innovative business ideas in usa

31 Innovative Business Ideas in the USA for Profitable Startup

There are many innovative business ideas in the USA that you can use for your business startup but a profitable idea makes it successful.

For those of you who want to work and make money from within the home by only relying on creativity, innovation, and information technology, then you are obliged to read this article. Surely this is a revolution from existing conventional businesses.

Friends can start a unique business by taking advantage of their respective Android or iPhone smartphone devices. Whether it’s the main business, or indeed those intended only for increasing income, as a side business outside of the main business or job.

Take it easy, the uni business ideas below are still rarely found in various other places because indeed the list of businesses below is based on the research and experience of the North Sumatra SME admin itself. If you’re curious, please scroll down and read it carefully!

innovative business ideas in usa

Innovative Business Ideas in the USA

Okay, let’s get straight to the point, some business recommendations that are rarely found and acted on by people in the USA, but are still profitable and give you a big chance if you really do it seriously.

Here are the creative and innovative business ideas in the USA:

Typical International Culinary

Typical food from foreign countries can only be found in that country. But what if you could create the same signature menu with a similar atmosphere? Of course, people who have come to Arabia, Korea, Japan, France, Argentina and some of them miss the country’s cuisine, right?

You can open a typical restaurant or restaurant from that country that is rarely known by many people, for example, a typical restaurant in Africa, Antarctica, and other countries that might make your restaurant be covered by various media and become famous.

Dimensional Printing Business

Two-dimensional printing is common, right? But what about 3-dimensional printing services? You can provide printing services for 3-dimensional objects, such as toys, keys, miniatures, and so on. But one of the obstacles is that the capital is large enough to buy a 3D printing machine.

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Friends of hitbusnessideas can offer printing services for 3D objects such as making prototypes, building architecture, automotive machinery, home decoration, custom detailing jewelry, as well as children’s toys that are tailored to requests, can be anime characters, cartoons, toy cars, etc.

Rent Aesthetic Photo Place

The need for Instagram content or other social media that requires aesthetic photos, makes people competing to find interesting photo spots. You can take advantage of this business opportunity by turning your shop or residence into an aesthetic photo spot.

Make different topics from various rooms, the first room is for example a zoo theme, a marvel cartoon theme, anime theme, political theme, and so on. This business does require a large amount of capital to rent a shop or space with a partition. You can choose a strategic place and offer it via social media too.

Selling Mobile Game Items

Currently, there are lots of people who like online games and need some additional feature collections to strengthen or enhance the appearance of their game characters. For example, you can sell Mobile Legends or Diamond skins to your friends.

Antimainstream Snack Selling

Selling snacks such as crackers, tela, french fries, seblak, cimol, noodles, and the like is probably an ordinary business that has many competitors. You can create a unique innovative creation from one ingredient that is abundant in your place and then provide anti-mainstream packaging.

Friends of hitbusnessideas do not have to create completely new snack products but can modify existing ones to be different from the others. Unique snacks can come from the results of innovations from other existing foods. This type of business can be done by anyone without disturbing the main business activities. Also read: Examples of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Ready-to-cook food ingredients

For some housewives who are too busy to buy basic ingredients for cooking, you can use this as a business opportunity by selling ready-to-cook food in practical packaging.

For example, you sell meatball packages, in which there are already meatballs, noodles, powder broth, spring onions, and sauces wrapped in them. Or vegetables, which consist of chunks of freshly prepared vegetables, without bothering to clean and chop them.

This includes ready-to-eat seasonings, such as garlic, chili, ginger, kencur, galangal, etc.

Buying and selling second electronic devices

If you like the world of smartphones, you can do business buying and selling used cellphones by using social media such as Facebook groups.

Friends of the hitbusnessideas can buy a second cellphone with a certain minus, of course, it has a price below average then repair it and sell it back to other people at a price which is certainly higher than the initial price.

Souvenirs from the corpse

Many souvenirs can be created from the bodies of people who have died. Usually, this family keeps the relics of the people they love. With the rapid development of technology, it is possible to create such a gemstone from the carbon of the deceased.

