How to Start a Recycling Business in India

How to Start a Recycling Business in India

Here, we will discuss about how you can start a recycling business in India from Garbage and plastic waste which is one of the end products that can damage the environment. Due to human activities that use plastic bags a lot, making this waste very much disposed of carelessly. Obviously, this type of plastic is very difficult to decompose in nature. It took several hundred years.

One way to deal with it is to process and recycle the waste. What if this is made into a profitable business opportunity? Of course you first have to throw your prestige far away first.

This time hitbusinessideas will discuss the recycling business plan in India. The waste business, which is often underestimated by most people, has been transformed into a promising and profitable business.

The waste business is indeed one of the businesses that is underestimated by most people. It is often considered a disgusting business and has no future profit prospects. But are we aware that waste is a serious problem for cities, especially the city of Medan itself?

The concern of hitbusinessideas friends in dealing with waste properly will help local governments in dealing with waste problems. We can process waste properly and contribute to creating a waste-free India in the next few years, by opening a waste processing business.

The waste problem seems to have no end. The resulting waste still cannot be processed and accumulates. With the trucks currently available, which are far from sufficient, they are only able to transport a small portion of the waste. This is what makes the waste business opportunity still wide open.

Steps to Start Recycling Business in India

How to Start a Recycling Business in India

Here are the steps that guide for starting a recycling business in India:

1. Determine the Processing Land

People in particular, the majority always think that waste is an item that is no longer used and must be thrown away. In fact, garbage does not always have to be thrown away, because garbage can actually be a good business opportunity. We can create business opportunities from waste if we have creative ideas, for example, plastic waste can be made into crafts and so on.

Land or processing site is the main factor that must be considered before starting this business. Because this requires a fairly large area, it is necessary to have a place that is really far from residential areas, so as not to disturb the smell of this waste processing process.

Therefore, prepare a sufficient area for the production and storage of used plastic and the final product of plastic seeds. In addition, land is also needed for the sorting process of various types of plastic and the final processing.

2. Prepare Initial Capital

The initial capital here can be in the form of money to buy used plastic raw materials from scavengers or suppliers, money to pay employees, buy plastic processing machines, buy sacks, and rent a place, electricity costs and so on as needed.

The initial capital is quite large for this type of business. Because this requires a fairly long and time consuming process. You need to prepare enough capital, calculate everything well so that nothing is missed.

3. Understand the Waste Processing Method

Plastic is the most popular packaging material among the people. Although the spirit of going green continues to reverberate, the use of plastic materials has not decreased until now. That is why the plastic waste recycling business is still lucrative.

Here as a layman, you have a lot to learn from people who have been successful in this waste management field. You can look for them through contacts in business forums, or self-taught on the internet such as watching videos on YouTube, or attending training seminars that will increase your knowledge about the methods and techniques of processing this plastic waste. Various plastic processing methods and capital management systems to keep cash flow smooth.

4. Looking for Competent Employees

The production and processing of plastic waste, of course, cannot be done alone. You have to find and hire some employees or labor for the production process. Find a few employees who are tasked with cleaning, sorting, and grinding used plastic.

Prioritize those who have worked in a similar field, so that work effectiveness and efficiency is achieved. Or you can also recruit people around your area, and conduct short training on the operation of processing the waste so that they can work well and productively.

5. Looking for Destination Collectors and Manufacturers

It is very important to look for collectors or look for really qualified scavengers. This means they can collect plastic according to its type. Find as many plastic waste collector connections as possible to work with.

And also look for the factory where you sell the final plastic seeds that are ready to be reprocessed into various forms of processed plastic products.

Because this is a business that requires final storage, so make sure first that you find a factory that is ready to accommodate your waste processing results, don’t let your waste collect and be ready to be processed but there is no final party willing to accommodate your processed product.

6. Promote Your Business Online

Since what’s interesting is that trash is synonymous with wasted goods and is considered worthless, of course you can develop a small capital business opportunity with big profits from there. But most of them don’t use social media like FB, IG or WA to market their products.

Marketing how? For example, if you tell your friends online that you are ready to buy plastic bottles or waste paper that they no longer need at a price per kilo of 1500, it will be very effective if you use Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp, right? So use this medium.

Garbage Entrepreneur Success Stories

It is Tridi Oasis, which was founded by Dian Kurniawati and Dinda Utami Islah who are indeed engaged in waste management. This company processes waste, especially plastic waste, which used to be a problem into an opportunity. In 2018 this business has processed 60 million plastic bottles. In 2020 it will increase several times. This is for the PET bottle type.

This business also plans to diversify its products into other types of plastic. Last December 2019, they received funding from Koica, by making prototypes of recycled products from flexible plastic types or multilayer plastics such as shampoo packaging plastics, instant noodles, and others.

This type of plastic consists of several layers of plastic and layers of aluminum so it is difficult to recycle, so in December it was tried to recycle, then made into pellets, printed for furniture raw materials. All in prototype form, so we see an opportunity so we will develop it.

This success story doesn’t belong to an Indian entrepreneur.

Final Words

In the end we need support from various parties so that this business runs smoothly. Such as support from local officials, the surrounding community and the empowerment of the community to process waste into a work that has a high selling value.

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