23 Promising Small Capital Business Ideas in 2021

There are many great small capital business ideas that you can use in 2021 to start your first successful startup business.

When it comes to business opportunities, now opening your own business is the dream of many people, not just those who don’t have a job. More and more people who are already working permanently in a certain company or institution are interested in running a side business to get additional income.

However, not everyone who wants to have their own business can realize their dreams. Many things make them hesitant to start, for example, confused about what kind of business they should be engaged in and not sure whether they can run it consistently.

Another major obstacle is the problem of limited capital so that in the end many people discourage entrepreneurship due to difficulties in obtaining additional capital.

Do you who want to start your own business think like that too?

More and more doubts actually make the business you dreamed of never come true. Actually, you can start from home business.

There are many choices of business opportunities available that can be run from home, especially with the development of information and communication technology today, which opens wider business opportunities and can be managed as long as there is an internet connection.

Even though it is only a home business, it may develop into a successful business and generate lucrative profits.

Small Capital Business Ideas

This home business does not always require large capital, in fact there are many business opportunities that can be run with only less than $5,00,000, some only need hundreds of thousands of dollars!

1. Become a Dropshipper

The fast growing world of e-commerce also opens up new business opportunities to become a dropshipper , namely running an online business without the hassle of keeping merchandise stocks. In other words, you are just an intermediary. After you get the order, then submit it to the supplier who will send the goods to the customer .

You can become a dropshipper only with a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection and a good ability to sell. Look for e-commerce or trusted suppliers to work with. Doing this business doesn’t take all day, just take advantage of your spare time. 

2. Selling Credit and Internet Packages

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a cellphone, which means they will always need credit and internet packages. You can start this business with an initial capital of only a few hundred thousand. Simply by putting up banners and a small storefront, customers can see and come to your house when they need credit and internet packages. You can also sell cellphone accessories and offer cellphone services for minor damage.

3. Daily Catering Business

The busyness of everyday life and a very practical lifestyle make many people rarely cook themselves for their daily meals, especially those who work office hours .

If you are good at cooking, you can turn this situation into a business opportunity by offering daily catering with a home-cooked menu.

So that customers don’t get bored, create delicious and interesting dishes, especially if the menu is healthy, it can be an added value in the midst of increasing public awareness of consuming healthy foods.

The culinary business has a great opportunity to advance, as long as you can maintain quality, taste, cleanliness, and friendly service. 

4. Make Snacks and Cakes

Everyone loves to eat snacks and cakes. When relaxing and hanging out with family, while watching TV, and between meals, people usually snack. No wonder, the snack business is in great demand by customers, so it can be a promising business.

Snacks and cakes can also be made and varied with various ingredients, styles, and shapes so that they look attractive, as long as they taste delicious.

Explore your abilities and skills by creating new unique and innovative creations, plus attractive packaging or presentation. By implementing the right marketing strategy and good business management, it is guaranteed that your business can progress. 

5. Sewing and Dressmaking Business

If you like sewing, are skilled at making patterns, especially good at designing clothes, this can be a great business opportunity. You can start taking orders to make clothes, or just make jeans.

Although people can buy ready-made clothes directly, there are times when they want the model to be customized according to taste, especially for special types of clothing, for example kebaya and formal suits. Sometimes there are people who find it difficult to find the right size for clothes that are sold in the market. Hence, they will definitely need tailor services.

6. Kiloan Laundry Business

This laundry business can have a better chance if you open a business in an environment where students and single office workers live far from their parents, because they generally don’t wash their own clothes.

Even if it is not located right in such an area, you can also offer services to pick up and deliver the laundry to your customer’s residence. You only need to develop the right promotional strategy and good service to reach customers.

The capital you need includes a washing machine, dryer, iron, clothes washing material and a scale. Maintain customer trust by always providing clean, tidy, fragrant and timely laundry results.

7. Gallon and LPG drinking water business

If you live in a densely populated urban area or in a residential complex, you can provide drinking water in gallons and also LPG gas cylinders, with delivery services.

The minimal availability of clean water makes drinking water gallons or drinking water refill a product that is always needed continuously. Likewise with LPG gas cylinders, which are needed by many people to cook at any time.

8. Electronic Goods Repair

Everyone must have electronic goods, even more than one type. Of the many electronic goods they have, there are times when they need repair services.

If you have a hobby of tinkering with electronics and the ability to repair damaged electronics, you can open an electronics repair business at home.

9. Opening an Online Banking Payment Point (PPOB)

Currently, many people do not have much time to pay for their various routine bills in various places themselves, so they choose to pay via PPOB . You can run a business from home, by becoming this official payment agent to earn income. 

10. Motorbike Washing Service Business

You can open a motorbike washing service business on your home page, especially if the location is on the side of a busy big road. Almost everyone in urban areas owns at least 1 motorcycle, and they need to clean their motorbike at certain times. Due to busyness and practicality, most of them do not wash their motorbikes themselves, and will definitely look for a motorbike washing service. This is a great business opportunity.

