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20 Profitable Business Ideas for Millennial Young People

What are the business opportunities for millennial youth today? Some so many entrepreneurs achieve success at an early age. And on this occasion, hitbusinessideas will discuss some promising businesses for millennial youth.

Like other business opportunities that you should try, this typical business for millennials is a business that you should try to answer the challenges of the current era of globalization. What are the modern business opportunities that are in our spotlight this time? Let’s see the discussion below

First of all, let’s talk about what business means. The real meaning of business is a series of economic activities that convert resources into goods or services that have economic value, market them, and take advantage of them.

There are various types of businesses that exist today, but this time hitbusinessideas will focus on discussing the latest business which is very familiar to millennials or young people “now” the current term.

20 Millennial business ideas

Many mainstream media that provide the latest business news such as business newspapers have now started to leave their paper production and then switch to online media or online.

This is considered because it is more flexible and simple, and answers the latest trends of most people who have accessed the internet through their gadgets every day. For example, the Tribune, and other business media are starting to focus on online news portal media.

Here are the profitable millennial business ideas:

Hydroponics Gaul

Youth and agriculture are rarely able to come together. However, hitbusinessideas friends can open an agricultural business aimed at millennials. The hydroponic business is one of the right choices because it does not interact with the soil. Many who sell various vegetable agricultural products such as kale, spinach, pakcoy, lettuce, and others can be a business choice for you.

You just need to provide the required land that doesn’t need to be large, just take advantage of the makeshift space near the house. Make a greenhouse and turn your hydroponic garden into a weekend garden tour, where you can welcome elementary and middle school students to learn farming on Saturdays and Sundays. Interested in getting started?

Youtubers and Bloggers

Seeing the number of successful Youtubers such as Raditya Dika, RIA Rice, and others who make coffers makes this one business the dream of many millennials.

Not only making money many Youtubers have become artists because of the creative videos they upload to the YouTube site. If you are not a hobby or good at processing videos, you can try to become a blogger, write articles and monetize using Adsense ads.

Gadget and Laptop Accessories

The number of uses of smartphones and laptops now by young people and various groups has now opened up opportunities for friends to do this accessories business. Such as phone cases, earphones, power banks, hard cases, and so on.

It is recommended for hitbusinessideas friends to open this business on the edge of the road, a strategic place with a stall concept that attracts the attention of many people, if necessary, give a mascot or blinking light to attract people’s attention. It’s even better to sell in school and campus areas so that your target consumers will be more focused.

Instagram endorsements

Doing business on Instagram is a new trend nowadays. Many marketers introduce their products through Instagram and then make transactions via Instagram. So that at this time IG can be said to be not only a place of entertainment but can do business.

How to follow and follow back on Instagram makes the account that has the most followers better to be used as a promotional medium in terms of doing business. So make sure you have a lot of followers, so your endorsement rates will also increase.

Frozen Food

Frozen Food or frozen food is a prospective type of business for millennials that you should try. Because Frozen Food is one of today’s favorite culinary delights. Many types of Frozen Food that you can make a home business.

You can sell products such as nuggets, sausages, meatballs, dumplings, risol, frozen donuts, tempura, pempek, and others. If you want to run this home business without the hassle of producing it from scratch, then you can become a reseller and play the franchise system.


Currently, there are many types of snacks favored by young people such as slang chips which have different flavors and levels of spiciness and can be adjusted according to consumer demand. Here you have to be creative in serving chips with attractive brands and packaging.

It’s not just chipped, the business in the culinary field has very broad prospects. You can choose cakes, snacks, drinks, or something that is going viral on social media. Of course, you will have a lot of competition, therefore give more value to your product.

Custom Clothing

For young people today, the need for style is a habit that cannot be eliminated. Including choosing clothes that are trendy today. If you like the world of fashion and want to open a clothing store specifically for young people.

You can open this business in a strategic area and determine the consumer segment you will target. However, the capital required is quite large, namely a digital printing machine that is not cheap. But with optimal marketing and the abroad market, you can immediately get a profit from this custom clothing business.

Establish a Start-up

Technology has become a familiar thing for millennials today. One business that is not far from technology is starting a start-up or start-up company. Start-ups have prospective business opportunities if they are developed and taken seriously.

Over the next few years, this business will remain an option because it has the flexibility to adapt to the existing economy. This does not rule out the possibility of start-ups recording profits of up to nine digits USD. Beginners such as students or college students can also learn how to set up this start-up.

Selling Food Trucks

Have you ever heard of the food truck business? Buying and selling food that uses trucks or large cars as a place to sell is considered more effective and efficient, you know. Not only selling food such as fried foods, cakes, contemporary drinks, hitbusinessideas friends can also use this big truck or car to sell products.

