Innovative Startup Ideas In India

34 Creative and Innovative Startup Ideas In India

Looking for the most profitable and innovative startup business ideas in India? Then you came to the right place. In India, there are many business opportunities one can go for.

India is one of the most populous countries in the world and there is demand for many products and services due to the large population in the world.

Also, the government is supporting new entrepreneurs in setting up their startups because they want more and more people to start their own startups and be financially independent.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who want to build your startup but don’t have ideas then here we have discussed some of the best startup ideas that you use in India to build a successful business.

Innovative Startup Ideas in India

Here are the 34 unique and innovative startup ideas in India:

1. Transportation Business

The transport business is one of the profitable startup ideas in India but it is a competitive one. You can start a transportation business and earn high returns.

In India, this business is growing because of the high population and not all people have their own vehicles to travel from one place to another which is why they choose other means of transport.

You may have seen many startups growing in India such as Uber, Ola Cabs, etc but you don’t have to copy the idea but try something innovative that will benefit the people and ultimately it will benefit you.

2. Clothing and Apparel Business

Humans today need new clothes to fulfill their social life. And this is a business opportunity that must be exploited. In India, there are different types of culture and clothes requirements and also with the impact of western countries people prefer to wear western dress and suites.

The clothing and apparel business in India is very fruitful, but before you go into any type of business. Do the market analysis, product demand, etc.

3. Property Sector Business

The human population is growing every year, and most people have established jobs so they can afford to buy their new homes, as well as an increasing number of mortgage loan offers.

Property business is always a profitable and high-profit business. But it needs a large investment as well. If you are willing to take the risk of a large investment. You can go for this business.

4. Food or Culinary Business

People’s needs for food and drink last from birth to death, and it applies to all humans. Therefore, the culinary business is considered the most sustainable business among other businesses, almost the same as the clothing business.

It is a booming startup business idea in India in all seasons. You can provide different food in restaurants, street trucks, etc. There are hundreds of options in the food business also.

5. Marketing Business

Businesses that provide services to business people introduce their products. The marketing business model can be likened to a business that provides business services to business people, according to you, it’s cool.

Immediately, if you feel bored with the above business, we provide some new business ideas, and they are quite “crazy” for normal people like you. But don’t worry, you just need to read and consider, whether this is really accepted in society and can become a big business later: 

6. Password encryption services

Many internet users use passwords or passwords that are not secure. As a result, their accounts such as email, social media, and chat are very vulnerable to being compromised. Therefore, for those of you who have expertise in the field of information technology, you can open a password encryption consulting service.

Later this service will provide password recommendations that are difficult to crack even for those closest to them. So there are various methods of obtaining passwords, one of which is an encryption method and a really strong password.

7. Stuntman video prank

Did you know that most prank video content or videos with pranking other people are just a setting? The high viewership on YouTube regarding this content makes the stuntman business specifically for prank videos quite promising in the future.

Not only prank videos but there are many reality show programs that you can participate in by collaborating with television stations. Or you can also act as a paid audience at live events on TV.

8. Bug finder

Not many know that looking for bugs, or errors in the system can be a promising opportunity in the future. For example, if you understand the system and coding, get a bug in one of the advertising payment systems on Facebook, and report it immediately.

From the results of your analysis work, you will get sufficient rewards from the reported party. But make sure you look for bugs with positive goals, not for personal gain, let alone commit cybercrime.

9. Laundry Services

Sounds funny, right? a little disgust? And that’s this first anti-mainstream business. Friends of the hitbusnessideas certainly don’t like washing other people’s clothes, right? But the fact is there are many people out there who just feel lazy to wash their clothes.

There must be a lot. And because almost all mainstream laundry services do not accept this type of clothes, these people will wash their underwear carelessly, without paying attention to hygiene.

You can calculate that each consumer has a different washing machine, provide certain types of drugs to kill bacteria that may be worse than ordinary clothes, and of course with a payment system, not per kilo, but a piece or per gram.

10. Unique shaped fruit

Many farmers in Japan have started this business, but it is still rare in India. For those of you who want to be a farmer, you can create fruits in various shapes such as hearts, cubes, balls, and so on.

The fruit that is sold can be anything that is often consumed, such as watermelon, strawberry, mango, and so on. Of course, fruit with this unique shape will have a much higher price than fruit with regular shapes.

11. Business of fresh air and pollution masks

It is undeniable that more and more we live in cities with poor air quality. Especially during the dry season when the Riau region was hit by peat forest fires which caused a haze disaster to occur where it was safe.

