Tourism Business Ideas in India

14 Profitable Tourism Business Ideas in India

There are many tourism business ideas in India that will give you huge profits. I have selected some of the best ideas for the tourism industry that may help you to decide on your startup.

Tourism is one of the profitable business ideas that you can adopt for your business startup because in India there are many cultural and historical places, and many great emperors of India have built beautiful gardens and places. So, many people all over the world want to visit them and explore their stories of that time.

This is a business opportunity for you because the tourists coming from different places need several things to make their visit comfortable and memorable. You need ideas for that to start your tourism business and this article has provided you with the best business ideas that you can pursue in the tourism industry in India.

14 Tourism Business Ideas in India

Here Are the Best Tourism Business Ideas in India:

Customized Tour Packages

Make customized packages according to the needs of the tourists with a system of monthly payments without interest and receive a commission from your suppliers. Based on the Internet, this business can reach more users in India.

The key is to know your target customers to design your packages. Because it may vary from person to person. For example, a couple wants a different package than a single person. Also, a newly married couple’s package is different from a family man with a wife and children.

You need to properly analyze and think about which package will attract a particular group.

Castles and Historical Monuments

It is not known if it is due to series such as Game of Thrones, but a trend in the tourism and travel sector is the search for abandoned castles in poor condition. So much so that some agencies have already specialized in castle tourism.

In India, many kings have built their castles in their own time which are now tourist places for the people of India. All over the world, people like to visit such places. That is why if you provide the best services, then your business will grow in no time.

Desert Islands

Now usually young people like to visit these places. Desert islands are very much demanded because people want to explore nature of all kinds. If you start a business and find the right desert islands for the customers and provide them with all the facilities they need. Then this business is worth starting.

But before you start your business you should know who your target customers are because not everyone likes all these places.

Bicycle Tours

Bicycle tours have become fashionable, something that some guides are taking advantage of to get extra money with these tours. In addition, it is part of a healthy lifestyle. This is a green business in the tourism industry in India.

All visitors want to ride bicycles with their partner on a beautiful road and also maybe they want to ride bikes alone but the point is they need bicycles and you can charge them per hour. This way you can earn your profits. 

Old House as A Business

First, you can moderately reform the house and rent it as rural rooms on Airbnb or classified pages. In India, when tourists visit the place they need accommodation and they look for hotels but if you have an old house then they will get a feeling of being at home.

It is very profitable and one of the best tourism business ideas in India because almost everyone wants to stay in places like this but a lot of things come into their mind like what the place is gonna be, about privacy and stuff like that which is important.

Initially, you have built that trust in the eyes of customers then they will surely stay at your old house again and again.

Profiled Travel Guides

One way of serving this segment is by designing tourist catalogs for those seeking an experience tailored to their personality, professional activity, and interests. Incorporate the recommendations of local people with profiles.

The idea is that the client buys a base guide online plus accessories with valuable advice. This business is already there and many small businesses have captured the market share.

If you are interested in this business then you need to analyze the competition and if you find a tourist place in your area where this idea is demanded but no one has started the business like this then you should start this kind of business in such a place.

Networking for Travelers

Create a more rewarding experience for these business travelers by introducing them to other like-minded professionals, whether on the plane or at their destination. Establish the compatibility of travelers using their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. The service can be useful for meeting people heading to extended events like conferences or congresses.

The initial of the business will be very high and this business is suitable for those who have is already among the top richest persons in the country. So, if you are new in the field my advice to you is to stay out of this business idea.


Organize excursions for people who seek an encounter with nature and make them live unforgettable experiences with activities such as hiking, mountaineering, cycling, and camping.

It also serves companies by offering them dynamics that develop a culture of collaboration, resulting in orientation, and a sense of achievement to consolidate teams. 

Flight Search

Help those seeking economic alternatives to travel through personalized advice. What if it’s business? Design a website that connects tourists with experts in finding low airfares and who charge a fee for their services. 

The user pays a price for the search – from which you subtract a commission – and the specialists compete for it: whoever gets the lowest cost wins.

Luggage Delivery

Simplify the lives of travelers with a luggage delivery service: pick up the traveler’s luggage at their home or hotel and send it by parcel to their final destination. 

In this way, the client can travel more comfortably, no longer requires documentation at the airports, and saves if their luggage exceeds the weight limit determined by the airlines.

Theme Tours

It organizes tours related to a specific theme for tourists interested in knowing the history of the destination they have chosen or who want to live a unique experience. You need a central idea and develop the logistics of the tour, including transportation, reservation system, and trained guides.

Hot Springs Tourism

Now people are looking for a moment of relaxation in hot springs. From high-end resorts to hot springs surrounded by nature. The increase in searches for this type of getaway has increased. The search for Spa has also skyrocketed, positioning it again as a rising business.

For this, many people visit places like this if they don’t have these facilities in their city. Although this idea is suitable on a small scale because it doesn’t target many customers.

Vacation Babysitters

Give peace of mind to overwhelmed parents traveling with their children with a nanny agency available to accompany them during their vacations or business trips within the country or abroad. 

Your fundamental task is to identify the right nanny for each family, based on a combination of experience, skills, certifications, personality, and talents that are a good fit for the parents and the children they will care for.

Food Tours

Focus on bons vivants tourists – with refined tastes in food and drink – offering them tours to discover the delights of local gastronomy. Define a route with half a dozen stops to walk and negotiate with the restaurants that are part of the tour so that they offer some typical dishes to visitors. 

You can start a business in India if you have that courage and determination. Hopefully, this article was useful for you.

FAQ: Tourism Business Ideas in India

Here are some of the questions that clear your doubts about tourism business ideas in India:

Is the tourism business profitable in India?

Yes, the tourism business is a very profitable business in India because India has vast culture and diversity. Many historical places in India attract people from all over the world. So, without any doubt, it is a profitable option in India.

What is the best business for tourism?

There are so many business ideas in tourism but the best one among them is the car rental and tour packages business. These are considered the best ones in the tourism industry in India.

How can I start a tourism industry business?

Starting a tourism business is quite easy you just need to find the right location and should register your business under the law if necessary. Then you need to promote your business and you are good to go.

My Final Words

Now if you are interested in the tourism businesses in India then you should go through the above-mentioned business ideas that might help you to decide on the idea for your tourism startup. Also, make sure you properly analyze the article as per your location so that you can grow well.

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