Methods of Motivating Employees in An Organisation

9 Best Methods of Motivating Employees in An Organisation

There are days when employees do not feel motivated so organizations will adopt different methods to motivate their employees so that they can work efficiently.

So try to understand their problem and solve them with different techniques and take different measures that help them and also help you to achieve your goals.

So in the article, we will discuss some of the best methods through which you can effectively motivate your employees so that their productivity will increase in the workplace.

Top 9 Ways to Motivate Your Employees:

Make Your Business Place Comfortable

An employee has to work in a workplace for hours sitting on a chair so they should not get bored working. The business place should be more comfortable so they do not feel bored. Also, you should keep things clean and nice looking.

Making a comfortable place also means that you should provide all the facilities. For example, in summers you should provide the facilities of ACs and in winters you should provide the heating facilities.

All these things matter so that employees feel more comfortable working and that they can give the best to the organization.

A friendly environment is one of the major methods that many organizations adopt to motivate their employees because the friendly environment keeps the team motivated so that their minds will be happy and they work efficiently.

Be Supportive

It may seem that it has no impact on the employees but bad management is one of the top reasons for demotivation. So respect and support your employees, be respectful, and be a mentor and a great leader to them.

You can also appreciate them for the hard work they have put in, whether you have to appreciate a team or an individual because social recognition gives employees motivation to work at their best.

Also, try to give them some incentives and gift bonuses so that you as an organization or manager who motivates their employees will be a great leader to them.

This includes supporting their mental health because it is the mind that differentiates people from one another, not color, culture, and other things. Train them and give them a sense of responsibility to work for a common goal.

Friendly Competition

Friendly competition is one of the reasons that motivate employees to give their best but do not put your employees against each other because it has consequences that will affect your organization.

Try to encourage them to take part in friendly competitions. Also, give them reasons to help each other because a little positive competition is a great way of motivating employees in an organization.

It is a competition within the organization that helps employees to boost their engagement and experience in the business. Design a competition like a game that encourages them to work as a team and gives them a sense of responsibility to help their co-workers who are not that good yet.

This friendly competition will help you motivate your employees in many ways such as interacting with each other and helping each other. So, the improvement will be done on both sides.

Equal Opportunity

To take part in competitions or to work on a project if you think someone has the potential to grow then give them a chance to grow so that they feel a sense of loyalty and responsibility towards the organization.

Those who are weak try to give the proper training to motivate them to give their best so that they also can get the project which will enhance their skill as well.

Take time to time meetings where new employees or even old employees can express their opinions, and show their creativity so that you will be able to know how talented the employees are.

Also, equal opportunity means that each employee can participate freely and equally in areas where the other successful employee in the same position works. This will give them a motivation that the organization is not discriminating so they will by themselves work on their skills to get a higher position or project in the organization.

Offer Food in The Workplace

Is it a method of employee motivation? Maybe. As we all know we all feel hungry and when we lack energy we cannot work effectively so when you provide food at the workplace and give them a fun time they feel refreshed.

It can be a method of employee motivation because if an employee does not feel lazy due to hunger they will work efficiently and give their best to the organization.

Regardless of any organization that you are into, providing food in the workplace will give you the best results. Even tech companies such as Google and Instagram provide snacks, coffee, and other things to their employees.

Also, the design of the canteen is important as is the quality of food because it will give them the energy to start again. As we all know that the workplace has now become more influenced by the sense of comfort which is why offering food gives motivation to the employees.

Give Salary on Time

The best technique that most organizations do to motivate their employees is that they give a salary on time because if you give a salary on time most people work efficiently during their working hours.

Many talented employees working in an organization initially give their best so that they get the salary they work for but when an organization does not give them their compensation on time they will be demotivated and sometimes they want to leave the organization so that they can work in a company where salary is given on time.

It is a major factor that contributes to the motivation of employees because it is what they are working for in an organization.

In many parts of the world, some organizations deny salaries to employees. They think that employees do not have the option to go somewhere else and get another job. But that is wrong and eventually, they will leave the organization when they find another job that pays on time.

Be Transparent

Give room to all employees to grow and prosper because in some industries employees are not much appreciated for their hard work and they closed doors for creativity.

Open the doors so that you can receive a positive response from the employees because the future of the business’s success depends on the transparency that you have in the organization.

Transparency means that you should be honest and straightforward to the employees. It will bring positive results if you mention the purpose behind working towards any goals.

It establishes trust between you and your employees so to build an honest relationship with the employees make sure you provide transparency. It will motivate them to work to their full potential.

Provide Flexible Hours

As we all know technology has changed and many people want to work in an organization and also on the digital platform on the same day. Giving their employees flexible working hours will also contribute to employee motivation and give you the advantage to receive positive feedback from your employees.

Research has been made and it has been proven that the employees give their best during flexible hours rather than working hours they didn’t want to work.

There are various benefits that you can get from providing flexible work arrangements such as more successful recruitment, better retention rate, work-life balance, and improved health and wellbeing.

So these are only a few benefits that I mentioned. There are countless benefits that you receive and it is very important if you want to avoid any recruitment issues.


Instead of deciding by yourself how to motivate your employees or a team, sit down and find out what they want. You can discuss with friendly behavior so that they can give you feedback.

If it is as per the policies of the organization, try to fill that gap so that they feel motivated in an organization that will ultimately give the best result to you.

Companies that are communicating with their employees on a period basis have increased productivity by 19 to 30% in the workplace. So, from this percentage, you can get an idea of why it is an important method for employee motivation.

Now we have discussed many ways of motivating employees. Read them carefully and apply them in your organization so that your overall productivity increases and employees feel motivated to work.

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