You can sell a set of bags filled with fresh air and anti-pollution masks. This will be an innovative business opportunity in the following years. Because, certainly, industry and transportation always produce pollution that can damage our air quality.

12. Traditional house services

Apart from being unique and distinctive, many people like the concept of traditional houses because this traditional house is a legacy from their ancestors, made with great precision considering that people in ancient times were very aware that they lived in disaster-prone areas.

Modern society, especially the upper class, now prefers a combination of modern and traditional houses. Therefore, becoming a consultant and worker of traditional house building projects can be a new business opportunity in the future that is suitable for you to try.

13. Organic food catering

Millennial public awareness now is on maintaining health and intake of healthy and nutritious foods. The use of pesticides and other chemicals in food products makes human life beset with various dangerous diseases.

Therefore, you can try a special catering food business using organic food ingredients. Of course, your target consumers are the middle to upper-class people who are not concerned with price but prioritize food ingredients. Not only a catering system, but you can also open restaurants or food stalls specifically for organic food ingredients.

14. YouTuber collaboration services

Youtube is more than just tv. Of course, this video-based social media has become a way of life for young people to watch today. A large number of YouTube users, as well as the creators of YouTube video content called YouTubers, is making the YouTuber profession even more prospective.

The YouTubers who have millions of subscribers can take advantage of their YouTube channel to monetize Adsense and hold video review content for various products. Now besides that, what’s even more unique, you can open YouTube content collaboration services, so it’s a kind of collaboration in making videos. Of course, you have to have a lot of subscribers first to be able to run this business.

15. Car Advertising Services

Do you have a car with activities and long trips every day? why not use the space behind your car’s glass screen to make money.

The method is for you to simply propose to those who want to market their products through your car. If you are a mass transit owner, this is a lucrative business prospect.

16. Avocado seed handicraft

Tired of that same handicraft? This time hitbusnessideas provides recommendations for those of you who like to make crafts from avocado seeds as raw material! You can sculpt and produce various cute character shapes and give them variations and varnish them to make them shiny.

You can market this craft from avocado seeds on your social media at various prices. While most of us would throw away avocado seeds without thinking twice, you can make money out of this business, isn’t it cool?

17. Accessories of the deceased

Many accessories can be created from the remains of the deceased. Like the gemstone of the carbon of the deceased, the Talking Tombstone is equipped with a screen that displays video messages of the deceased and can be adjusted by remote control, and much more. However, maybe this business is not by Eastern culture and traditions in India.

18. Vehicle storage services

At first glance, this type of business is not very tempting for you, right? But if you count it again, this business is very prospective. This is different from the parking business. If parking is only for a short time and in a matter of hours, while this vehicle storage can take days or even months.

Things that need to be prepared are finding a parking space, ensuring parking area security, tidying motorbike arrangements, giving special cards, and holding additional businesses such as helmet washing services for your customers. How, interested in trying it?

19. Luxury goods tax management services

Many rich people collect luxury goods such as their cars and motorbikes but are not very good at calculating luxury taxes.

Now, this can be a quite prospective business choice for you, especially if you are an accounting graduate who understands tax calculation. Open special tax consulting services for these luxury goods.

20. Container house building services

Almost the same as the construction of traditional houses, container houses have recently become a trend. Apart from housing, this building is also often used as a business building. Not surprisingly, many popular shops and restaurants use this style. Moreover, the concept seemed simple and did not take long to be established.

You can become a consultant and provide special project workers to build houses and buildings from container raw materials. Work with the used container seller and you can make new buildings with interesting furniture contents.

So the shipping containers or containers that you see piled on top of trucks and ports can now make you money. Interested in trying it? 

21. Online Game Jockey Services

Currently, the development of online games is growing rapidly. Many young children already have smartphones and play online games on their gadgets. So the gaming industry is very promising at this time.

You can use your game skills to make money, by becoming an online game jockey. This means that you open services to increase rankings, increase levels, and so on by using your services.

22. Social Media

Now every social media account can be used for business purposes. Whether it’s as a promotional medium or a place for the transaction itself. Some even get billions of income from their social media.

It takes continuous management and management of social media so that followers think that posting on social media is routine and active. But unfortunately, some people don’t have time to take care of their social media. And social media admin services can be prospective to be introduced.

23. TikTok Endorse

TikTok is one of the most viral social media lately. This application originating from China is widely used by netizens in India. And one way of doing business in TikTok is by making endorsement services or collaborating with products with certain brands.

There have been many well-known brands or companies that have started advertising on TikTok and have quite succeeded in capturing the attention of their consumers.