Or like a talking tombstone which is equipped with a screen that functions to display a video message of a deceased person and can be adjusted by remote control, and many more. However, maybe this business is not by Eastern culture and traditions in the USA.

Selling photos and videos

Are hitbusnessideas friends like and skilled in the world of photography? Then you can make your hobby something that can produce.

You can sell your best shots to make additional income. To help find the best places to sell the photos you produce, here are some of the most popular photo trading platforms for extra cash:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock by Getty Images
  • Etsy

Selling Credit, Tokens, Tickets Online

Currently, online buying and selling transactions can be done using a smartphone. For example, buying pulses of electricity tokens or airplane tickets. hitbusnessideas friends can take advantage of various application platforms and install them on your Smartphone.

Then you can open an online payment service, by setting up a shop in a strategic place. Even though the profit for each transaction is small, if the transactions are many, it will certainly bring maximum profit.

Collecting and Selling Antiques

Antiques have their own target and market segmentation. Those of you who like to collect antiques are actually investing your money in these antiques, and one day you can sell them at high prices by auction.

It is very important to learn about this antique collector’s world. You also need to have a wide network of friends. You have to network with associations of collectors with old-fashioned nuances. That way, you can find out what types of items are usually sold in the market.

Online crush services

Friends of the general public must have heard of the name of online dating services, right? originating from Japan. Well, this time you can take advantage of the Android platform as a medium to offer online dating services for various purposes.

Even though it sounds strange and it is very rare, this business opportunity may be in demand, especially for those who want to appear to have a partner at certain events such as family events.

Online consulting services

Consultation in various fields according to your abilities and background. For example, if you are a college graduate, you can open online private tutoring services.

Or if you master SEO optimization, you can open a Seo consultation for website or online shop owners. So you can use the use of a smartphone here as a medium for the promotion of your consulting services

Become an impromptu reporter

A reporter or journalist, of course, has the professional equipment to report any events that take place. However, there are times when an incident cannot be recorded because it is very fast passing.

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By using the help of a smartphone that has a high-quality camera, you can act as an impromptu reporter who records every important event around you so that the video you produce will be exclusive and if you sell it to the media it will be bought at a high price.

Become a celebrity

Actually being a celebrity is almost the same as being a YouTuber or blogger, namely by relying on content and always updating regularly about a field. The difference here is that celebgrams present their contacts via Instagram.

How can celebrities get money? Namely, by collaborating with product reviews and endorsements by the niche or topic of the Instagram account he has.

Application developer

hitbusnessideas friends who master programming languages ​​and like to create applications or games, why not take advantage of your ability to develop applications or games, then publish them on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Later you will get income from advertising or the number of downloads. You can also use a smartphone to help develop the application or game.

Become a Product Reviewer

In addition, someone can also be a reviewer or reviewer of a product that has just come out, be it in the form of beauty products, technology products, household appliances, and so on.

Moreover, you can publish the results of your review on social media or blogs and your website will then be paid for by those whose products you review. Of course, here you have collaborated with them and still provide positive reviews and invite viewers to buy these items.

Freelance work

A person can work at home by utilizing his internet and smartphone network, namely by selling the services he is good at to people out there through freelancer sites.

Freelance is a term for those who have temporary or part-time jobs, and are working on a project. So they are paid based on a project they have done, there is a company that employs them through freelance site services such as freelancers, Sribulancer, and others (you can googling).

Online translator services

Becoming an online translator is quite prospective for now, especially if you master one or several foreign languages.

When you are stuck or don’t know what it means, you can take advantage of Google Translate or various online translator features from your smartphone. We think this service will be very necessary given the era of free trade which is getting faster nowadays.

Content editing services

Currently, many content creators don’t have time to do editing for the videos they produce, so they need video editing services, for example.

You can use his smartphone to do editing and then offer Jasamu on various freelance sites or Facebook online group forums.

Online writer services

Writing today is not just using a laptop or computer. Friends of hitbusnessideas can use a smartphone to write and even use voice type, use voice to type, for example, short stories, novels, blog articles, and so on.

In addition, you can also open a thesis typing service for students who are lazy or don’t have time to do it.

