5 Best Social Entrepreneurship Ideas In India

If you are looking for the best social entrepreneurship ideas in India? Then you came to the right place. If you are interested in contributing to the satisfaction of a problem of common interest, social entrepreneurship may be for you. India is one of the best countries to start this type of business.

A social enterprise is by nature ambitious since its objective goes much further than generating a return: through economic activity, it seeks to eradicate problems of an environmental, social, or cultural nature.

Social entrepreneurship is a tangible alternative for those who seek to start their own company and radiate a social impact. And of all the possible business ideas, below will be exposed five simple realizations that have already demonstrated viability in other markets.

Considerations about social entrepreneurship

Before getting to work with social entrepreneurship, it is important to take into account that starting a business of this type is a very different process from a traditional company.

These are 3 relevant differences:

1. You have to choose the approach

The same problem can be solved with different business ideas. For example, malnutrition in a community could be addressed with urban gardens, a social supermarket, or healthy cooking workshops.

Therefore, it is advisable for each social entrepreneur to thoroughly study their options and carry out a materiality or priority analysis. This will help you identify in what ways you can create greater economic, social, or environmental value.

2. Do not do philanthropy, but economics

Unlike NGOs, social enterprises use market mechanisms to create solutions. They do not give away but produce something like any other company.

3. It is essential to involve the community

Social entrepreneurship is not about implementing a planned idea from a desktop. It is essential to go to the community or group involved, ask them what their biggest problems are, and find out in what ways they could be solved.

So, social entrepreneurs do not solve the problems that they want, but those that the community needs.

Social Entrepreneurship Ideas In India

Based on these considerations, these are five ideas that could function as a starting point for the satisfaction of some social needs through entrepreneurship.

1. Social supermarket

Malnutrition in a community can be resolved through a network of markets or shopping centers that offer low prices to their customers, in exchange for their taking empowerment actions. It is a model that is gaining followers to combat extreme poverty.

An example is a network of solidarity food stores (ANDES), supported by Ashoka. With more than 60 stores, this chain offers its products for 30 percent of the actual cost. But it requires its clients to allocate the amount saved to a series of beneficial actions for them, such as looking for a job or paying a debt.

2. Training projects

The idea here is to enable the community so that it can solve a problem itself. Training workshops with an empowerment approach are the best example, as they seek to equip attendees with skills and tools to achieve lasting changes.

3. Used textbooks

Textbook banks are still needed, as they seek to solve a paradox: while thousands of students lack the resources to acquire their books, thousands more waste their texts, throwing them away or storing them at the end of the school year.

A key for this social enterprise to work is that the books are not given away and that the project can function throughout the year. To achieve this, it is important to look for a market mechanism, such as a store.

4. Marketplace with a social conscience

Thousands of artisans or producers of articles with social value have no way of subsisting because -simply- they do not know how to sell their merchandise.

This social enterprise consists of opening digital channels to these producers so that they can market and obtain income from their work. Of course, this model can be enriched by offering training to the artisans themselves, so that later they are the ones who manage the Marketplace.

5. Crowdfunding and microfinance

Social entrepreneurs need more financing options. Therefore, a business idea that will always be necessary is crowdfunding and other forms of microfinance for these types of ventures.

One example is Kiva, an online platform where entrepreneurs post their personal stories, explaining why they need funding.

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