24. Home Furniture from Used Tires

This is one business that not many people are involved in. Because it requires high ability and creativity to process tire waste into something of high economic value. If a North Sumatra SME friend is skilled in making crafts from these materials, just go ahead and promote your services.

Create used tires into chairs, tables, or swings that can be placed in an attractive garden. Give a unique and anti-mainstream impression so that the garden will be more beautiful with the presence of these chairs.

25. Selling a Special Helmet Fragrance

Perfume is not only specific to the body, clothes, or armpits. But also a helmet. Because of course you who have a motorbike, often find your helmet in a limp and smelly condition, right?

Washing a helmet can indeed clean and fragrance your helmet. However, it certainly takes a long time. Helmet perfume is the perfect solution. You can take advantage of this moment by selling helmet perfume.

26. Custom Food for Certain Events

North Sumatra SMEs can design cakes according to client requests. For example, for a birthday cake, wedding anniversary, circumcision, entering the house, and so on.

Besides birthday cakes, you can also offer yellow rice designs, tumpeng rice, and some other event knick-knacks. Or at most, you can design wedding cakes, Valentine’s Day cakes, or other special moments.

27. Selling Typical Candied Fruits

For candied apples, strawberries, or mangoes, surely you have eaten them often, right? But what if you make and sell sweets for endemic (typical) fruit from India? Surely fun, right?

You can process candied fruit such as water guava, guava, grapefruit, longan, rambutan, sugar apple, breadfruit, and so on. Just combine it with attractive packaging such as jam bottles and so on.

28. Sound Effect Production

Content creators like YouTubers need additional sound or audio that matches their video. This is the time for you who have expertise in music, to provide this digital product. The business will allow hitbusnessideas friends to create various kinds of backgrounds and intro music which can then be sold online.

The main targets of this manufacturing service are advertisers, content creators, and film directors. Especially if they are lazy with copyright. They need more audio and back sound maker services from you to customize.

29. Establishing an old atmosphere hangout place

You certainly have met a lot of people places today in various cities. Moreover, the smell of foreign countries. As an alternative, you can set up a typical hangout place with the 80s concept. You produce various old school foods such as stick noodles, various nuts, grandma’s hair, cotton candy, and others

This business that targets millennials is quite potential because it can remind you of your customer’s childhood. No wonder this business is predicted to sell well in the market in the future.

30. Coffee from fruit seeds

Coffee from coffee beans is already mainstream. But did you know that you know that there is coffee that comes from salak seeds, papaya seeds, or coffee from jackfruit seeds? Now this business opportunity is still wide open for further development

For example, you can use large amounts of date seeds, but you should not throw them away, because date seeds, which according to many people are waste, can be processed into coffee which has tremendous benefits for health.

31. Cleaning boarding house

This one business is specifically for boarding children who have excess funds and happen to often feel lazy in cleaning their boarding rooms.

You can form several people in one team to build a business such as a startup, without capital at all. Only rely on manpower and promotion services from social media, for example. Start offering your services and make sure the service is also maximal.

32. WC restaurant

In India, several unique restaurant concepts will surprise your friends. Yes, the WC concept. all the cutlery provided has a toilet theme such as latrines, toilet paper, and other disgusting things.

You can adapt this concept to be open in India. At first, maybe your customers will be quiet, but slowly a lot of people will get to know this because there is a lot of coverage about your restaurant. The point is this is a business with segmentation of millennial children who like anti-mainstream things.

33. Portable repair shop

This is very helpful for those of you who suddenly experience an exploded or flat tire in the middle of a quiet road where there is no permanent repair shop. Especially in urban areas where the road conditions are increasingly busy with high mobility, making people no longer have time to visit workshops.

You can install a repair shop and tire patches on a rickshaw or pick-up car and promote your services on social media, websites, and radio, and attach them to roadside poles.

33. Portable event organizer

Many people want their events to be held in outdoor conditions and spontaneously. Therefore an EO service is needed that can adopt this concept as one of the business opportunities in the future. You can gather several experts to become a team, and form a portable EO service.

This means that this service can be called anytime and anywhere. With portable equipment in a minivan or pick-up, you can hold a standing party or standing BBQ, for example. Of course, the price offered must also be able to compete with conventional EOs.

My Final Thoughts

Some of the Innovative Startup Ideas In India above are anti-mainstream, so some don’t and some are right for you. Even more importantly, before starting a business, don’t forget to first determine the target and consumer segmentation, so you know what business strategy to take in the future.

Those are some crazy and unique but prospective business concepts and ideas for the future. We hope that you can adopt some of the ideas above to start your own business. Don’t hesitate to start a new business. ignore pout and other negative things, prove you can be successful and become a rich entrepreneur.

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