Service Business Ideas: 40 Profitable Service Business Opportunities

Looking for a profitable opportunity in the service business? Here the best service business ideas for you that will generate high returns.

The service business this year is still lucrative. Some of the advantages of service products compared to goods are that they do not require storage space, tend not to spend high promotional costs and are durable. As for some of the shortcomings of services, consumers only know the quality after buying them and also services that have been provided cannot be returned.

But now the business in the service sector is growing rapidly. Moreover, the development of information technology that helps consumers to see testimonials and previous user experiences in buying a service. Service products are also sold through online media where this will also cut promotional costs.

Alright, then we will provide some service business recommendations that you can start from now on. It is recommended to choose a service that matches your passion and ability, so that later the services you provide to consumers are truly of high quality and can satisfy them.

40 Service Business Ideas

Here are the profitable service business ideas for you.

Electronic Services

The name of electronic goods, it always requires maintenance and sometimes damaged and in need of repair.

Electronic service services are not only for those who are graduates of electronics majors but also for those who are experienced and have attended training in the service of electronic goods such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, fans, washing machines and so on. The point is you have to be able to provide the best service to consumers so that they feel satisfied and if there are more problems they will come back and use your service.

Automotive Workshop Services

Like repairs in the electronics sector, you can also sell your services to repair automotive items such as motorcycles and cars.

Even though there are now many who have opened automotive repair shops, you can still sell the services you have as long as they provide the best service so that consumers are also satisfied with the results you provide.

Event Organizer Services

There are so many institutions or large companies that hold certain events to celebrate special days. Or not only private companies, there are also many who need event organizer services such as weddings, birthdays, circumcision, and so on.

Event organizer services are one of the most lucrative businesses, especially if your competitors are few, for example, a friend from North Sumatra opens an event organizer service in the countryside, which can also be combined with sound system rental, tents and benches.

Final Project Consulting Services

For students who have arrived at the final semester but are still confused about doing their final assignment, you can provide consulting services to help them in working on their thesis, thesis or dissertation.

Here it does not mean that you do 100 percent of the final project, but rather to mentor and assist in data processing during the process of making the final project. And this service business will be needed when you open it in the campus area.

Helmet Laundry Service

People nowadays are very lazy to clean their helmet or headgear. Maybe because the helmet is difficult to dry and clean.

However, this is a business opportunity for you to open a helmet laundry service or clean a helmet that is dirty and doesn’t have time to be cleaned by the owner. Almost the same as laundry clothes in general, you can also set rates for certain types of helmets.

Package Card Shooting Services

The use of smartphones makes quotas increasingly needed by today’s society. Because without an internet package, a sophisticated cell phone will be of no use, because it can’t be used to access the internet.

Because the internet quota rates from providers in developing countries are currently quite expensive, many have managed to make fixing these tariffs easier. If you have experience and expertise in this field, then you can open a business selling special package cards for cheap internet.

Template Creation Service

The templates here are very general, they can be video templates for YouTube purposes, presentation templates for employees, photo templates for Instagram content or templates for websites and blogs.

Customize it with your skills, and design the template well and attractively. If your template sells well, then you can benefit from it. Or you can also introduce your online product through social media, hitch a ride on the marketplace and create your own landing page. Don’t forget to also advertise your services on Google and Facebook ads.

Pet Grooming Services

Grooming services for pets such as cats or dogs are true quite a perspective in urban areas. This term refers to the routine self-care carried out by the owner of the pets he has. It is one of the best ideas for your service business.

If you are a veterinarian and have experience in opening practice, then this pet grooming service is very prospective for you to open, what else in your area has no competition.

WPAP Creation Service

WPAP or vector image creation is currently a trend. Caricature images that are changed from the original photo are liked by many people to serve as gifts to loved ones.

This WPAP image can be used as a graduation gift, birthday, or other special moment. You simply rely on a PC or laptop device that has a graphics processing application installed such as Corel Draw.

Magic Knock Service

What is knock magic? Basically, magic is a term created for those who work to repair damaged or dented car body parts to their original shape.

Why does it say magic? Because the process is quite fast and usually they don’t fix the car body in public places but in a closed room. This business is very tempting if you open a magic knock shop in a strategic place.

Wantex Pants Service

Many of the jeans that we have faded because they are often washed and dried in the sun which makes the color of the jeans not the same as when we first bought them.

This is one of the business opportunities for those who want to open a service for wantek pants. With various methods currently available, it is possible to give the initial color to the jeans so that the pants we have will be like new again the first time they bought them.

3D Printing Services

Rapid technological advances have made people now able to duplicate various 3D items using a 3D printing machine. This business opportunity is still rare, and you can open it in your respective area.

Of course, my friend also has to buy a 3D printing machine which can be categorized as a fairly expensive capital. But if this business grows, then you will quickly get profits in a short time.

