauty products because this shop is said to have the cheapest prices compared to other online shops. To access it, you can visit the official website directly or via Instagram @beautyglowing.

Beauty Haul

This shop can guarantee that the goods it sells are original or genuine products, so you don’t have to doubt it anymore. However, unlike the shops previously mentioned, this shop also provides beauty products from other countries such as European countries and American countries.

This store has interesting features that can benefit the buyer. They offer low prices for products that are damaged during the shipping process from overseas to India. To access this store, you can visit it on the store’s Instagram @beautyhaulindo.

Paporus shop

This online shop started its career by selling on Instagram in 2011, even before the popular Instagram application. Before that, they introduced and offered the products they sold through the Facebook application. So, because this store already has a short flight time, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to shop for cosmetics or skincare here.

Mirielle Beaute

This shop is guaranteed to sell genuine beauty products. You can find very famous beauty product brands here. To access it, you can visit Mirielle Beaute’s Instagram named @miriellebeute.

How to become a Korean cosmetic reseller

To become a Korean cosmetic reseller, you also need a few steps to follow.

Because, this type of business has sprung up in India, so if you don’t make a good strategy when doing this business, your business can be buried from other people’s businesses in the same field.

Here are some ways to become a Korean cosmetic reseller who has big profits:

Must recognize the current trend

Determining the products to be sold will definitely be very influential in the continuity of the business being run, and the cosmetic business is no exception.

Therefore, it would be nice if you understand and recognize what cosmetic or skincare trends are currently in effect so that when you sell them, the fans will come naturally.

Make a business plan

Before starting a business, you are required and highly recommended to make a business plan or commonly called a business plan.

This is very important because, with a business plan, the seller can determine a good strategy to make the business continue to grow.

So, to become a Korean cosmetic reseller, you also need to follow this method.

Make sure your supplier is trusted and professional

Because here you only act as a reseller, so you need to find a reliable and professional supplier.

This is done to anticipate buyers feeling disappointed after buying goods from you.

Set an attractive price

Price is one that buyers will definitely take into account when they want to buy an item of any type, including Korean cosmetics and skincare.

Usually, buyers will look for the most affordable prices and according to the results they receive, so a seller is required to set an attractive price to get enough customers.

Make good use of social media

Because today’s era is very sophisticated, for example with social media that has many functions for human life, so you can use social media to sell or promote your merchandise.

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Attract followers’ attention with interesting posts about goods. Through social media, sellers can reach a wider market.

Create a shop with an attractive design

A shop must have an attractive design and can make people curious to visit it.

Likewise, Korean cosmetic reseller shops. Design your shop as attractive as possible so that many people are curious to visit it.

Provide maximum service

This method is also not only applied to the Korean cosmetic reseller business but must also be applied to all other types of businesses.

Because, by having maximum service, it will be one of the reasons a customer will come back to your shop.

So, this method will be profitable to make big profits.

How to start a skincare business

As with the cosmetic business market, the fairly broad skincare business market also has many competitors, so that can be an obstacle for your store to continue to grow.

Therefore, to start a skincare business you are required to take the right steps to have a great chance of success.

Here are ways to start a skincare business that you can easily follow:

Interesting different skincare products

You can do this with several options to choose from, such as:

  • Create it yourself. To make your own skincare products, you are required to have your own laboratory and factory, and of course, both of these must comply with existing government requirements.
  • Collaborate with Mallon skincare. The second option is easier to do than the first because it doesn’t require you to provide the resources to create the product.
  • Buy ready-made skincare products aka becoming a reseller. For those of you who choose the third option, you just need to think about a good sales and marketing strategy.

Different products are better

Because currently in India itself there are already many skincare businesses that have sprung up, so make sure the skincare you sell has a different value and is certainly better when compared to other stores.

Follow the applicable rules

This step of course you have to do, this is not only for the skincare business but also for other types of businesses.

Because, to be able to release your skincare products more broadly, you certainly have to comply with existing regulations so that your shop can be trusted by many people.

Define your overall business goals

Before starting any business, make sure you have determined the purpose of your business. What do you want to achieve from your business?

What are the realistic financial targets for your business?

You have to plan these questions carefully so that you can create a skincare business that reaches the target.

Narrow target consumers

Because the skincare business already has many competitors, so you are advised to narrow down your product’s target consumers in a more specific way, because any product is certainly not possible to meet the needs of all humans.

Create your own brand, packaging, and label

Brands, packaging, and labels are important factors that you must pay attention to when you want to start a business, and the skincare business is no exception.

So make sure you have created a unique and customer-friendly brand, packaging, and label.

Apply pricing strategy

For this one method, make sure you apply the right strategy. There are three types of prices that you need to set, namely retail prices, production prices, and wholesale prices.

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Make the prices attractive so that they can attract the attention of many people.

Create your own website

This method is done to introduce the products you sell more broadly. By having their own website, everyone can access it even easier. Make sure you also offer lots of promos here.

Increase traffic to the website

You also have to increase visitor traffic or visitors who come to your website. You can do this by providing interesting articles about the world of skincare so that it can make many people interested in visiting your store website.

Manage social media accounts well

In this modern era, you can use social media for selling activities. Manage your store’s social media accounts to get closer to consumers.

Advertising and promotion

A seller should not feel bored advertising the products he sells. This also applies to skincare businesses.

In addition, there are quite a several Korean skincare distributors in India and they are easy to find. For example Testerkorea, Yeppene, and others.

How to become a cosmetic agent

The profession as a cosmetic agent is also getting more and more interested.

However, what you need to remember is that to do this profession also requires several steps that you must pay attention to, namely:

Prepare a sufficient budget

The first step that you must apply before becoming a cosmetic agent is to prepare a sufficient budget, especially for the cosmetic business, which of course requires no small amount of money.

Get to know the manufacturer and the type of product

You must identify the manufacturer and the product you are selling, such as dedication, system, production process, product effects, product advantages, product quality, and so on.

This will help your business continue to grow because cosmetic products are considered sensitive products when marketed.

Product testing

There are still many people out there who sell cosmetic products who don’t know what the test results are like.

Well, you certainly shouldn’t imitate this, make sure you’ve tested the cosmetic products you sell and know the results first-hand.

This must be done so that there are no disappointments that come from your customers and when that happens, of course, your business will continue to experience significant development.

How to become a cosmetic reseller

Actually, the way to become a cosmetic reseller is also the same as the way to become a Korean cosmetic reseller that was mentioned earlier.

The steps are the same for prospective cosmetic resellers. So, you just need to understand again what is written there.

Because, the difference here is only that Korean cosmetic resellers only sell cosmetic products originating from Korea, while cosmetic resellers can sell any type of cosmetics and from any country.

Well, now we have come to the end of the article. In conclusion, starting a business is not as difficult to do, as well as starting a skincare and cosmetics business.

Most importantly, you must follow the steps and regulations that already exist well, then your business will run smoothly and profitably.

Start skincare or cosmetic business from now on, because this business is said to have quite a lot of advantages, so you can make additional income from here in living life during a pandemic like today.

Especially in this day and age, technology has become very sophisticated, so you can sell online without having to meet a lot of people.

As you have read, how to start an online cosmetic business is not complicated, so you can try it yourself.

Hopefully, this article can help many people and provide abundant benefits to many people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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