Photography Business Ideas in India

12 Best Photography Business Ideas in India of 2021

If you are looking for profitable photography business ideas in India? Then here you will find the best ideas which will help you in starting a photography business in India.

Apart from being photography as a hobby, you must have basic photography skills as well as having necessary equipment like cameras, stands, lights, etc.

To run the business and look more professional, you should choose what type of photography business you want to open.

Currently, thanks to technological advancements, there are many things that you can use as a reference to open a business, whether it’s offline or online.

If you want to open a photography business, you should pay attention to a few things, that this business is not only based on an online business.

But, you have to show your presence online too. It aims to increase your branding and allow you to gain a large number of clients.

But if you are confused about which online photography business is right for you, you should ask yourself first.

What are my passion and style? Do you just open the business as a hobby and make it a side income?

Or want to be a professional photographer who has his studio and has several employees.

After you determine, then you can identify what kind of photography business you want to be involved in.

If the business is a company scale, of course, the business is not limited to one or two types, but also includes various types of photography.

If the business is personal, then, of course, you have to choose those specifications. So that your skills will be honed.

12 Photography Business Ideas in India

Here are the 12 best photography business ideas in India that are suitable for you:

Food photography 

Choosing this business, of course, you must have a special camera that can take high-quality photos, especially if the photo object is small.

Food photography can make people interested in food products as well as attract people to eat the food in the photo.

You can start this business independently by taking photos of the foods that are around you.

Make photos as attractive as possible. After that, you can sell them on online photo buying and selling sites or maybe work with restaurants to open your food photography studio at home.

Product photography

This business focuses on photos for products of various types ranging from clothes, belts, perfumes to cars.

Some large companies are even willing to spend up to tens of millions to hire the services of a professional product photographer.

What’s the goal? To increase the impression of the product, increase its appeal, improve branding and ultimately invite consumers to buy the product.

Indeed, usually, there is cooperation between the photographer and the company directly. Especially if there is a new product launched by one company.

Graduation photography

I saw several photo studios around the campus where I studied which suddenly grows during graduation.

They are not amateur photographers but have their photo studios. It’s just that they offer ready-made photo services to people who have just graduated.

Even though this business is only a seasonal business, the income is decent.

If your hobby is photography, try to take advantage of moments to increase your income.

Although it is a seasonal photography business idea, it is quite profitable. It’s just that, you have to be ready to crumble.

Because you have to bring adequate equipment, starting from a camera with various accessories, screens, additional components and keeping your studio from being damaged.

Event organizer photography

An event organizer is a rare moment that usually brings together many people and many institutions.

You can work with the organizing committee to become a photographer as well as to help them with documentation.

This can also help them to carry out accountability reports later, especially if your service users are government institutions.

Usually, this event organizer photography requires a camera with unlimited memory. Because you are required to take any photos that are dominant or interesting during the event.

Family Gathering Photography 

Family gatherings are usually carried out by companies to increase kinship as fellow employees.

Now you can take advantage of this by applying for cooperation with the company to perpetuate these activities.

It works the same as the event organizer. Besides you can build relationships with these companies, you can also earn income from there.

Wedding photography

Currently, most of the wedding photography business has been carried out by professional photography studios. Thus, it would be difficult to be able to compete with them.

The wedding photography business is not only when the wedding is taking place but also starts from pre-wedding photos, family parties, and so on.

But you don’t need to be sad, you can start this business from the people closest to you. Besides you can strengthen family relationships, people will start asking for your services.

Retired photography

The last day of work before retirement is crucial. At this moment, people will usually look emotional.

Opening a photography business that focuses on the above requires good skills. Because here you are required to capture every moment well.

In addition, these business services are still few in India. In the future, the photo will become a precious moment for the retired soldier before spending his old age at home.

Underwater photography

If you like underwater life, then you can specialize in underwater photography. The objects are of course the underwater animals, which are amazing and interesting to see.

And you can earn from here, by selling it online. Because nowadays people need a new perspective of every photo they want to see.

Animal photography

Having a cute pet can be a pleasure for its owner. Especially if someone can capture photos with pets professionally.

If you specialize in animal photography, then the object is not only limited to common pets such as dogs and cats, but also other animals.

This business is very unique. Besides being able to satisfy yourself from your shots, you can also bring in money for yourself.

Outdoor photography

This type of photography aims to capture every moment he experiences. He does not work for anyone alias does not have an employer.

You are freer to choose the object or subject he wants to photograph. And cool again, he can earn from there. Eh but wait, where does he get his income from? Of course by selling it online.

Freelance photographer

This type of work requires persistence. The way it works is like a journalist but only reports in the form of photos.

Currently, freelance photography is in great demand by many people. Besides being able to channel hobbies can also bring in money.

The income is obtained from the media, newspapers, or magazines that accept photo submissions for events that have just happened.

Creative photography business

This last point is still related to photography activities, so there is nothing wrong if I add it to the list of the best photography business ideas in India.

In other words, you can get into this one business, while pursuing the photography business. Ideally, it is.

For example, you offer pre-wedding photography services, then there are service packages that you offer such as photo booths, wedding photographers, and so on.

Also, you can do other creative photography businesses without having to know how to use a camera, such as:

  • Wedding or event invitation design
  • Photo booth decoration rental
  • lighting
  • full band

Final Words

The list above is indeed still limited and has not fully discussed how it works, but these are just ideas that you can try.

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The most important thing is that you can start your own photography business specifically in a particular field but with the combination of more than two ideas you can set up a business that has greater reach.

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