You can sell items such as clothes, dolls, accessories, plant seeds, data packages, credit, or even use them to provide house moving and boarding services around campus. It takes a strong trading passion so you can enjoy this job.

Mobile Cinema

Ever heard of portable cinema or mobile cinema? Maybe for HBI friends who live in urban areas, this business opportunity is hardly perspective because it will not compete with big cinemas. But what happens if you open this business in a village or village?

Where do people rarely watch movies with the sensation of cinema? It is not impossible that this business can be implemented in your remote area and it is difficult to get internet access. But what you need to pay attention to, is you can choose whether the movie you get is the result of a pirated download or a legal version of the CD.

Online Business

There are many promising business fields for you right now. Like a free online business that is now rife on the internet. Due to the rapid development of the internet, plus network support provided by the government and operators in this regard.

So online business is one of the businesses that never die for now, especially for North Sumatra’s own SME friends. You can sell any product, it can be a PO system, Dropship, Reseller, or selling directly from your production.

Thesis Typing Service

For those of you who have just graduated from college and are confused about starting a business. What kind of business with small capital, you can open a thesis typing service for those who are writing a thesis but are lazy to type every revision given by the supervisor.

This business is not against the law because you only write material that has been determined not to make it from scratch. How to determine the rate by setting the price per sheet or word. With just a laptop, you can open this service.

Invitation Design

Invitations have now become a necessity for various events. Unlike the previous types of invitations which were still old-fashioned and conventional, HBI friends can take advantage of their creativity and design skills to create invitations that are anti-mainstream out of the box.

By utilizing a laptop and some design software you can create unique types of invitations according to client requests. Also, look for invitation cards on a wholesale scale so you can get cheap invitation blanks.

Event Photographer

Do you like taking pictures and having a professional camera? Your hobby as a photographer can turn into a business that generates income. You just use the camera and the skills you have, it’s enough to be the main capital in developing this photographer service business.

Learn new things about photography that always changes from time to time. Promote your services online such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and YouTube. This service is not needed every day, but when the season comes, you will harvest a lot of money from this service.

Potato Slang

One of the snacks that are currently a trend is a snack made from potato tubers. Potatoes are one of the staple foods that contain complex carbohydrates and are good sources of energy. This tuber material is also widely used for snacks with various mixtures of spices and toppings.

You can sell French fries with various variants of spices and sauce toppings such as cheese sauce, beef flavor, chocolate, chili with various levels, and so on. Create an attractive packaging concept and a strategic selling point for young people.


Are you someone who is lazy to leave the house and is thinking of starting your own business from home? Maybe you need the independence and flexibility to work on your own, but aren’t sure where to start? So start by offering your expertise on freelance service provider sites.

In addition to flexible time, working part-time is the best alternative that you can choose. You can choose sites like Sribulancer, project co di, Fiverr, and various other well-known platforms and start introducing your services to people.

Social Media Manager

There are currently a lot of social media influencers who have a lot of followers or subscribers but don’t have time to manage the content in them. They are too busy to follow the activities on television or other activities.

This is where a social media management service is needed where you can manage content that is published regularly on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and so on. It takes time management and the right skills to be able to work in this field.

Selling Second-hand

Used goods that still have economic value can be used for resale. As a student, there must be something you want to sell, right? But often we do not know where to sell. You can take advantage of this opportunity.

You can create a special website to gather people to give their used goods that are suitable for use, such as through forums, groups, or online media. This media will also continue to be used to accommodate the sale of second-hand goods. Later you can get a fee from sales discounts that other people buy. The point is this business requires strong motivation and is not suitable for prestige people.

Tour Guide Services

If you live near a tourism area, this is a golden opportunity for you to use your knowledge about the place to help tourists who want to explore its beauty. When on vacation to a tourist place, visitors are often confused about the location they are visiting.

Friends of North Sumatra can be a guide or guide for tourists to visit several tourist spots that are interesting and foreign to them. This business does not require large capital and only needs knowledge and experience of exploring the place, which of course you already have.

Thrifting Business

Now young people are very creative to make money. Not only buying finished products from the factory, but you can also resell used goods that are worth using at low prices. Of course, the item is branded and sought after by many people.

Just like selling used goods, Thrifting has become a trend these days. Thrifting, aka shopping for second-hand or used goods, can indeed allow you to keep up with fashion trends without having to spend a big budget. Nowadays, vintage fashion is preferred because it has its value. So interested in starting this business?

Closing remarks

Doing business from an early age gives you the experience to manage finances and be prepared to face risks. People who start a business at a young age are those who are tough at heart and will achieve success later in life. So what are you waiting for, don’t delay to start your own business!

Thus the discussion about several types of Promising Businesses Typical of Millennials in big cities this time. For those of you who have read this article, you can leave a comment below. Hopefully, it can inspire you to start entrepreneurship and become successful entrepreneurs.

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