Part-Time Business Ideas for Students in India

10 Part-Time Business Ideas for Students in India

The part-time business ideas for students in India means businesses that are run outside the main job, with the aim of earning additional income. 

A part-time business can be done by anyone who already has a main job. Status as a full-time employee in a company or agency is not a barrier for anyone to have a part-time business, as long as it is done outside the main work hours, and of course, it does not affect the main job. 

Many students want to get additional income beyond the salary that has been earned but are still hesitant to start a part-time business due to various obstacles, including the capital. Many part-time businesses can be started with only small capital. This article will discuss various part-time business ideas for those of you who want to have extra income every month.

Part-Time Business Benefits

Because it is carried out while still being engaged in the main job, a part-time business does require extra time, energy, and thought, so that the time for relaxing and resting is reduced every day.

But apart from these risks, having a part-time business is worth pursuing because it brings many benefits for personal finances. You will get additional income. Earning extra income means increasing your financial well-being, and running this part-time business is one way to make it happen.

Suppose you want to have a dream house but the salary from your main job is still mediocre, so you can’t save up yet. Expecting a salary increase from the company or agency you work for may not be fulfilled, even within a period of 1 to 2 years. So, one strategy to make this dream come true is to seek additional income through a part-time business.

Doing additional work also trains you to be able to manage time, learn many new things outside of your main job, and develop certain abilities. This will indirectly add to the portfolio and complement the CV. All these things will ultimately enrich the experience and increase various abilities personally.

If you still have free time and want to earn income outside of your salary, then use that free time productively by looking for part-time business opportunities. Start with a part-time business that is simple and easy to run, so that you don’t get too overwhelmed and don’t interfere with your main job. If you are currently still an employee, first find out what the rules are in the company where you work regarding a business or a side job.

Capital Constraints in Starting a Part-Time Business

Doing a part-time business for an employee is normal and usually not prohibited by the company, as long as it does not interfere with the employee’s performance. Many want to start but are still delayed because of capital because they think that starting a business requires a large amount of capital.

This kind of thinking is not entirely correct, because to be able to start and run a business, large capital is not always required. With only a small capital, many part-time business ideas can be tried, as long as it starts with a strong determination to live it consistently.

There are always risks and challenges, but they can be met with any effort. Many of the success stories of large entrepreneurs who started as part-time businesses have become businesses that can be relied on for the long term, even generating an income greater than a monthly salary.

Want to know more about a part-time business with a small but profitable side? Here are 10 part-time business ideas that you can try.

Small and Promising Capital Part-Time Business Ideas for Students in India

1. Running a Food Business (Delivery Order)

The food business seems to always be tempting because it has the potential to bring in customers every day. If you have people closest to you who are good at cooking certain foods, especially those that are unique, creative, and that many people like, invite them to work together to run a food business with a delivery order concept. 

You can also work with relatives, friends, or anyone who makes food products that are worth selling, for example, a variety of current frozen food.  

In addition to offering to your office friends, so that your customer reach is wider, you can take advantage of online transportation services by registering your ‘shop’ on the company’s mobile application. You can also promote via social media, WhatsApp, and so on. 

By running a business like this, you will not be too bothered to divide your time with the main job because you don’t make the food yourself and only sell it, but of course, you will get a profit. You also don’t need to rent a place because it only serves delivery messages.

2. Opening an Online Shop

In today’s digital era, people prefer to shop at online shops rather than go alone or come directly to the store, because it’s easier and more practical. The shopping style of today’s society is starting to shift from offline to online. Online business is booming and has become a trend in the community with online shops that offer various attractive items with promos.

This opportunity can be an inspiration for those of you who already have a main job as an employee to start a part-time business. Many types of products can be sold online, such as food, clothing, cosmetics, household appliances, gadgets, and so on.

The capital that you need to prepare to create an online shop is not large. There are also many platforms that you can choose from for selling, either through social media, marketplaces, or creating your website. You can design your online store. But if you can’t, there are already many free online shop templates. Even if you have to buy, there are also many cheap templates, which cost less than $300 thousand. Not wanting or not being able to create your web-based online store is not a problem, because you can create an online store in the marketplace.

For those who have minimal capital and don’t want to be complicated, they can choose to become a reseller or dropshipper, by offering goods from suppliers who are invited to work together. With this system, you sell the supplier’s goods without having to provide stock. This method is more practical and has very minimal potential downsides.

3. Become a PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) Agent

Paying various bills has become the obligation of many people every month. Pay bills for electricity, water, BPJS fees, internet, installments for goods, and so on. Often they do not have time to pay until they are late in payment because they have passed the due date. If you have this, the bill will be bigger because you have to pay a fine.

They don’t have time to go to different places to pay all those bills, not to mention having to queue up. From these conditions, a business opportunity emerged where people provided services as intermediaries in the payment of various bills, namely by opening a business as a provider of Online Bank Payment Points (PPOB), or often called payment kiosks.

Through PPOB, various needs such as electricity, water, internet, and BPJS fees can be paid in one place. PPOB is a solution for people who need help to make their bill payments easier.

With the ease of internet access today, more and more people are pursuing this business which can even be done from their own homes, as long as they have complete devices and a stable internet network. So, becoming a PPOB agent could be a part-time business opportunity.

