10 Promising Online Business Ideas for Students in India

Looking for online business ideas for students in India? Then you came to the right place. Doing business is indeed one of the things that people who have a high entrepreneurial spirit want to develop. Currently, there are many online businesses without capital that you can try. Even though you don’t really use capital, you only incur costs like businesses, in general, that must be large and spend a lot.

By finding out an online business that does not use this capital, you will generate more income. The internet is one of the basic capital that needs to be owned. Don’t forget, good devices such as computers or smartphones also need to be tools used for capital. In addition to these two basic things, you need to be tenacious and creative, innovative in this business.

Online Business Ideas for Students in India

Here are profitable online business ideas for students in India.


Becoming a YouTube is an online business that doesn’t require capital. You can create interesting content both from everyday life or really want to inform something. The thing you need to work on is fresh content, aka fresh every day.

You can also give daily-related tips to channel subscribers. You can set up a camera, from both smartphones and professional cameras to computers and the internet that doesn’t crash.

Make sure to create a YouTube account, then create drafted video content. You can also edit the video with some software that does not impose a fee or free. Some of them are Windows Movie Maker, then there is Shortcut, to Light works and there is Avidemux.

Don’t forget, you need to register a YouTube account so you can monetize or insert ads. Well, this is where you will get income. Even for business, you need to make sure that the videos you make are of high quality. This is quite influential on Google AdSense because it has some pretty strict points for content selection.


Dropshipping is a business where you sell goods with your own store name but the goods are sent by another seller. This makes you do not spend a lot of capital at all. However, you only need product upload capital that can be issued with a smartphone and internet quota.

So, you need to set a higher price than the original price. This is so that you benefit from the sale. Here, you don’t need to spend capital to stock up on goods, because the goods come directly from the seller or the manufacturer. This is one of the savings because it does not have to spend capital.

Dropshipping can also be anything you like. This is one of the businesses that does not spend capital and is widely eyed by entrepreneurs. Many items that you can start working on from now on, clothes, food, kitchen utensils, and accessories are already many that can be dropshipped.


If you are one of the people who have a hobby of writing, pouring ideas into written content, it is perfect for creating a blog or on a website for free. Not only can channel your thoughts, but it will also generate results for you if you include ads in it.

Distribution media to open their own blog or website will be obtained free of charge. Some of them, namely WordPress, then Blogger, to Wix and Weebly, can be obtained for free. Your writing hobby can also turn into an online business, of course, you don’t have to spend capital.

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You can hook Google AdSense which can include ads in it. You can also list blogs or websites with Google AdSense in them. Don’t forget, you can determine which ads can be displayed or not. Better, you display ads that match the content theme on your blog or website.

When a visitor clicks on the ad, you will also get some money. Most popular news and interesting content that is sure to be read by a lot of people. This is because Google AdSense has a strict selection process.

You can use a website with a ‘.com’ domain suffix to make it more convincing to readers even though you have to pay every year. If your Google AdSense account is rejected, you can try registering again after upgrading it. You can immediately try an online business without this one capital.


The digital world is already booming, now you can easily sell information through the website. Starting from a blog or website, then you can peddle digital information, for example, e-books. After you write, the results of the writing can be easily changed to either PDF, JPG, or other formats.

You need to arrange so that the document is not easily changed. You only need to put a short description, then promote your writing. Then, you can send it via email. Not just writing, but you can make a summary in the form of videos, both tutorials, to video lessons that you have made.


You can sell the skills you have. Not without reason, this becomes your expertise and can be profitable if many people are in need. You can also offer services for a fee, this you can also promote well.

If you have an ability or creative skill that you can be proud of, you can turn it into an opportunity to get new income. You can turn it into a source of income. You can also join a freelancer group on various existing social media platforms.

If you are a beginner, you can choose jobs with easy prices beforehand to gain the client’s trust. Prove that you can do a good job. If you already have a lot of experience, then many people can trust and can be promoted later to get a difficult job with better pay.

For example, let’s say you take a freelance as a writer for an online business without capital. Currently, many platforms provide freelance writing services. Even in this one business, you do not need to spend capital. However, you do have to be able to adapt your writing to the theme or framework that the client wants.

When you are a content writer, your income also depends on you. When your writing is interesting, there will be a great opportunity for more and more promising clients. Of course, the more articles you create, the more income you will receive. Working hours are also flexible and you can set or promise yourself to the client.