Online Game Jockey Services

For those who like to play online games but don’t have time to raise the ranking, you can look for jockey services to push rank or play your online game account so that there is progress.

For those of you who have free time and build a hobby of playing online games, jockey services are an option because in addition to being able to take the time to play, you can also work to generate side income. In addition, you can also sell rare items in these online games.

Online Advertising Management Services

Currently there are many online advertising platforms that we can find such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads (along with Instagram too), or various other ad networks.

The need for online advertising is really needed by the company. Even today, online advertising has a larger market share compared to conventional advertisements such as those on television, newspapers or radio.

But sometimes there are companies that experience losses when they have budgeted for large online advertisements but do not get enough feedback. Therefore, those of you who are experienced in the field of online advertising management can open this service to provide effective and efficient use of advertising for companies.

Safe Opening Service

One service that is rarely sought after by people is opening a safe or deposit box which is usually used to store valuables.

Some people or companies who have valuables such as money, gold, certificates and so on prefer to use a safe to store these items. But sometimes they experience problems such as forgetting passwords, damaged or jammed safes and this is a business opportunity for you to offer the services you have, namely opening safes.

Small Money Exchange Service

This is a type of seasonal service business that is only prospective during religious holidays, such as when Eid or Chinese New Year arrives. Because during the holidays most people go home and want to share money with their relatives.

And to exchange money with even smaller denominations, people are too lazy to go to the bank. And you can exchange the money for what you got before. You can offer your services on the side of the road or at the bus terminal, a place where people want to go back to their hometowns.

SEO Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizer where this is a set of techniques used by website owners to make their posts appear on the first page of searches from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex or Yahoo.

Not many people master this service and if you have experience and expertise in this field, it is very prospective to open an SEO consulting service, especially for those who are concerned about online business.

SEM Services

If above there is Search Engine Optimize, then this is Search Engine Marketing. Where this technique is used for online marketers so that they can introduce products online by utilizing advertising services as much as possible.

SEM consultation is very necessary for those who really rely on online transactions where every product they sell uses online media for sales. So online advertising management is very necessary.

Clean Cleaning Service

People today are lazy enough to clean their belongings, such as clothes, carpets, helmets, vehicles and even the contents of their homes.

Because their time is up to work all day in the office, they need a cleaning service. Buddies in North Sumatra can open a start-up company that focuses on providing cleaning services.

Follower Enhancing Services

People nowadays have a lot of sessions with being influencers who have a lot of followers, likes or subscribers on their social media.

If you master the technique of adding followers, subscribers, likes and the like, you can introduce your business to social media actors who really aim to find popularity on social media.

Paid Audience Service

Many television shows today use the services of a paid audience to make the atmosphere at the event look lively and interesting to follow or watch.

Maybe you also often wonder if there are several people who have been caught on camera as spectators at the same event over and over again and it has been confirmed that they are being paid. Maybe this is a service that doesn’t require skills, only gives time and energy to watch and is attractive.

YouTube Crew Services

The development of social media YouTube is now very popular and widely used by internet users around the world. People are also competing to create their own YouTube channel and make money from Adsense.

However, some content on YouTube videos requires a lot of people to create interaction in it. Call it video interviews, prank videos, or vlogs, where these videos require a special crew to help the YouTuber to produce the appropriate video. And you can offer this service.

Photographer or Videographer Services

Becoming a photographer or videographer is the right choice for those of you who like the visual world where you can make money from the camera you have.

Many need this documentation service such as during the graduation process, official inauguration, birthdays, weddings and so on. Usually this service is also associated with photo editing and photo printing services. And you can book a photo studio in the campus or office area.

Content Editor Service

Content such as videos, photos and articles that are widely spread on the internet come from creators whose end result is the work of editors or editors. This profession is in charge of improving and completing the final result of the work so that it is more perfect and can be enjoyed by many people.

If you are an expert in graphic design, you can offer photo editing services. For those who are experts in the field of copywriting, you can open edit articles and some of them. So, editing the content here has a broad meaning and you can develop it into various other forms.

Tour Guide Services

This is quite a fun job. Why? Because besides being able to take a vacation you can also make money. When your area has a tourist location that is crowded with visitors, you can swerve to become a tour guide there.

Many Caucasians or local tourists need the services of this guide. For those who are visiting for the first time, they definitely need a companion so that their every movement from one spot to another can run smoothly.

Social Media Admin Services

Nowadays, every social media can be used for business purposes. Be it as a promotional medium or a place for the transaction itself. Some even earn billions from their social media.

Therefore, continuous management and management of social media is needed so that followers think that posting on social media is routine and active. But unfortunately some people don’t have time to take care of their social media. And being a social media admin service can be prospective to be introduced.

