21 Promising Side Business Ideas for Ladies from Home

Are you looking for suitable side business ideas for ladies? Below are some inspirations for home businesses with small capital that are good for IRT, which of course only require small capital. This business is excellent this year because it has a relatively smaller capital and can empower women who are less productive.

The household is the most ideal scale to start a creative business, whether it is based on culinary, clothing or recycled materials.

This business does have a weakness, namely the limited production scale. However, it is able to provide job opportunities to job seekers or ladies who are less productive. Thus, this effort is very valuable for the sustainability of the micro-economy.

Side Business Ideas for Ladies

Here are the profitable side business ideas for ladies from home:

Be a Babysitter

Being a baby sitter for celebrity children or rich people is certainly a pretty tempting choice for some ladies. When you become a baby sitter, you have to spend more time with the family that employs you.

A professional babysitter can work under an outsourcing foundation which then connects them with the client’s family. It is one of the best side business ideas for ladies which they can use from home also.

There are also caregivers who are channelled directly by the hospital or school, or also from acquaintances. You can also offer your services for the care of children with special needs. This requires skilled skills in nursing.

Private Laundry

One of the job options that do not really require expertise and educational background. However, it requires a large amount of energy, namely washing personal clothes in certain family homes. Maybe now you can help with a washing machine.

However, you still do other work such as drying, ironing and folding clothes. Now you can do this business and don’t need capital at all, because it only takes energy capital and a strong will to try.

Gymnastics Instructor

Becoming an instructor of various types of sports is indeed the right choice for ladies, in addition to increasing income, it also makes them healthy. Gymnastics or Yoga instructors must be diligent in exercising. Sports instructors are not only at the fitness or gym, but there are also those who are called to home, office and so on. Lots of choices for sports.

So you only choose one or more sports that you are good at and then teach other mothers. For example, martial arts special for sisters, he said, this profession is still a few who pursue, even though there are many enthusiasts, so often asked to teach outside the city. The income is good.

Social Media Influencers

Contemporary ladies, must be up to date on social media and information technology. So as a millennial IRT, you can still take care of your children while taking care of your social media accounts, such as Instagram or often abbreviated as IG.

It is currently the booming side business ideas that ladies anywhere in the world can use to start their own startup business.

You can use your social media to become a source of income. Instagram already knows, yes, from the various posts that we find on Instagram. Usually more towards reviewing or endorsing a product that is going viral.

Become a Quiz Hunter

As a ladies, you can also take part in several online competitions related to your little one, such as baby photo competitions, article competitions and so on. Some often hunt for quizzes and look for giveaways on social media.

So the more you take part in competitions and quizzes, the more likely you are to win. You also take part in competitions just for fun and get prizes. And the results can be pretty good if you win. But usually you get gifts in the form of products or vouchers, not money.

Work Freelance

As a ladies, you really have to prioritize the needs of your household and your children. However, if you have certain skills, you can sell your skills via the internet. For example the field of designers such as book design freelancers, illustrations, graphics, logos, fashion, and architecture and so on.

You can offer your services through freelance provider sites, such as Projects, Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr. Working as a freelancer is indeed a fun profession, flexible working hours and workplace, can be done at home while taking care of children.

Selling ice lolly

This time, it came from the inspiration of children’s favorite snacks, namely iced candles. This business can be used as snacks at school. There is no need to ask again, children certainly really like the ice lolly, the taste is sweet and fresh and the colorful colors of the ice can also attract their attention.

Especially when the dry season arrives, the weather is hotter and the ice lolly becomes a fugitive for school children, no need to bother, just open it in front of the house if it is close to the school. The job of selling ice is indeed quite easy to do, and it also doesn’t take a long process to make it. Because now there are ice sachet ingredients that are easy to use.

Selling Donuts

This one bread is also very much in demand by small children and even everyone loves it. Although the shape is simple, but the decoration on the top of the bread becomes the centre of attention of small children with colorful messes that make this bread more attractive and beautiful.

You can sell it in various stalls with a profit-sharing system. How, interested? Donut ingredients can also vary, from plain flour or from potatoes. Just give interesting toppings such as chocolate, nuts, honey, shredded and so on.

EO Child’s Birthday

Often school students still carry out birthday events at school. But parents often find it difficult to prepare the types of food and equipment to celebrate such an event.

And this can be a business opportunity for ladies to provide good birthday party celebration services in terms of food, party equipment as well as event management or event organizers. If you have a large enough capital, you can also rent out tents, benches, portable fans, invitation-making services, flower boards and so on.

Tutoring Lessons

Even though as a ladies, of course you have experience in learning when you were in school or college. The benefits of knowledge that have been learned to teach good school children from elementary, junior high to high school levels.