11. Opening a grocery store / grocery store

Opening a grocery store business is the choice of many people who want to have their own business at home, because running this business is relatively relaxed and not too difficult to run.

For those located in residential complexes or in densely populated settlements, grocery stores can usually attract local residents to become regular customers. They will also be helped because they can easily buy various basic necessities of their day without having to go far. 

Grocery stores usually also complement their products by providing refillable mineral water, LPG, plus services for charging electricity pulses, cellphone pulses and internet quotas, given the increasing demand for internet society. Thus, the turnover will increase. 

However, now opening a grocery store business also faces quite a difficult challenge, namely competing with modern convenience stores or minimarkets that are widely available around residential areas. 

To work around this, grocery stores have to innovate, for example by offering delivery services, by promoting their merchandise through WhatsApp status or group chat with members of the community, and providing cheaper prices than in modern stores. 

12. Opening Warkop or Warmindo

If you are planning to have your own business, opening a coffee shop and instant noodle business can be an attractive option. You don’t have much capital because the dishes are simple, namely “folk” dishes that are suitable on the tongues of many people at affordable prices, such as instant noodles, fried foods, and coffee.

The prices of the food and drinks served are indeed cheap, but make no mistake, this business is in demand and generates profits that cannot be underestimated.

We often encounter this kind of stalls in busy locations, for example around campuses and offices, near terminals and stations, even in residential areas, especially those where there are many boarding houses. This place is usually used as a place to gather and chat while enjoying the various offerings that are offered.

If you live in the right location and the conditions allow, you can open this kind of shop in front of your own house. That way, everything becomes more practical and you don’t have to pay for rent. You can also provide free wi-fi facilities to add to the attractiveness of customers. 

13. Selling processed or frozen food

Frozen food has long been a favorite of many people because of its practical and fast way of serving, delicious taste and many variants. In recent years the frozen food business has become a trend because the market continues to increase, so that more and more people are interested in running this business.

The types of frozen food that are sold are increasingly diverse, not only food produced by large industries, such as nuggets, sausages, and other processed foods that we have known the brand for, but have also penetrated into homemade dishes and snacks.

The high consumer interest in frozen food products makes this business opportunity promising. This business can be done at home with a freezer and is sold online. Make sure you buy it from the right supplier at the right price so you can get maximum profit.

If your business has grown and you are able to make a variety of foods that can be frozen yourself , you can sell your homemade products as frozen food. Of course, you must have adequate equipment, including vacuum machines and sealers, and learn the tips and tricks so that food can reach consumers in a durable and undamaged state.

Products frozen food in the form of home-cooked meals that do not contain MSG, preservatives and other supplementary materials will be added value for consumers who want a healthy and practical products to serve. 

14. Open a beauty salon / barbershop

This business does require special skills, as well as a sizable capital to buy the equipment and prepare the space.

The skills in managing a beauty salon and providing various kinds of services to customers are usually obtained from beauty courses and previous experience working in beauty salons.

If you have the capital, skills and experience, you can pursue a business in this field. This business can also be done at home if the location allows.

Even if you have capital but don’t have the skills and experience, you can hire other people with sufficient abilities and the willingness to work and treat customers well.

In order not to lose competitiveness, also provide services that are currently offered by other beauty salons, such as eyelash extensions, hair extensions, lip embroidery and eyebrow embroidery. Of course, more in-depth techniques and skills are needed so that the results do not disappoint customers. .

Apart from beauty salons, barbershop business is also quite promising, and can also be run at home. In recent years, barbershop business has grown rapidly, especially in big cities. New barbershop has sprung up, triggered by the increasing need for men to appear neater.

Equipped with modern, sterile equipment and good service from barbers, this kind of concept barbershop also usually offers services like in a beauty salon, for example with creambath, hair coloring, and even massage. Not to forget the services of shaving mustaches and beards.

Many business people are interested in getting involved in this business, which basically combines a service business and a lifestyle. This is a great business opportunity, especially for those of you who have passion in that field. You can hire experienced barbers. 

15. Organic farming business

With the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, one of which is consuming healthy food, many people have started to try their own farming on the land around where they live, including in the yard, even in the rooftop area. This is mostly done not only in suburban areas, but also in urban areas. Urban farming is indeed a trend.

There are also those who have large enough land to plant various types of vegetables. And of course everything is done with organic methods, yes, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but with organic fertilizers, including compost that you can make yourself.

Vegetable farming is promising because you don’t have to have a large capital, you only need to learn the tips and tricks needed to make your vegetables thrive. If you have successfully harvested various types of vegetables, you can sell them online via social media. First of all by promoting in your circle of friends, then it can be developed again so that it reaches a wider market. Also provide delivery services so that customers are even happier.

If it is not possible to plant yourself but you are interested in selling your crops, you can work with the right supplier, then sell them online and by providing delivery services as well.