4. Selling Internet Credit / Quota

Credit and internet quotas have become necessities for today’s society due to the increasing use of cellular phones as a means of communication that is needed by everyone. Understanding these opportunities, of course, the voucher and data package business is one of the promising part-time businesses.

This business can be run without disturbing the main working hours. Offering it is also very easy. For starters, you can sell it to co-workers at the office, relatives, and people around the neighborhood where you live. If you are interested in doing credit business, you can choose electrical pulses. One of the advantages of selling electric pulse vouchers is their effective and efficient use.

Apart from not being in the form of a card that needs space, electrical pulses can be activated directly via your cellphone so that it is relatively hassle-free. With a smartphone, you can do credit and quota transactions using the available applications. The capital that needs to be provided is also not much, only around Rp. 3 million.

5. Become an Insurance Agent

Another part-time business that does not require capital is to become an insurance agent. Armed with insight into insurance and also the ability to sell, you can look for opportunities for insurance companies to become their agents.

This business is right to be engaged in as an employee-part-time business because it is not binding, has small capital, but also provides sustainable income. You can do this job in your spare time at work or after work. There are many insurance options that you can work on, from health insurance, life insurance to car insurance.

6. Become a Broker or Property Broker

Selling property (as an intermediary or broker) can be a profitable part-time business because the price of the goods being sold is no joke, hundreds of millions to billions. To become a property broker, of course, you must first work with the marketing of the property so that you know the profit limit or bonus that you will get, for example, if you manage to sell one or more units.

This part-time business does not require capital in the form of money. The only capital you need is the trust of property owners and potential property buyers. It takes a little marketing knowledge and the ins and outs of the property being sold so that you can offer it well. For starters, you can offer the property to co-workers at the office.

7. Running an MLM Business

Running a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business can be a profitable part-time business. During a lot of negative public stigma regarding this business concept, many MLM companies are trusted with good products and are liked by the public. The types of products that are most commonly sold are health and beauty products. The business scheme that is applied is different for each company. The price of the product, the benefits offered, and the number of benefits also vary.

This business can generate additional income, including for people who work as students. Without the need to interfere with your main job, you can sell MLM products to your office friends. You can also open an MLM business at home by offering it to your neighbors.

8. Today’s Snack / Beverage Franchise Business

Many people have the desire to start a business but are still hesitant because of various things, for example, they are confused about things related to the operation of a business. If this is the case, then a suitable business is a franchise business that makes it easy for someone to run it. The franchise buyer only needs to run the business, because the concept has been determined by the franchise owner.

Running a business with this concept can be a part-time business. Currently, there have been many local franchise businesses that require small capital, and some are not even up to Rp. 10 million. You can choose to sell food or beverage products. For food, what is generally offered is crispy fried chicken, burgers, kebabs, and other snacks. There are also many beverage franchises, including contemporary drinks, such as boba, thai tea, and so on.

You can run this business on the side by recruiting students who can be trusted to manage it. You can take advantage of the area in front of where you live, or rent a place to sell with a booth in a strategic place. Join a food delivery service platform so that your products can be more widely known by the public.

9. Managing a Blog

Being a blogger or managing a blog can be used as a part-time business to make extra money. Bloggers usually do blogging activities, write things they like, make guides about many things that people want to know, make product reviews, or just the latest news.

The theme of the writing can vary, including lifestyle, beauty, cooking recipes, and others, depending on your interests. In essence, create quality content to attract lots of visitors.

Bloggers are not only able to get income from Google Adsense because many other advertising providers are ready to support bloggers to get unlimited income. You only need to display the website as well as possible so that it is attractive to read and maintains quality so that it can increase blog traffic every day.

Capital to create a blog is also very cheap, and there are already many website creation service providers. You can pay around Rp. 1 million a year to buy a local domain and hosting, and write your blog. Apart from buying a domain and hosting, you can also create a blog on a free platform like

For your blog writing to get better, you can enter various communications specifically for bloggers. In addition to adding knowledge, you can also expand your network of fellow bloggers, learn how to make your blog more recognized by many people, it can even make you potentially get a job opportunity to become a freelance writer for a certain brand.

10. Selling Preloved Items and Opening Services

This part-time business is easy to run. If you have items that you no longer use at home, it can be useful for other people who need similar items. Maybe their budget is limited, or they don’t want to buy a new one because the price is too expensive, so they look for second or preloved items, which are used items that are still in good condition and fit for use.

You can sell these kinds of items on various online forums on social media or the marketplace. There are also applications with features that allow you to offer these preloved items, for example, Carousell, and so on. If you want to make money from this business, you don’t need cash capital.

Just collect the items to be sold, clean or wash them if necessary, then you can take good photos, then upload them to be offered online. You have to guarantee that the quality of the items being sold is still good.

For those of you who like shopping and traveling, this activity can be fun. In addition to channeling a hobby, you can make this a small capital business, but with a large enough profit. Or, for those of you who have a credit card or PayPal account, you can offer to buy goods from sites from other countries by installing a purchase service rate of 5-15 percent of the price of the goods.

Many people are interested in buying goods in marketplaces or online stores abroad, such as Amazon, eBay, IndieGogo, and so on. However, generally, the intention to buy is forced to cancel because the prospective buyer does not have a credit card or PayPal account.

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This service business is almost like being a personal shopper. The difference is, the prospective buyer has already provided a link to the item they want, so your job is only to help the purchase process. Apart from the benefits in the form of money, you can also get reward points from purchases made using a credit card.

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