Delivery Design Services

Delivery is an offering given by the groom to the bride in the procession of marriage. In addition, designers usually need a dowry, which is used as a dowry to be given to the bride.

If you have creativity, you can open this dowry and delivery design service. You must have skills in making crafts from paper, cloth, and other knick-knacks. Utilizing this material to be used to decorate the dowry which usually uses a frame to keep it neat.

Become a content creator

Becoming a content creator has indeed become one of the opportunities to earn rupiah more easily. For example, being a YouTuber or blogger who relies on Adsense ads to earn income.

When you want to become a YouTuber, you must be able to produce interesting video content that is sought after by many people so that you will have a large number of subscribers and viewers, then start monetizing your channel and making money.

Likewise with a blogger who must be able to write articles well and SEO, to be able to appear on the first page of search engine searches and generate a lot of traffic and get income from ad views and clicks.

AdsBreak and AdSense

This is closely related to creator content, namely advertising networks that can pay for creators who already have a large audience.

Adsbreak is a monetization of Facebook pages, where you will get money from every video viewing on your fan page, and Adsense is monetization from Google’s media, such as YouTube and websites.

Enter sweepstakes and giveaway

Big marketplaces in the USA such as BukaLapak and Shoopee are currently incessantly conducting lotteries. So buddy hitbusnessideas can buy some expensive items, by only spending IDR 12,000 or IDR 10,000.

You can take advantage of this moment to try your luck. Just install the marketplace application on your smartphone, then start buying items at a predetermined price for later drawing.

Become a quiz hunter

Quiz Hunter is the name for those who have a profession to take part in many online quizzes and competitions, and make this activity their main or side profession and are taken seriously to get prizes.

For example, if you are good at writing, you can take part in scientific writing competitions, blog competitions, or SEO competitions. The thing to remember is that you have to find as much info as possible about the ongoing competitions and quizzes.

Instagram Business

Social media Instagram used to be social media that was intended for entertainment with visual content. But now IG has become one of the most widely used media for promoting businesses and brands.

If you have an Instagram account with a lot of followers, you can open endorsement services or product reviews. For those of you who have a product and want to be introduced on Instagram, then choose a celebrity that really fits your target market.

Play online games

Nowadays playing games can also bring in income. For example, if you develop a YouTube gaming channel so you can play games while producing YouTube content.

Or you can develop several online game accounts so that they become big and resell them at a price that is certainly not bad. Or another way you can be a reviewer of a recently released game.

Trading cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading or digital currency is indeed more familiar with Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin is only one of the most famous virtual currencies. This currency is like Rupiah or Dollar, but only available in the digital world.

Then how can we make money from Cryptocurrency? Actually, there are various kinds of ways, one of which is by investing in Cryptocurrency in a leading exchange like in the USA itself.

Reseller and Dropship

The dropshipping business is one of the best today. A dropshipper is a person who sells other people’s goods without capital and you are only given the difference in commission from the sale.

hitbusnessideas friends don’t need to think about the losses or funds that have been disbursed to sell certain products, but the profits are not too big.

Endorse TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube

TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube have become some of the most viral social media lately. This application, which is widely used by millennial people in the USA, is so popular in the USA. And one way of doing business on this social media platform is by opening endorsement services or collaborating with products with certain brands.

There have been many well-known brands or companies that have started advertising on social media and have quite succeeded in capturing the attention of their consumers. But make sure you have lots of followers, subscribers, or traffic. So that brands are interested in working with you.

Final Words on Innovative Business Ideas in the USA

When we use smartphones for entertainment purposes and just spend time scrolling through social media, this is the time for friends to start being more productive and making money from surfing fun on your cellphone.

Why not? smartphones that used to have exorbitant prices are now widely used by people because they have become a necessity for many people. Therefore starting a business with this device is something you should try to earn extra income.

Those are some lists of online businesses that you can work on using your current smartphone. Hopefully, the discussion on the business of the North Sumatra the HBI above can be an inspiration for you. Don’t forget to press the share button below and share this inspiring business article with your friends in cyberspace so they can also find business ideas according to their passion.

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