14 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Girl Students

Looking for small business ideas for girl students and working ladies? Then you came to the right place. Here we will talk about the best side business ideas that girl students can try.

Starting an essay is not easy as a lot of people tell you, it needs dedication and hard work. Below mentioned ideas in this article are best as per my opinion, go through them and see which will you think is the best.

14 Small Business Ideas for Girl Students

Here are the profit-making business ideas for girl students:

Design Services

Another side business that could be an option is to open a freelance design service. For those of you who like to design logos or business cards, now you can actualize your hobby to make it more productive.

This pandemic is difficult for many people and demands to change. But make no mistake, in the midst of a pandemic, the community has also succeeded in creating businesses and becoming more literate with branding.

Designing is one of the best small business ideas that a girl student can try at home also.

Therefore, logo designs that are part of the branding of a business brand are in great demand. So this is your chance if you have a laptop / pc and the design creativity you want to distribute will also continue to produce.

Usually, the price of 1 standard logo design can be sold starting from $150,00. However, this depends on the quality of the logo that you produce later. If the quality is unique, the more expensive it can be.

Apart from logos, if you can design fonts (typefaces), you can also make fonts in installments and market them on special sites and get passive income from people who buy the font designs you make.

Freelance Photographer

Have an idle camera at home? If we think creatively, we can actually start a business to generate additional income starting from what we have.

So there is no need to wait for big capital to start. So, if you have a camera and your hobby is taking pictures, you can use it to become a freelance photographer.

Many people need the services of a photographer to capture moments or just do photo sessions for their career needs so they can appear with a more professional impression.

You can take advantage of this by displaying your shots and promotions on social media such as Instagram.

Custom Shirt Business

The custom t-shirt business opportunity is no less interesting. The market is very wide, it can be from student organizations, boarding houses for events, for families and even can be sold to individuals because now, people like to express themselves. As digital technology advances, the number of enthusiasts of custom t-shirts is increasing.

You don’t need to buy expensive printing tools right away to get started. But you can open a custom t-shirt order and look for screen printing services to process it. So there is nothing wrong with trying this one business!

Open a Laundry Business

Even though now the washing machine has become a technology that is commonly owned by every home, the laundry service is still in need. Especially if you live near an education complex such as a campus. You can take advantage of this to open a kilogram laundry business.

The laundry business in the campus area is quite a prospect because many students are busy with campus assignments/activities so they don’t have time to wash. On the other hand, not all boarding houses around provide washing machine facilities.

You can start by using the washing machine and iron in your home. Then just buy laundry detergent and deodorizer and plastic for packing.

For the marketing system, you can make banners and flyers. You can also do a promo for the soft opening of your laundry so that it can attract consumers and your shop can be recognized first.

Opening a PPOB Business 

Not like before, currently buying pulses/quota or paying for monthly needs such as electricity bills, PDAM, BPJS and others can be done easily through online application facilities.

However, not everyone can do it or have the chance to make these routine payments themselves. Therefore, opening a PPOB business can become a place to earn additional income.

Although maybe the benefits from admin fees are small, if there are a lot of transactions, the income from this PPOB business can also be decent.

Also, you don’t even need to need a lot of capital to start a PPOB business. You only need to install a PPOB application such as a Grab kiosk, or Paytren and be connected to the internet so you can immediately start a business.

You can open a PPOB business offline at home or online with the transfer system. If you offer services online, you should prepare various payment media that make it easier for customers to pay for them.

Do proper research before you go into this business.

Pre-Order Food / Beverages

If you are good at cooking or making food/drinks, but you don’t have enough time if you have to open a food/beverage shop full time, then you can also use the food/beverage pre-order system. This system has many advantages.

In addition to the operational time that you can set yourself, on the customer side, the pre-order system creates its own exclusive impression. So stay smart-smart.

You can use links such as friends who already know the delicacy and quality of the food/drink that you make for promotion.

Also, use social media with profiles and attractive images of the products you offer and enjoy or expedition services for the delivery system. Don’t forget to include complete information about how to order and the delivery system.

