Tourism Business Ideas in India – Profitable Travel and Leisure Business Trends

There are many tourism business ideas in India that will give huge profits. I have selected some of the best ideas for the travel and tourism industry that may help you in deciding your future business.

The tourism industry is one of the profitable business ideas that you can adopt for your business startup.

There is no better market study to find out what the trends will be than to see directly where the interest of users and consumers is. That is, let’s see what attracts people at the moment, what they are looking for, what catches their attention, and in this way we combine it with our knowledge when addressing business ideas, giving that touch of innovation and creativity within the leisure, tourism and travel sector. 

And it is that the interest of users is changing, as we will see below. Some people think that it may be because at the moment, when uploading photos to Instagram, the most common destinations are already widely viewed, and something more original is needed. Of course, these changes can make us anticipate when it comes to detecting business opportunities. We start with the 2021 trends and continue with some business ideas that we can take advantage of.

Profitable Tourism Business Ideas in India

Here Are the Some Best Tourism Business Ideas in India:

Hot springs are a trend in tourism.

Tourism Business Ideas in India

And it doesn’t have to be a vacation. Now people are looking for their moment of relaxation in hot springs. From high-end resorts to hot springs surrounded by nature. The increase in searches for this type of getaway has increased. The search for Spa has also skyrocketed, positioning it again as a rising business .

The search for castles.

Tourism Business Ideas in India

It is not known if it is due to series such as Game of Thrones, but a trend in the tourism and travel sector for this 2021 is the search for abandoned castles and in poor condition. So much so that some agencies have already specialized in castle tourism.

In India, many kings have built their castles in their own time which are now tourist places for the people of India.

In search of desert islands.

Tourism Business Ideas

Gone is that of sightseeing wherever everyone goes. Now they are looking for islands that hardly anyone knows to have a quiet experience or a romantic experience.

The bike is the tourist’s favorite vehicle.

Business Ideas in India

Bicycle tours have become fashionable, something that some guides are taking advantage of to get extra money with these tours. In addition, it is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Alternative tourism.

tourism-related businesses

Less and less people want to have a tour guide and stipulated routes. Above all, younger tourists prefer to go “on their ball” as they say, and even spend as little as possible on accommodation. We would be talking about sustainable tourism for the pockets.

However, the youngest are usually lovers of adventure tourism or visiting those secluded and more exclusive places. So it is a question of finding a way to satisfy this demand for more economical tourism.

Rural tourism also gives us an excellent business opportunity for those entrepreneurs who live in rural towns. 

Both hiking trails and paintball games or other types of games. And of course, if the area in which you live allows you to organize routes through nature or other types of attractions such as canoeing or kayaking, all the better.

Tourism Business in India

Old House as a Business

if you have a rural house, you have a business

We already gave some business ideas in case you have an old house in a rural area.

First, you can moderately reform the house and rent it as rural rooms on Airbnb or classified pages.

As a second option, isolation is increasingly being sought as a form of technology detoxification. Some do it as a spiritual retreat, others to meditate, and others simply to relax and get away from it all.

But there is another line of business.

business ideas leisure and tourism - detox bad habits

People who want to quit smoking or even people who know they shouldn’t drink as much (list other addictions here) may find it interesting to isolate themselves in a rural home.

In the United States, farms of this type have emerged for the detoxification of bad habits, where for a couple of weeks, about 10 or 15 people get together, all of them wanting to quit an addiction.

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This idea is not widely exploited in India, and it could be a profitable business. In addition, we could create variants with coaching services or…. just let your imagination run wild.

Do you need to lose weight?

weight loss camps

Have you heard of weight loss camps? Like the idea of ​​detoxing bad habits, some entrepreneurs are already creating their own military service to help people lose weight. To do this, they instill discipline in habits during their stay in the home. It has been a business idea that has been generally well-received.

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In general, when we look for business ideas related to leisure and tourism, within our possibilities we must try to offer the client:

  • Escape, relaxation, and fun on the one hand.
  • Exoticism as much as possible, either in the decoration or in the environment.
  • Contact with nature, which is a trend today.
  • And of course, anything that improves both your physical and mental health.

If you can unite all these concepts and offer them to users, you will be providing excellent value within the new trends related to this sector.

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