Or maybe educating the Koran is good for young children to adults or fathers and mothers. A ladies who has a certain educational background, or has expertise in the arts, sports or certain subjects can open this private tutoring service. Start looking for children near your housing complex.


Creating creativity can be a business opportunity or a side business for ladies that can be done when the time is free. There are so many types of handicrafts that can be created, from arranging flowers, making baby accessories.

You can also make cute mini backpacks for school kids, or also make wicker from bamboo and recycled waste items. In essence, this job is perfect for those of you who are creative, have innovation and like to work from home.

Selling egg rolls

Snacks egg rolls are also suitable to be snacks for small children and all circles. This snack is cheap and has many fans, and it is not difficult to prepare it. This is also very familiar and is often used as a menu in merchandise in school canteens.

As we all know that eggs contain protein which is good for health. You can start this business with a small capital, just with a few boards of eggs, a mixture of spices, additional water, sauce, plastic and oil, a stove and a frying pan for cooking. You can sell in front of the house which is close to SD.

Monthly Catering Services

Because sweets or food are common, what if you open a service in making sweets or food for anyone who needs it. Lots of people are looking for catering services like this, especially for those who are busy and don’t have time to cook.

You can learn to make food. This can be a prospective home business opportunity. If you like the culinary world, and want to offer your organic healthy catering services for office employees, for example, you can offer these services for their lunch.

Selling Online

There are so many businesses that you can do just by using online facilities. Selling online is a business that you can easily do, such as selling clothes, make-up, medicines, hijabs and everything related to women.

You can implement a Dropship or reseller system for your business because you don’t need big capital for that. This online business is clearly not too complex and can be carried out by ladies. As long as you can choose the right items to sell, which are the ones that people in your area really like and need.

Beauty Training

Ladies are certainly happy with beauty, right? Therefore, the salon and beauty training business can be an option to meet the needs of affluent ladies. What if you have the ability in terms of beauty?

You can open salon training services to people who want to open these services in their place. Business in the field of fashion, especially beauty does require special skills. In addition to being a mentor or trainer for salon workers, you can also open your own YouTube channel that discusses beauty.

Home Spa Services

Spas that we often see are expensive places like hotels or malls. You can open a home spa business by relying on your own strength or hiring experts to start this business in the area.

Many people actually like this service, of course your customer segmentation is career women who like beauty treatments. Your neighbours or friends can be the first customers who can then be promoted through your friends.

Selling Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is not only a favorite of small children, but all people, this healthy food is very good for snacks because it is made from fruit. Surely everyone already knows the benefits and importance of fruit for health.

Especially for children who are still in their development period, they must have a good intake for the body. So you can buy several types of fruit, then mix it with yogurt, cheese and sweetened condensed as a complement. Sell ​​your products using the pre-order system, so you can minimize losses because the goods don’t sell.

Selling Herbal Medicines

When concern for health in urban communities is increasingly becoming a lifestyle, it can be a business choice that you can do. Moreover, the use of drugs and food made from chemicals is considered quite risky and has a negative effect on health.

Many people in the world have thought twice about using chemical-based drugs and have started switching to more natural herbal medicines derived from plants with harmless side effects compared to chemical drugs. Sell ​​your products through social media or open a stall on e-commerce.

Trade Unique Chips

The snack food business is still lucrative today and is favoured by various target consumers, especially young people. You can make contemporary specialty snacks at competitive prices.

Selling unique foods with memorable brands will keep your business competitive and competitive in the culinary world.

You can introduce products through social media, if you need to use endorsements, and sell them through your own online store.

Ready-to-Cook Vegetables

Now many ladies who don’t want to bother cooking and prefer to cook practically in preparing food menus for their families. Moreover, the ladies is working and doesn’t have enough time to cook in the kitchen

You should read this business opportunity by selling packages of ready-to-cook vegetables along with their seasonings, so that your customers can simply buy and cook vegetables without having to bother throwing away the damaged parts or preparing the seasoning.

Selling Hijab

Ladies can also sell typical Muslim clothes, you know. You can sell via dropship and resellers from hijab convection with a wholesale or wholesale system. Many Muslim women in the world who like the hijab that has a different pattern or motif.

For those of you who like the field of Muslim fashion, the hijab is one of the best-selling products to try. Look for a large hijab convection that can work with you. You can sell hijab with a pre-order system through social media and chat applications.

Closing remarks

That are promising side business ideas for ladies that you can do only from home. You no longer have to often leave the house and be far from the baby.

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By doing a home business, you can do it together and receive income for your family just from a home business for ladies.

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