How to Start a Dropshipping Business in South Africa

Looking for a guide on how you can start a dropshipping business in South Africa? Then you came to the right place.

In this form of business, you can create your own business without inventory and with a minimal investment, so you start your business online, in the most comfortable and simple way.Opening an online store is an idea that can be attractive, reliable, and even more so if you have the necessary strengths to do so, however, you must take into account the fact that the investment you must make to be able to manage an inventory of products that They are necessary to meet the demand of buyers, it can be a bit high, even more so if you sell items made by your company. The good thing, thanks to the infinite options that opening an online business offers us, is that there is the alternative of dropshipping.

how to start a dropshipping business in south africa

Basically it is about marketing products from other businesses in your own online store, and once someone buys from your store, you will be in charge of sending the order to your supplier and he will send it to your client on behalf of your business. It works in a similar way to affiliate marketing, but the only difference is that in this business model the profit margins are higher, which makes dropshipping attractive for many entrepreneurs because the investment involved is minimal.

So, we will be able to manage this type of business under the consideration that it involves a minimum investment of money, and a lot of investment of time and dedication so that you can generate profitability and thus obtain the desired profits, as if it were any other business model.

how to start a dropshipping business in south africa

Steps to start your dropshipping business

Choose a platform to locate your store

There are many platforms where you can create your online store, among the easiest to handle, and which is highly endorsed by users, it is WordPres, since it is easy to use and also integrates all the functions of an e-commerce, and you can create your dropshipping and generate enough to pay the following month. However, there are other platforms that may well adapt to what you are looking for visually.

how to start a dropshipping business in south africa

Choose the right provider

Undoubtedly there are hundreds of providers online, and as an entrepreneur you should take the trouble to select the most reliable providers, which have products that are in high demand, so that you will already have the guarantee of being successful in your income.

Products to sell

You can sell any product that is legal, but the recommendation is that you look for products in trends and that are in high demand, you can perform a search on the most sold products this year or even see which products are being promoted more on social networks since it would be very good option on what to sell on the internet.

A very good option would be to focus on a specific niche to be able to target a less competitive audience and increase the chances of sales for your business. Some examples of profitable niches are: fashion, fitness, technology, phone accessories, watches, and food.

Promote your products

Publicizing your products is essential to sell. For this you can create a marketing strategy that includes advertising on social networks because at the beginning it is not advisable to invest a lot in marketing. Start by investing a few dollars in Facebook ads and as sales arrive, increase your budget for advertising. Or if you prefer, use Google AdWords to position your online store and find new customers.

Once you have your store working properly, it is not only a matter of waiting to receive the profits from your sales, but you will also have to be precisely the one who is in charge of managing customer service and clearing up any doubts that exist about your products. Remember that this part is very important since it also depends on this that your customers have enough confidence to buy in your store, and not in some other recognized brand.

Advantages of Dropshipping

  • There is no risk of economic losses since as we said, the investment is minimal. You will always have a profit margin (how big or small it is is another matter).
  • No need to hire staff to store or manage products . All these tasks are the responsibility of the supplier. This will take away a lot of headaches, and above all, it will save you on personnel costs.
  • You don’t have to worry about managing stock or orders, and you can use all your time to come up with effective sales tactics and focus more on the business itself.
  • It is easily scalable , since it is very easy to expand your catalog. Also, since you don’t take risks, you can try different products.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

  • Lower profit margin on sales.Sure you make a profit. Some may be in the form of a commission, so the margin will be less than if you buy and then sell directly. But be careful, because if it is a very competitive market and you decide the price, you will see that in order to get a sale you will have to lower it, and therefore, reduce your margin.
  • You do not have full control of the products and their shipments.If they are delayed or there are incidents, in the face of the dissatisfied or angry customer, you are responsible. To this we can add that if you work with more than one wholesaler, your client can order (without knowing it) products from different suppliers, which means that their order can arrive in parts.
  • Although you save on warehouse and logistics costs, just as you are selling the products of that wholesaler, there may be other people as well. You will have to work very well – that is, invest – in the design of your website, usability, and above all, the SEO of your online store.
  • If the dropshipper provides you with the online sales platform, you will almost certainly not be able to edit files to help the positioning of your company, since you do not have access to the files or its server. That is, it will not let you do anything that helps you sell more. Therefore, before starting, ask them to explain well how SEO works.

Dropshipping can be ideal as a complement to an existing business, and as an advantage for a nascent entrepreneur, since you can test the sale of a product without risking capital by not investing in it. And if it works, you buy stock and sell it directly.

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It can be a business with relative profits, which will increase depending on the dedication and effort you give to start.

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