Not only the five business options above that can you do without spending a lot of capital. You could also become a small online consulting firm. Do not imagine something big and will be hard to do.

This is very easy, first, you need to determine what field you are good at or understand. You need to see the right opportunities in a consultation. You can make it a business, namely a consultant in that field. For example, you are an expert in the automotive field, so you can suggest various things about the automotive or related to tools and others.

This business does not need to spend capital like an expensive company. Or the easiest, for example, to understand Search Engine Optimization that can be used and consult online. Consultation here will clearly be a field for those of you who want to do business.

This job that is engaged in social media is indeed new, but it is also one that is needed. Nowadays, social media is one of the most popular ways to sell. You just need to hone your skills to create interesting content that steals attention.

Most importantly, you need to properly set aside profits to build this business. Not only open consulting, if you get bigger you can recruit consultants who are experts in their fields. So you will focus more on your own management. Indeed, you need to jump in first before getting into the management.

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When you have an online business without your own capital, your condition will be different from before, one of which is that you don’t have a fixed salary every month. So, you need to organize well which expenses are the most important. In fact, in the business itself, the income earned is not always the same every month.

How you manage and promote it will affect the outcome of this consulting business. Again, everything will depend on your own will in running the business you are involved in.


Currently, the life of globalization is increasingly alive and growing continuously. Businesses are intertwined with one another even though they have different languages. Meanwhile, currently, not many people understand the language of one country to another.

If you are interested in the world of languages ​​aka translators, then this can be a good business field. You can do this business as a translator and you don’t need a lot of capital. You only need to bring out your translation skills. Promote at an affordable price to attract the first customers.

Then, you can compile a portfolio one by one that can attract future clients. Currently, many companies need language translation services from foreign languages ​​to Indian and vice versa.

It would be better if you are a literature graduate, your ability to translate can be one thing you can rely on and put to good use. An important point that you can get is the matter of working hours.

This is because you can manage it yourself and maybe even work with other freelancers. Don’t forget that you can offer these services to companies in need after you have a portfolio.

If you have developed you can recruit friends with different literature majors. So, your business will grow with the translation of various languages. More and more orders will come from other circles, not only in English, for example.

Not only can you help yourself financially in addition, but you can also help colleagues who want to freelance between college and permanent work. The business benefits will be felt here when helping people who want to work part-time.


Design is one thing that supports all aspects, from clarifying information to relate to promotions. Design services are one of the most sought-after things today. One of them is the development of Instagram social media that relies on visualization.

You can also start exploring design services for both social media and others. Lots of design-related stuff you can open to work on too. For example, such as background designs and designs related to posters, cards, letterheads, logos, and others. The design image is one of the main things alias identity in many activities.

If you feel you have expertise in this one field, opening an online business without capital except for design services can be one that does not rely on large capital costs. You just need to promote your services well and don’t need to spend a lot of capital. But you can make money from your design skills.


Currently, everything related to visualization becomes one of the considerations. No exception with a good photo for yourself, scenery, to certain moments or it can also be a product. You can do all things related to photography, it could be without capital if you have a camera or have photography skills.

This one skill is very influential in today’s era. You can be a photographer at various moments. You can start exploring what photos might look like for products, specific moments like birthdays, engagements, and more. Not only that, the choice of clients at the beginning can start from friends or family.

This one skill can also benefit you if it can be managed properly, has a good promotion, and has different characteristics from other photographers. As is known, in almost all moments and events there must be documentation that makes us all want to continue to capture it.

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Photos are also one of the files that remember that moment. Products can also attract consumers to buy with attractive portraits. Many things can indeed be explored from this one business.


The list-building business is one of the efforts carried out by collecting email lists. Not just any spam, but collecting this email list in the right way, with the owner’s own consent. This is actually still a derivative of the concept of database marketing.

List building is also a way of collecting databases or contacts from potential buyers. The email will also be used to promote or introduce the product or system being sold. This list building is also widely used as a target for online businesses that only work at home.

When this list building has been collected, then you can later sell it to several companies that need a database of these emails. From there, you will get income, aka you can use it as an online business without capital.

There are 10 ways aka online business without capital that you can apply or maybe want to try. Not without reason, this is because it is easy, can be directly practiced and of course, you do not need to spend a lot of capital in running it. However, you must always be persistent and tenacious to run a small business to make it bigger and more successful.

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