16. Receive hampers / parcel orders for various events

If you are someone who likes to create by hand, maybe you are interested in running a hampers business or gifts for various events.

This business is usually busy at certain moments throughout the year, especially before Eid and Christmas. But outside of these moments, there are always market opportunities that can be reached by accepting hampers or gifts for various events, such as applications, weddings, baby showers, births of babies, anniversaries and children’s birthdays.

The shape and content of hampers or parcels can be customized, so they can be different, according to the wishes of the customer. You just need to create the shape to make it look attractive, and add decorations using various materials. For certain events such as children’s birthdays, usually customers will order in large quantities, because it will be distributed to children in a birthday party.

17. Open a Mini Petrol Station (Pertamini)

Another business opportunity that you can try is a mini or first petrol station business , of course, on a side street that is busy with vehicles, but in the vicinity there are no large gas stations and it is relatively safe from the risk of major fires.

The capital needed is the first machine that has been made for use with the right dosage. The price of this machine is quite affordable and the operation is not complicated, so that it is increasingly in demand from time to time. This business can be a side business that makes a sizable profit.

If you are interested in opening this business, make sure you look for information first about the required permits, then take care of the permits completely so that they don’t become a problem in the future.

18. Rent out baby equipment

The opportunity for the baby equipment rental business is quite good, although it is only limited to certain consumer groups, namely parents who have babies, who want to provide various equipment needed during the growth and development of their children. However, these parents do not want to buy baby equipment at an expensive price but the service period is short, so they choose to rent it. This is a business opportunity for those who are able to take advantage of it.

For those who have large capital, of course, they can provide various collections of baby equipment with a more varied number and type, but for the initial stage, start with the equipment that is most needed, for example strollers, baby chairs and carseat, and then it can be developed by providing other equipment.

This business can also be done at home, by storing these equipment in your own home. You can promote this rental online.

19. Franchising

Many people have the desire to start a business, but are still hesitant because of various things, for example they are confused about things related to the operation of a business. If this is the case, then a suitable business is a franchise business that makes it easy for someone to run it. 

This concept makes it possible for someone who has capital but minimal experience to have a profitable business, because running a franchise means you don’t need to build a business from scratch.  

Everything has been prepared by the franchisor, from equipment, raw materials, marketing strategies to employee training, all are readily available. Because of this, this business model is suitable for beginners, considering that the preparation is simpler than starting everything from scratch, and the risks are relatively smaller. 

20. Convection Effort

Convection business is a business sector that produces clothes in bulk or in large quantities according to demand. The products produced include jackets, shirts, uniforms, t-shirts, polo shirts, and so on. The convection business is in great demand in the USA because of the high market demand. In fact, this business is still a business opportunity that is still being pioneered by novice entrepreneurs. 

Making a convection business does not have to build a factory, but it can be on a home scale, so this business is also suitable as a side business. If pursued and followed with the right tips, a home-scale convection business does not rule out the possibility of getting bigger if you already get a lot of customers. 

In addition, the capital you need to open a home convection business is not too big for the beginner category.

21. Home Culinary Business

Food will always be needed by people all the time. Therefore, the idea of ​​a food business has become the choice of many entrepreneurs, because it is always in demand by consumers, so that it can bring lucrative profits. 

Business innovation in this field seems never-ending. There are always new types of food or foods that are developed from pre-existing recipes. Recipes and how to make them are not too difficult, as long as there is a recipe guide, as well as adequate ingredients and equipment. 

22. Rice stall business

A rice stall or food stall that serves a variety of vegetables and side dishes is a profitable culinary business. Every day, everyone needs to eat, and of course, with a different menu so you don’t get bored. 

For those who are busy with various routines and don’t have time to cook at home themselves, buying food at food stalls is the solution. Because of that, this business has a good chance to run. How are tips for starting a rice stall business and an estimate of the capital? 

23. Livestock or Cultivation

Livestock business, for example laying hens , broilers , laying ducks , broiler ducks , goats and cattle or conducting various types of freshwater fish, shrimp, and lobster farming such as tilapia , catfish farming , and fish farming. mas, cultivation of carp and eel, shrimp farming vaname, tiger shrimp cultivation, and cultivation of freshwater crayfish has a good chance. Besides cultivating plants such as oyster mushroom cultivation can be an option. In order to generate large profits, this business must be carried out painstakingly because it deals with raising animals, which need to be given proper and regular feed, need to be given vitamins so they don’t get sick, pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage or pond, and so on.

You don’t need to be confused to get started, because there are many references to the stages in running the business, starting from preparing pens for livestock and making your own ponds for freshwater fish cultivation, as well as various tips so that this maintenance and breeding business gives the expected results.

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And most importantly, this livestock and cultivation business does not only spend large capital and land for large pens or large fish ponds, because you can take advantage of a small area with a capital that is not too large, in the yard of the house, for example. In addition, to build a pool, for example, you can use materials such as tarpaulin, which is easier and more cost-effective.

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