Health Drink Business

It does not just drink boba and coffee that are selling well. Since the pandemic, people have become quite concerned about their health and are looking for alternative drinks to help maintain their health to stay fit.

Therefore, health drinks that are packaged in a modern way are often sought after. You can take advantage of this as an opportunity to do business in a healthy drink.

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No need to sell health drinks that are too complicated, you can look for health drink recipes that are easy to make via YouTube. For packaging, you can buy drink bottles online. Besides not having to go out of the house, the price is also cheaper.

Food Stalls

The basic needs of the community are definitely needed by the community regularly. So the sales opportunity is also high. If you want to open additional income faucets, you can also sell groceries.

But because you also have to do the main job, your food stall this time has to be run differently.

Apart from the development of digital technology, since the pandemic, we have started to get used to buying food or other necessities online. Well, now the basic needs can also be online.

So your main job will not be disturbed because you need to keep the shop all day long. You just have to wait for the order to come in and send it at certain hours according to schedule.

Selling Frozen Food

Apart from groceries, selling frozen food can also be another alternative to generate additional income. Sometimes people don’t have time to cook or just want an instant snack at home.

Well, usually frozen food is one of the choices. People usually stock frozen food because it can be stored for a long time in the freezer.

You can sell various types of frozen food such as nuggets, frozen chicken, dim sum, frozen vegetables, frozen potatoes, frozen bak pau, etc. By using the online system with the provisions of the order and delivery schedule that you set yourself.

So you can still sell while you work. You also don’t worry about the food going stale when the customer is quiet because it can be stored in the freezer.

Car rental

If you want to use your assets for a side business, you can also rent your car to someone else. If you have a car that is idle at home or only used occasionally, it is better to rent it out. Confused about how to rent it out?

You can use an application for connecting car owners and car renters like Movie, for example.

However, if you don’t use a connecting app and choose to create your own rental system, make sure your car is kept clean. Spray your car with car cleaning fluid when you’re done using it.

Daily Catering

Catering business seems to be needed, wherever your business is, there will always be people who need daily catering services. So this daily catering business is still suitable if it is used as your side business.

Maybe you can start with colleagues who don’t have breakfast and can make it. Or neighbors who are still reachable according to your capacity.

You can carry attractive branding according to the target market that you are aiming for. For example, for people who are concerned about weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, you can create a catering diet or healthy catering, for student children you can offer cheap, tasty, and full catering, etc. If this catering business has started to find a market, you can find employees to help manage it.

Freelance Services

Have a hobby and talent for face painting, aka makeup? You may be able to open a freelance MUA service to increase your income.

From the past until now MUA services have always been needed. MUA services are usually needed not only for very sacred weddings but also for engagements, graduations, and other moments. So if the bridal make-up is too heavy for you, you can just open a graduation MUA service, for example.

Because of graduation make-up, MUA services usually start from $300,00/ person. That is why opening freelance MUA services can also be a wide-open opportunity for those of you who have MUA talents and skills.

If you want to open a freelance MUA service for graduation, make sure that the makeup schedule is right so you don’t spoil the event due to conflicting schedules. Even though it’s not a super sacred wedding, graduation is also a special moment that students await!

Climbing Equipment Rental Business

If your home is a large campus area, then this is your chance to open up anti-mainstream side business opportunities.

Because usually, the shops in the campus area are mostly photocopy shops and study equipment, or food/beverage shops only. But actually, the opportunity to get income from a side business of hike equipment rental is also wide open.

The reason is, students are usually very fond of doing outdoor activities such as hiking. However, due to their limited budget, they need to rent.

Now, this is your chance to meet these needs through the rental business of camping/mountain climbing equipment. Actually, many have opened these businesses in areas near campus, but the number is still scarce even though market demand is already there.

Selling Blog Themes

For those of you who have hobbies and the ability to design blogs, currently, this skill is quite sought. The reason is that many blog owners today are also looking for ways to make their blogs look attractive and also SEO-friendly.

Therefore, the ability to create a blog theme can be a side business with quite a large opportunity because the market is very open.

Not only local customers can buy your blog theme but the blog theme that you create can also be purchased by outside bloggers.

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