16 Profitable Side Business Ideas for Government Employees

In the midst of the current economic crisis and recession, the impact of the coronavirus. Many of us need a promising side business. Side jobs can be done according to our abilities and needs. Many side business ideas can make a lot of money.

We will discuss a list of examples of side businesses that are suitable for us workers, ranging from small capital side businesses for employees, several lists of employee-side business opportunities, additional income for employees, to how to increase income for employees.

Doing a side job can really help our monthly income. Check out how to work on the side and also look for a side business which will be explained below. To have additional income for everyday life.

List of a side business  for government employees for Additional Income

1. Laundry business

The first type of employee-side business government employees can try is to open a laundry business. By running this business, government employees who are an employee can also run it easily. Because this one business can be run at home

The work can still be done and the laundry business can still run. Especially if government employees is an employee who owns a house in an educational or office area. Opening this business will bring benefits because students or workers usually do not have time to wash their own clothes.

2. Catering business

The next employee side business is to open a catering business, the same as a laundry business, this one business can also be run at home, government employees’ job as an employee can still be done. Especially, if government employees live in an office area, this one business is very promising to run.

The need for food is the main need, many workers need lunch in the middle of the work done. Especially if government employees is a good cook and has several family members who can work together to take care of this one employee side business. Guaranteed to be profitable!

3. Dropshipping

The next type of employee-side business is to be dropshipping. Being a dropshipper works much the same way as a reseller, who sells existing products. but the difference is being a dropshipper you will not get an additional commission. What’s more, running this one business can keep government employees running as an employee.

The advantage that the drop shipper gets is from the price that is increased by just a few percent. This is very profitable if the number of goods sold is large. Even if you take a little profit, if it is multiplied by a large number, it will give you many advantages.

4. Become a Vlogger / Youtube

Not only as an employee-side business, but YouTuber is also currently a very promising job, especially in today’s digital era. government employees can share government employees’ activities as a worker on the Youtube channel. Many people may be interested in the daily life of an employee, this can be the main attraction of government employees’ youtube content.

Just like influencers, becoming a Youtuber is also an online business opportunity that is being undertaken by many today. If influencers have platforms on various social media, Youtuber only uses Youtube as a platform to run their online business opportunities.

There is a lot of income that we can get, especially if we already have many subscribers. The first is the income from Google Adsense, the second is the income from various products for advertising on the Youtube channel that we run.

5. Freelance writer

Being a freelance writer can also use government employees as an option of the several types of employee-side companies available. Freelance writers are currently in high demand and in demand by various companies that require copywriting services. This is influenced by the very rapid development of the online business and requires a lot of content writers.

The content writer will create several articles to promote the products of his business. Also, many content writers are needed to provide education related to business products. Making content writers an online business opportunity will certainly be very profitable.

6. Selling Snacks and Snacks

The next list of types of employee-side businesses is selling snacks and snacks. Many snacks or snacks can be used as creative and innovative business ideas. There are also many examples of small businesses on this one that has proven to provide many benefits for business people who run them.

Coupled with the development of social media, and wrapped in creativity and innovation, this can make this one business opportunity very profitable. Also, government employees’ job as an employee can still be carried out and will not be disturbed. Therefore running this one business is very profitable.

7. Making Crafts

One of the next employee side business ideas is to make handicrafts and sell them, running this one business is very easy, the only capital is creativity and perseverance.

Small capital sales can be done by selling handicrafts. One of the things that makes this small capital business for startups attractive is the value of its creativity. Because crafts can be a good business by selling special products.

8. Selling Ornamental Plants

A business idea that can be run as a side business for the next employee is selling ornamental plants. Currently, the trend of decorating houses with plants, both in the yard and in the house is in great demand. This can be a promising opportunity.

government employees sell ornamental plants with their creativity and innovation. Besides that, the ornamental plant business is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses today. Supported by the current trend, this one business is very promising to deliver a lot of money!

9. Thrift Shop

Many currently run thrift shops, both young people and various other age groups who are currently doing thrifting and reselling them. This shows one of the advantages of this one business. The thrift shop is one of the business ideas that are currently busy and is becoming a trend.

Selling used clothes that still have high quality. Also, this business is very profitable because the model of each garment is rarely owned. Many also currently like clothes that are very antique and classic, this is an advantage in running this one employee side business.

10. Selling Used Books

The next employee side business idea is to sell used books, especially for government employees, who have a large collection of books that are no longer read, rather than making a small house, government employees can sell them to generate additional income.

In the USA, there are a lot of book readers who really like used books, especially if government employees have old books and antique books. Many book collectors are after him. This can be an easy way to run this one employee side business.

11. Photographer

Becoming a photographer is an interesting side job and can provide abundant benefits for government employees who have an interest and talent in the world of photography. Especially for government employees who have been in the world of photography for a long time and deeply. Making photography skills work is a smart way to make a profit.

Side jobs by becoming a photographer can be used by government employees for product photos and visual consulting services for products that require an attractive visual touch. The photographer is a profession that is needed in today’s digital era.

12. Tutor

Another side business that government employees can do is to become a tutor, especially for government employees, who currently works as a teacher. Teaching tutoring will provide additional income for government employees, most importantly many teachers who do this job as a side job, and even provide a higher income than the income from the main job.

Becoming a tutor is quite easy and flexible to do because government employees can determine a teaching schedule at any time, especially if it provides online teaching. The interesting thing about this side job is that government employees do not require large material capital.

13. Translator

His next side job is to become a translator. Becoming a translator is the most flexible type of online business and can be done anytime and anywhere. The main asset is only one, namely good and qualified language skills.

The most interesting thing is that government employees can determine the translation rates for each sheet based on the difficulty level of the translated text. Usually, government employees who work as language teachers or government employees who have education in the field of foreign languages ​​can do this one side job.

14. Graphic Design

In connection with the digital world and the visual world, this side business is very much needed in the world of digital marketing. To support the online business promotion, many graphic designs are needed to make some interesting posters or visuals. Such as logo design, product packaging design, brochure design, and many others.

Becoming a Graphic Designer is an online business opportunity that is very profitable and very much needed in today’s digital era. Just like an SEO Specialist, becoming a graphic designer is a very profitable and much-needed business opportunity.

15. Website Development Services

The next side business is still around the digital world and internet marketing, which is offering website creation services. The development of the digital era that is currently running rapidly provides various kinds of online business opportunities. To be able to sell online, many entrepreneurs must have a website like an online shop.

For government employees, who have the ability to create and design websites, he can make his abilities an online business opportunity. We can offer website creation services to every entrepreneur who needs a website.

16. Super Agent in Super Application

A side business idea for the next employee to become a Super Agent. Many have not yet touched on the basic food business, which is covered with digital and technological conveniences. There are many benefits that government employees can get by selling groceries by joining as a Super Agent.

The way the Super Agent works is very flexible and adapts to government employees’ working hours as an employee. There are many benefits that government employees can get by becoming a Super Agent, monthly income of up to millions of dollars, and also some other tantalizing bonuses that government employees can get.

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