Vocal Teacher Services

Professional singers who have melodious voices, starting from amateur singers who from the beginning already had professional vocal teachers to help them produce good voices that can be enjoyed by many people.

And if you have experience in music, vocals and can train lay singers, you can sell your services as a vocal teacher and market them online and open a vocal school at work.

Agricultural Harvest Service

In various areas that have quite prospective agricultural potential, there are many practices of renting harvest services for various types of commodities such as rice harvesting in paddy fields, oil palm plantations and so on.

Usually the garden owner does not have time to take care of his land and prefers to hire people to harvest the agricultural products he owns. You can provide this agricultural harvest service and get a salary with a pre-made agreement.

Computer Reinstall Service

In urban areas, campuses, schools and offices are very prospective to provide reinstallation services for laptops and computers.

You can provide reinstallation services by distributing leaflets, sticking them on campus or school announcement walls and also offering your services online from social media, chat applications and websites such as landing pages. Install low rates and provide complete applications according to what your clients need.

Smartphone Flash Service

If the computer must be reinstalled then for mobile devices or smartphones the term is flashing. The principle is the same, namely reinstalling the new operating system on the problematic device.

Because since many people are currently using smartphones, both those based on Android and iOS, you can provide this re-flash service for those who have problems with their smartphones.

Trauma Treatment Services

The occurrence of criminal acts often leaves trauma to the victims. Many underestimate the trauma experienced by victims, so it is very rare for professions such as psychologists and experts to handle the trauma of criminal victims in India.

What if you have a background in Psychology and can become an expert in the field of special trauma handling, then you can rent out your services to people in need.

Product Review Services

Services for processing a product are very broad in scope. Especially now with the development of information technology. People in ancient times reviewed a product through radio, magazines or television.

Meanwhile, now many people are paid to review a product through various online media such as websites, podcasts, YouTube channels and posts on Instagram, for example. However, it is important to do an honest and objective review without being tied to who is paying.

Goods Promotion Services

In the past, people promoting a product conventionally only used offline media, such as magazines, newspapers, radio, and television. But now you can do promotions online.

Goods that are sold online, require special marketing techniques in order to generate a large turnover. Therefore, your copy writing and speaking skills will be very useful for this promotional service.

Endorsement Services

Actually goods promotion services are almost the same as endorsements. It’s just that here the difference is that if the endorsement is you have to be actively involved in using the product, such as introducing Samsung smartphone products.

So as an endorsement you must be able to convince the audience for them to believe that the product is of good quality by using it every day. You can endorse via IG, YouTube or Facebook.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are indeed one of the services that are quite in demand by those of you who are fresh graduates or just graduated from college. Especially if you are majoring in teaching where it is intended to be a teacher or teaching staff.

So that your tutoring services can be great, you have to work together with your other friends and then open a startup with members from various teaching staff who are experts in various subject areas.

Gymnastics Instructor Services

People in urban areas generally choose to do gymnastics as one of the activities to maintain physical fitness and health.

Gymnastics has become a lifestyle and to do the right movements, many people need a gymnastics instructor. Some even have a personal gym instructor who visits their home. And if you do have expertise in this field, you can sell your services.

Sports Coach Services

Almost the same as a gymnastics instructor, you can also sell your service business in the sports field. For example, you are an expert in one type of badminton, or you are a former badminton athlete.

With the sports skills and experience you have, you can open training in the field of sports. Especially for those who are still young to be educated and directed to become athletes who excel in the future.

39 Music Teacher Services

Music is one part of the arts that is enjoyed by many people. In addition to its beauty, music can also be one of the promising professions to become a singer or songwriter.

If you have experience in the arts, such as music, you can open music tutoring privately or in groups by using the room in your home. But of course, you have to prepare qualified musical instruments so that you can support the business.

Website Developer Services

Websites are now a vital necessity for many companies. Because the website plays an important role in the promotion and transfer of information between companies and consumers.

Websites can also be a very effective and efficient means of buying and selling, such as marketplaces and online stores. Therefore, you can sell to create a website according to the needs of your clients, such as making personal blogs, company profiles, news portals, marketing websites, landing pages and so on.

Translator Service

Foreign language skills can help you to earn more this year. Because the turnover that a translator can get can also be very promising, you know, and with language skills, you can start this business.

So if you have foreign language skills, for example, English, Mandarin or Japanese, you can try to take advantage of that ability to generate income. By translating various works such as books, theses, or subtitles for films and shows from abroad.

Closing remarks

Starting a service business is indeed profitable, apart from the relatively small capital, selling services also doesn’t have to bother preparing various technical things that will drain your time and energy.

But keep in mind, services must be provided optimally so that clients are satisfied with what we provide as producers. Because there are also many rivals or competitors who can replace our business once disappointing consumers.

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